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December 2010 Volume 3


The Start of a NEW DYNASTY!

Workers face hardships every day, big or small. However, like many families, they work hard to support their families. They are also the ones who build the cities. All in all, we are very thankful for them.

These workers are building the new campus of ASD in Barsha!


Starting with a fun fact is always fun right?? Well, here is a surprising

they reach school at 7 A.M., then go around checking buildings, after that

one: 35% of all people in Dubai are

they do the plumbing and take a

workers. Day to day in steaming weather these men (not many

break while eating lunch. After that they clean until they go home. They

women) make Dubai the place it is now; a bustling city full of fun and

do all of this to send money home. Prakash and Malay think Dubai is

excitement. To show you a little bit

different from India because the

about their lives, I interviewed two workers at this school, Malay and

roads here are better and there isn’t as much pollution. They get to go

Prakash. They are one of the many home every two years. The last time workers in the school helping to build Prakash went home was in 2009. our gigantic campus. Here is some

Their jobs help us so much and we

interesting information the Barsha Buzz found about these people.

owe them for making us such an amazing school. Next time you see a

Prakash and Malay are both from Southern India. Malay has 2 kids

worker, remember to greet them nicely and thank them. Without

while Prakash doesn’t have any

workers, this school would be a pile

children but is happily married. They both live in a villa in Jumeirah. A

of dirt! by Aayush Gupta

typical workday at school for them is: [1]

This is a worker who helps us day to day. He is one of many! Next time you see him give him your gratitude.


Kids For Wish Kids January 2011: About the Club

In September 2004 the Kids for Wish Kids (KFWK) club became a popular club for ASD middle schoolers. KFWK helps raise money for UAE KFWK 2011 residents between the ages of 3-18 who are living with life ASD BARSHA threatening illnesses. We are CAMPUS responsible for coming up with ideas, organizing events, and helping to grant the wishes of these children. KFWK works under the bigger group of Make a Wish International, an organization that is now in over thirty-nine countries. KFWK looks forward to sharing with you the power of a wish.

This year is very exciting as it is our seventh year working together. We get to celebrate this year at our new state of the art campus in Al Barsha. The club is eager to have their first meeting on TUESDAY, THE FOURTH OF JANUARY at 3:15 in room C201. We hope to welcome lots of new members this year. Students please, come to this meeting to learn even more about KFWK. Don’t forget to bring your ideas. - Sarah Hagkull

Tracey Hagkull (mom of Sarah Hagkull class of 2016): “I I like this club because it gives middle schoolers a chance to work with adults, have fun and at the same time help make a big difference in less fortunate children's lives.”

Jane Elliott (mom of Margret/Alex/Kathrine): I love being involved with the Kids For Wish Kids club because this is a club for kids helping kids. Although adults help guide the middle school students it’s our students who come up with ideas. Its their ideas that then turn into the “Pancake Breakfast” or the “Guitar Hero Competitions”. It’s all about the kids.

Tia McSherry(LSS elementary teacher): “It's a nice way to give back to the UAE, which has been my home for the past 26 years, in addition to introducing ASD students to the idea that their efforts can make a difference. The middle school students have all been wonderful to work with and have inspired me to continue the KFWK activities with a renewed sense of purpose.”


The Fashion Show: The fashion show is always a


popular event. There are always very cool outfits for a variety of categories, as well as lots of middle school students and teachers participating in this event. Pancake Breakfast: Our first pancake breakfast took place last December the 7th in Falcon Courtyard. KFWK worked hard and served up almost 100 plates of hotcakes.  Thanks to all - members, parents and customers - who ensured this event was a huge success.

DUCE (Dubai Ultimate

Charity Event) Tournament @ Al Barsha campus January 14, 2011 is our next event!!! come and join us for some fun. -Sarah Hagkull

7th Grade Team joins the Fashion Show

Some Cool KFWK Events: - Fashion Show - Movie Night - Guitar Hero - DLL opening ceremonies And many more to be thought up this year!!! :)


Room to



World Change Starts with Educated Children®

Room to Read is Where does your money go? currently working on spreading their locations That is what Room to Read believes. into more Room to read is a charity that helps build libraries in developing Asia and Africa. Room countries in Africa. They are to Read was founded by John Wood. John currently working began Room to Read after taking a trip to in South Africa, Nepal, there he visited some local schools. Nepal, Vietnam, He was stunned by the lack of supplies. Inspired to help, John quit his senior executive Bangladesh, Cambodia, New position with Microsoft and built Room to Delhi, Laos, Sir Read to help make solutions to their educational challenges. Room to Read first Lanka, and opened in 2000 and by 2008 Room to Read Zambia. To increase was established in over 10 rural countries. the likelihood Programs: - for success and Reading Room — We establish libraries and long term sustainability, stock them with local-language children’s books, original Room to Read titles, donated Room to Read English-language books, games and enlists communit furniture to create a child-friendly learning -y involvement. Room to Read environment. hires local staff who are personally vested in their nation’s -School Room — We partner with local communities to build schools so children can educational progress and they empower them learn in a safe, child-friendly environment. to make key decisions within their country.

