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Volume 1- 2014

Table Of Contents 6. Letter From the Editor 10. Photo Essay 18. Top 10 Patterns

Don’t just survive


20. Thrive Timeline 23. Cover Story


Letter From the Editor

My Name is Daniel Mercadante,

co-founder of Thrive Clothing Company, a pocket t-shirt company dedicated to simple yet unique clothing. The interesting part about this magazine and our clothing company in general is that we are not just a clothing company. To thrive means to grow, to flourish or to prosper. Its the essense of human life and the vision of our clothing company. Keep this in mind as you look through our magazine and buy into a lifestyle that seeks greatness in all areas of life. I promise you that if you do this, you will live a life with zero regrets. As you read on, you will find stylist clothing that represents our personality. We believe heavily in creativity and choose to show that through what we wear. For more information about the company, visit us

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The next four pitctures were attempts and using background elements are an enhancment for the image. We used the outdoors in the middle of winter to express our love for the ourdoors as well as our love for the vision of Thrive.

Aspire to Inspire

The pictures to the left and below are a depiction of the process Thrive clothing company takes to make their t-shirts. The process is simple, resulrs are loved.

Thrive Clothing Companies founders, Conner Dorrance and Daniel Mercadante embarked upon their first of many photoshoots. Iowa has seen an incredibly cold winter which meant the first 38 degree day had to be taken advantage of. These pictures tell the story of a vision that reaches far past the starting a successful clothing company. They reach farther then a marketing attempt to make one buy a t-shirt. Thrive means to grow; to prosper; to be fortunate. That word is reflective of every person in this world. These images potray the beginning of a lifestyle that will be lived on through a clothing line.

The last five pictures show the progression of our first photo shoot.

Top 10 Patterns 4. Zig-Zag 1. Rasta

8. Fruit-Loops 5. ‘Merica

2. Underground

9. Squirrely 6. Lobsta

3. Camo

10. Cheetah 7. Paisley

Chosen by Thrive Customers

Custom Pocket T-shirts,

Start to Finish

IV. Once the pocket is ordered from the customer, Conner begins to piece the pocket together. The first step is cutting the pocket from the customer selected fabric.

I. The start of Thrive’s Process is the placement of an order from Royal Apparel. They sell all organic

V. Once the pocket is cut, conner will begin to sew the pocket on to the selected size shirt. The finished product will then be ironed and folded to be ready for shipping.

II. The second part begins with a thorough search of websites like Fabricworm. com and other fabric stores in the area.

III. Next, the customer goes to Thriveclothingcompany. com and chooses from our large selection of fabrics. As of right now, we only offer white t-shirts but look out for new updates! Summer clothing coming soon!!!

VI. The final product is then shipped to the customers. visit and get yours now!


to grow or develop successfully : to flourish or succeed By: Daniel Mercadante

The University of Northern Iowa has a unique, close knit campus that ultimately brings together it’s students in a very life changing way. UNI is located in Cedar Falls, Iowa. For anyone who has ever been there, they would know that it isn’t the most eventful place in the United States. While it has it’s fair share of bars and community events, people of this town are forced to entertain themselves in different ways. For some this means engaging in party after party, for others it is finding their true vocation. For Conner Dorrance and Daniel Mercadante, the latter is exactly what they were seeking. Don’t be mistaken though. Conner and Daniel do like to have fun, but what is most important is the day they met each other was the day they began devising a business plan. Conner and Daniel met freshmen year in bender hall where they were neighbors on the six floor of that dorm. Most people who have been to UNI know that bender is one of the two towers that also happen to be the tallest buildings in the area.

“Almost immediately we began thinking of ways we could make money while we were in school. The first idea we had was a freezepop with alcohol in it. We later found out that there was a company already doing this.”

