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DANIEL MONTES MATEOS London, UK +44 (0)7548 014 497

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Graduate in architecture with previous experience in the UK at CHORA London office, working on large-scale education, urban design and research projects located in China and Taiwan. Always looking for inspiring collaborations for both personal and professional growth.


Master of Architecture (MArch) | Sept. 2006 - Feb. 2015

School of Art and Architecture (ESAYA) / European University of Madrid (UEM)

Madrid, Spain


CHORA | London, UK

Architectural Intern | July 2013 - Sept. 2013 Architectural Design, Urban Design, Low-Carbon Planning and Research in the field of Smart Cities.

Xiamen University Campus Proposal to transform the new Xiamen University Campus into a demonstration zone for Smart City technology and research. • Participated actively in team discussions about the urban planning and the design of the project. • Designed several research stations across the univesity campus. • Assisted the team with drawings and image visualizations. • Produced and organized the project information for the president of Xiamen University.

Taiwan Strait Smart Region Research project that creates a new vision for the Taiwan Strait as an enormous experimental design space to achieve the ultimate goal of a Smart City. • Researched on China mainland, Taiwan, smart cities and sustainability. • Designed vignettes, key maps, icons and diagrams for several projects around the Taiwan Strait. • Produced drawings and 3D models of various pilot projects. • Collaborated in designing the layout of the Taiwan Strait Manual. • Wrote summaries of the different project designs.


Software • Proficient in AutoCAD (2D & 3D), Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and MS Office. • Knowledge of Rhino, Revit, SketchUp and Grasshopper. Languages • Fluent in English. Native Spanish speaker. Basic Italian. Strengths • Ability to progress rapidly towards goals and meeting deadlines. • Efficient at managing my own time and workloads. • Especially talented in research and model making. • Productive and collaborative team worker. • Organized and with the ability to prioritize. • Confident to take on high levels of responsibility.


• Revit Architecture | BIMMAX | Madrid, Spain | 2015 • 3D Scanning & Printing + Laser Cutting | IAAC | Barcelona, Spain | 2009


NEW BERNABEU There is a huge public open space in between the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and Paseo de la Castellana, one of the most important streets in Madrid. A superstar architecture firm has won the competition to build a private development on this site. The goal of this project is to design an alternative proposal for the competition. The new concept is deeply related to the context and explores the physical perception of the stadium, based on an accurate study of points of view, reflections and materiality. The resulting building also respects the public space, implements the value of the stadium and provides a fresh image to one of the main landmarks of the city. University: European University of Madrid Professor / Course: Paz MartĂ­n - Juan JosĂŠ Mateos / Thesis Date / Year: 2014 / 6th year

2012 OLYMPIC VILLAGE The London City Council expects to demolish Robin Hood Gardens, the symbolic residential estate designed by the Smithsons, and build in its place a new random development. The design process rethinks the present building to make it suitable to serve as an accommodation for the London Olympics athletes and preserve the building. The new design respects the aesthetic and concept originally designed by the Smithsons and it also improves the comfort, the light and the usability of the appartments. After the Olympics, the building would return to its previous tenants whose living standards would have greatly improved. University: European University of Madrid Professor / Course: AndrĂŠs Perea - Nieves Mestre / Advanced Studio 2 Date / Year: 2011 / 3rd year

M30 BRIDGE Fifty years ago, there were no limits between districts in this side of Madrid. However, in the seventies a motorway was built here, creating a massive physical barrier, forcing the districts and the neighbours to be independent. The proposal is meant to bring back the connection between the districts with the design of a unique bridge over the motorway that enhances the sense of identity of an otherwise very ordinary area of the city. The new bridge includes different uses and attractions like a giant Ferris wheel, a skatepark , a conference room and an exhibition centre. University: European University of Madrid Professor / Course: Manuel OcaĂąa / Advanced Studio 1 Date / Year: 2009 / 2nd year

THE HIDEOUT In a residential neighbourhood of single-family houses, a couple of teenagers fall in love. Their families don't get along well, so they have to keep it secret. However, their family homes are separated just by a dividing wall. The target of the proposal is to design a refuge for their secret encounters on top of the wall. The project involves a camouflaged shell which embraces the dividing wall, serving both as a living space and as an access. For the camouflage, the outer shell is made of mirror. The interior is covered with feathers for comfort. University: European University of Madrid Professor / Course: Manuel OcaĂąa / Advanced Studio 1 Date / Year: 2008 / 2nd year



Xiamen University Campus sits at the heart of Xiamen’s planned smart city district surrounding. The new campus is going to be a showcase of smart thinking and smart city research, a pioneer in further education. We propose an additional layer to be built within the existing Xiang’an Campus plans. The proposal includes a series of “smart follies” for the campus that are all connected in different ways. A central control centre will monitor the performance of the smart campus. The building will also be a public space, an information point, and a landmark. Office: CHORA London Director: Raoul Bunschoten Date / Year: 2013



Taiwanese businesses have been investing in Fujian Province and more recently there have been exchanges on cultural, educational and other levels. Travel across the Strait and cooperations between cities have become possible. The Atlas maps these dynamics, illustrating the processes linking the two sides. It also shows how such a special territory, a Liminal Body, can become a seedbed, an incubator of innovation through the intensity and proliferation of new relationships across the Strait. The theme of energy efficiency has been introduced, along with the proposal to establish a set of pilot projects in the two core cities of the research, Xiamen and Taichung. This has led to the commissioning of studies for similar energy efficiency masterplans in both cities. These studies and the realisation of their objectives will turn the Taiwan Strait into the world’s first cross border Climate Change Incubator. Office: CHORA London Director: Raoul Bunschoten Date / Year: 2013


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