-Local Language Publishing — We source new content from local writers and illustrators and publish high-quality children's books in the local language to distribute throughout our networks. -Girls' Education — We provide long-term, holistic support enabling girls to pursue and complete their secondary education.

Please watch this video promoting Room to Read, Dollar a Day campaign. (Made by Jackie Hess)

<--------(Double Click to play!) Room to Read website:


Jaclyn Hess

Holiday Trips

Holiday Destination Information:


Call 123-456-789 for locations, and more informations about each of these destinations.

A home for your holiday Dalia Benchamas Winter break is coming soon! What better way to spend it than to go on a very out of this world place. Here at Barsha Buzz we have 4 of the best places to visit. The first place you should go to is Mars. This rocky, lifeless, and cold planet is the perfect place for you if you want to be alone. However, you don’t really get the loneliness and quietness when staying there. There are also those crazy weather conditions and the biggest volcanos in the solar system to avoid. So if you are those adventurous and lonely people, Mars is the place to be this break. Aside from places out of this world why not try something more close to home, Antarctica. Not only is this place actually on Earth but it’s also filled with adorable penguins. It may be the coldest place on Earth but it’s just a chill, nothing big. Just wear a bunch of jackets, and sweater and you will be snuggled up. If you still need more warmth go snuggle in between a pack of penguins. They will gladly let you in.


This place is like no other. It’s very secretive and we decide to share it with you for you are the awesome people who can go there by calling 123-456-789. Want to know what this place is? It’s Barshlandia! The home to our very own Barshans family. This green planet not only is visually green EVERYWHERE but it’s also an environment friendly planet. If you are those environmentalists, go visit this place to find new ways to help save our precious Earth. Filled with darkness and just a few dims of light this place would be a nice getaway. The City of Ember is a city underground made years ago for protection but people still use it for it is still home to most of the civilians. Even though food is low, and blackouts occur often caused by their failing generator, this is still a great place to go to escape the brightness of the outside world and the cold weather for the winter. So if you ever felt like digging up a hole and just running away from the world come down to the City of Ember, where the world outside is shut away.






What we do We are the Barshans and we answer any of the questions that you

My friend is bullying me! What should I do or say to her? If you’re being bullied by a friend, maybe you should consider the following:

have about school, relationships, friends, annoying teachers ;)

- The bully may be experiencing troubles of their own and taking it out on you. - The bully may be hurting inside or getting bullied themselves! - YOU have the power within yourself to stand up to the bully! - You may be able to find allies to help you confront the bully if you are afraid to - Mr. Kunik is always available to talk and help you think things through. I’m going to Tanzania and I am worried about pooping in a hole! You poop in the toilet, and that looks like a hole to me. What planet are you from? I am from the only normal planet. It’s called ooglyooh. What is wrong with you? Umm nothing. What is wrong with you, human?

Are there going to be cameras in some places? Yes, and they are going to stalk you. What are some fun things to do when you are bored in class? Take out a piece of paper and try to find out your best signature. Or you can write your name over and over again. You could think of songs and listen to them in your head.



Top Christmas Shopping Gifts!

Are you one of those parents that’s constantly being nagged by your children, especially around the Christmas season, for a new pet of some sort? How many times have you given the, ‘It’s too much of a responsibly,’ lecture? Well, give it no more thought! With Rapid Rise Yeast©, you can give your children all they’ve ever asked for, without the hassle. All you simply have to do is put it in a jar, give it water, feed it, and take care of it. The great thing about Rapid Rise Yeast© is you don’t have to walk it! You simply leave it in your kitchen!

Are you having trouble finding an extravagant gift for your teen girl and hopefully not boy. Look no further! How about an internationally known phenomenon! Justin Beiber, does the name ring a bell? If it doesn’t, just one question, what rock have you been living under? This gift it sure to make your child squeal with excitement when she finds a neatly rapped Justin Bieber under the Christmas tree!




*All hats, clothes, and incredibley oversized shoes sold seprately. No promise that he will sing for you.

Have you ever pulled out just too many tissues at once by accident and not known what to do with the extras? Well, now you can relive your stuffy nose and not have to worry about all the extras! The new Extra No More© is a easy, storable ring that can be placed on top of the stack of tissue and keeps you from pulling out too many. It can also be placed on top of the pile that you pull out! NOW ONLY $84.56!