“I love fashion. I love setting trends.” –Conner Dorrance As a 22 year old who happens to be a very social person, I have made my fair share of friends since being on UNI’s campus. Of those friends, there are certain ones that I would want to work with, there are certain ones I wouldn’t want to work with and there are certain ones that I would never work with. This is how Daniel and Conner explained their situation as business partners. They could see a connection in business practices and their complementary personalities that could truly work in one fluid manner. So, where did the idea Thrive come from? Conner answered that question very simply and for anyone who knows him, it makes perfect sense. Thrive Clothing Company is a 100% organic clothing company based out of Cedar Falls. As stated before, it’s owners have wanted to start this line for quite some

time but waited on much preparation and timing in order to be successful. What Daniel and Conner wanted to express was the true meaning of the word Thrive. They didn’t just choose that word because it sounds cool or has a sleek look. Thrive means to prosper, to flourish, or to be successful. There are a lot of clothing companies out there that make super stylish clothing. They are setting trends and really thriving in a market that is hard to break into. That is why Thrive’s owners have decided to make their clothing company more that just a line of clothes that drops every season. Their goal is to change people’s outlooks on life and how they are living it. By purchasing one of Thrives t-shirts, they are reminded of the vision every time they wear that shirt.

In order to properly thrive in today’s world, they decided to take a more socially conscious route. Organic clothing is clothing made from materials raised in on in or grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. The decision to use all organic materials was based off of the root of what it means to Thrive. Not only is the clothing organic, but also the t-shirts are significantly softer than regular cotton. Take my word for it; organic cotton is the way to go.

Many companies are making the transition to use organically grown cotton to make shirts because of the shift in environmental consciousness in the last ten years. While Thrive will still be in a small portion of companies doing this, the trend is slowly picking up and it shows through their first month sales.

“Thrive isn’t going to be just a clothing company, it’s going to be a lifestyle. We like fashion so we are using it as an outlet to promote that lifestyle.”

So, why did Conner and Daniel choose to make their first business venture a clothing line? There is a multitude of answers but mostly because of their love for the vision of Thrive. Thrive is so much more than just a word. Everyone in this world wants to thrive in one-way or another. Choosing this word as the basis of a clothing line promotes a positive outlook on life. Positivity is something that Conner and Daniel are very big on. Whether it’s the music they listen to or the people they surround themselves with, they want everything to be positive. Consistently being positive is something they want to promote through their brand and the clothing they put onto the website. Thrive is currently selling clothing from there website Thriveclothingcompany. com and will do in-person transactions for local sales. The most recent promotional opportunity coming up for Thrive Clothing Company will be May 8th where they will be sponsoring a local concert at The Hub. The Hub is a concert venue and bar located on Main Street in Cedar Falls. The event being sponsored is for a local hip-hop group called Scool’d Life. As Conner said, this is going to be a great opportunity for the company to get its name out there. The market of people who buy this type of clothing will be attending the show, which will be great for sales and the further promotion of the company.

So what’s next? Daniel and Conner are both seniors and are moving away from Cedar Falls. Daniel just accepted a job in Houston, Texas where he will be doing outside sales for a payroll company. Conner has one last may class and will be running Thrive full time. The plan is to see how the company grows over the next few months and see if the trend catches on. Start-up costs on a clothing line are very low and the ultimate goal of this company is to learn more about running a company. Conner and Daniel are entrepreneurs at heart. They are okay with failure and are constant learners. “We don’t expect Thrive Clothing Company to make us millions of dollars. We are in this business to change the way people live life. We are hear to promote positivity and most of all, Thrive.”- Thrive Owners Daniel and Conner. Its not everyday you meet a couple of people who meet and instantly know they want to work together. It’s also not everyday that these people that meet happen to be friends since freshman year of college. What I found to be so unique about Conner and Daniel was their attention to not just starting a company that sells things to people. Conner and Daniel are out to change the way people live. They are selling a product that promotes a certain lifestyle they want people to live. They are selling a product that promotes the lifestyle they live.

“We don’t expect Thrive Clothing Company to make us millions of dollars. We are in this business to change the way people live life. We are hear to promote positivity and most of all, Thrive.”-


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Conner Dorrance, the owner and founder was born and raised in Cedar Rap ids Iowa. He is currently a senior business major at the University of Northern Iowa.

Daniel Mercadante, part owner and founder of Thrive Clothing Company is originally from Saint Charles, Illinois. He is also a Senior at the University of Northern Iowa studying public relations and Marketing. ..for more information, visit

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Thrive Clothing Company Look Book  
Thrive Clothing Company Look Book