Forgotten Locker Keys! Did you ever go to school feeling as if you forgot something, and then you realize you did forget something! Your locker key! Of course all of you know

and Mr. Melzack have master keys. In middle school, master keys are given out to various teachers. Of course students are forgetful, which is why we


don’t have our locker keys at times. But, what’s next for us disorganized slackers? Simple -go to the Middle School Office and buy a new one. Nobody

that some teachers in the grade have master keys; but if you’re in 7th grade you have one thing standing in your way. wants to spend 100 dirhams on a locker key though, but -Mr. Bougor! you need to get into your Mr. Bougor is one of the teachers in seventh grade that locker if you want to do well in has a master key. The problem school. Part of our job, as Middle Schoolers, is to learn how to be organized and responsible for what we need. NOBODY wants to do twenty push ups in the morning. If you So, buy your key if you lost one, and be thankful that you do then you are just weird. Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Heath, Mrs. have had an opportunity to “get buff” in the process. Russell all have master keys, -Nina Sauer too. In eighth grade, Mr. Ewart is that you have to do twenty push ups to borrow his key.

What happens if teachers lose their master keys?

Poor Josh! He forgot his locker key.


It’s Raining Cats and Dogs Shih Tzu

Sphynx Cat

Shih Tzu is a dog with a lot of spunk. Even though they’re small, don’t

Not only is the Sphynx Cat a kind pet for all, but is the perfect pet for an

let them fool you; the Shih Tzu has a

allergic cat lover. They are a unique

strong character. This dog is not very needy, so living

hairless cats with lots of energy. The Sphynx Cat is playful and

in an apartment will do. However, the Shih Tzu and heat don’t mix well

naughty all at the same time. Their strong devotion to their owners have

together so they must be in a slightly

given them the nickname of “Love

cool temperature. It is recommended to train this

Mooch”. Although the Sphynx Cat’s

puppy when young so it doesn’t develop habits that will be difficult to

appearance is very different from other cats, it’s warming personality and

change. For example, potty training

intelligent mind make you fall in love

early and teaching the Shih Tzu that you easily. are in charge. Just remember that it gets cold This is a great family dog with little and big children. Just remember to keep on eye on the dog and train it well before you let it loose. Weight: 9-16 pounds Life Expectancy: 15 years or more Size: Small

10 Nullam arcu leo, facilisis ut

easily so keep it in a warm environment.

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound, previously used as a hunting dog, is very social, but also needs a lot of attention. They are commonly mistaken for wolves because when left alone too long they howl. Being kind to the Basset Hound is the best way to connect and form a relationship with them. They are slightly sensitive and when reprimanded they become stubborn. It is very unpredictable what a Basset Hound is going to do. Not only will they spend the day in the woods following scents around, but they also love to lounge all day without moving a muscle. Life Expectancy: 12 years

Life Expectancy: 15 year of more

Size: Medium

Families: Children 6 years old and up

Weight: 55-75 pounds

Weight: 7-15 pounds



5.The South Korean President Lee Myung -bak has called the attack an “inhuman crime”... 6.Southern Ireland just last Tuesday continued US & UK diplomats feel as if Pakistan’s nuclear material may be given to the hands of terrorists...

3.Chinese leaders and officials explicitly expressed their disappointment with North Korea... 4.In 2009 the Chinese President said that Pyongyang was behaving as if he was a spoiled child says wikileaks...

10.Concorde Air accused for manslaughter.

1.Missing balloonists found dead off the coast of Italy found by a fishing boat said Italian Officials... 2.Deadly shark attack killed a german woman in Sharm Al Sheikh in Egypt. Other snorkelers were injured in similar attacks last week... 14.Wiki leaks out more info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 15.The Koreas and plan a meeting to talk about the bombing.

11..Iran’s nuclear weapon plan

Barsha Buzzes OUT

#S 3,4,5,6,7

NEWare old info ADD!!#1infoLimited a

Latest Heads

pg.2-# 10,11,12,13 pg.3-# 2,8,9,14,15 p

7.President Obama said the meeting and talks with Republican and Democratic Parties is a “good start”in the efforts to undertake the policies differences... 8.Elections in Abidjan, Africa take a bad toll... 9.A Mexican 14 year old working as a hit- man...

12.Christian is on the verge of death from blasphemy the islamic faith. 13.More attacks from Afghanistan.

10.Concorde Air criminally responsible for July 25, 2000 crash of Flight 4590 left 113 dead. They will 10.Concorde criminally responsible forContinental July 25, 2000 of Flight 113Air dead. They will appeal is appeal since Air metal found on the tarmac. Air crash will appeal the 4590 guilty left ruling. France maintenance since metal found on the tarmac. Continental Air will appeal the guilty ruling. Air France maintenance said to said to be negligent and accused of manslaughter but they blame the Americans. Concorde a Frenchisair space be negligent and accused of manslaughter but they blame the Americans. Concorde a French air space had had flown for 27 years. These legal problems have lasted over a decade. flown for 27 years. These legal problems have lasted over a decade. 13.More attacks justified against foreign forces in Afghanistan. General David Petraeus says that the 13.continue More attacks foreign forces in David says that the US must to let justified people against know why Americans areAfghanistan. here and to General allow them to Petraeus govern themselves. The US must continue to let people know why Americans are here and to allow them to govern themselves. The Taliban a rebel group says they control 50% of Afghanistan .Petraeus says corruption is still a major problem but Taliban rebel group says they control 50% of Afghanistan says corruption is still a major problem Karzai acontinues to get support of people. Currently the US .Petraeus has over 140,000 troops and there are over 10,000 but Karzai continues to get support of people. Currently the US has over 140,000 troops and there are over British forces. 10,000 British forces. Iran in talk over nuclear program began in Geneva, UN security council and officials from the US, in Germany talk over nuclear program began in Iran Geneva, UN security and officials from the US,to Europe,11.Iran France, and Russia are involved. still wants to buildcouncil its uranium plant, but according Europe, France, Germany and Russia are involved. Iran still wants to build its uranium plant, but according to the US, they must suspend this process. No one expects a breakthrough. Sunday, Iran was quick to show the US, they (which must suspend this process. No refining one expects a breakthrough. Sunday, Iran was that quickIran to show ”yellowcake” is a powder used for the process to enrich uranium). This shows will not ”yellowcake” (which is a powder used for the refining process to enrich uranium). This shows that Iran will notas stop making nuclear fuel, they say they have the right to enrich uranium for civilian purposes. This is seen stop fuel,plant. they say right to enrich uranium for civilian is seeninas themmaking buildingnuclear a uranium Thisthey has have beenthe a problem for over 10 years,Iran haspurposes. received 4This sanctions last them building a uranium plant. This has been a problem for over 10 years,Iran has received 4 sanctions in last few years. few years. A Christian Pakistani woman has been sentenced to death for speaking against the Islamic religion. The 12. A Christian Pakistani hasloses beenthe sentenced for speaking against the Islamic religion. in President says he may pardon woman her if she appeal, to butdeath he was threatened with anarchy. Gathering The President says he may pardon her if she loses the appeal, but he was threatened with anarchy. Gathering prayer, they are a minority in this muslim nation; they fear for themselves. Asia Bibi will be the first woman to in prayer, they are a minority in thisunder muslim nation;Her they fear isforatthemselves. Asia Bibi be the firstare woman hang under law; others overturned appeal. family risk and are forced intowill hiding. They on the to hang under law; others overturned under appeal. Her family is at risk and are forced into hiding. They are on in run, guarding children at night and are receiving threatening phone calls. They are the only Christian house the guarding children at night are receiving phone calls.feels They only accused Christianto theirrun, village. Someone claimed sheand insulted the Profitthreatening Mohammed, but she sheare wasthe falsely house in their village. claimed insulted the Profit but her shetofeels was falsely settle an old score. TheSomeone mosque wants theshe death sentence for herMohammed, and they want pay.she Although she is accused to settle an old score. The mosque wants the death sentence for her and they want her to pay. being held in isolation in jail, several have been killed in prison or shot in court. Although she is being held in isolation in jail, several have been killed in prison or shot in court. pg2 11]

World News Report The whole story All done by: Bianca Pergher 14. Wiki Leaks are key to National Security. Wiki says info can be used by military groups. Saudi Arabia key source of funding to Sunni terrorism. UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar are areas of concern. Telecommunication hubs to energy, minerals, and even pharmacies that store vaccines are part of the long list of Wiki docs now compiled in one place. State Dept. says any release of docs would be damaging, they are not upset that this list went out. Wiki says “not top secret, only low classified info”.Ordered officials were to collect info deemed for spying, more 2MM have government ’s access to this info already. Wiki says info can be used by military 15. North Korea, Japan and South Korea will talk about shelling of the South Korean island. This trilateral meeting is hoping that the US meeting will have open talks about what to agree on and hopefully North Korea will allow inspectors and talk about the uranium. This is the single largest joint military effort. Japan has around 10,000 troops, the US military has over 34,000 troops. China was not invited to the talks in Washington.

9. A 14 year old hit boy from Mexico was forced to provide hit-man services in a drug cartel in Mexico. Authorities are holding him as he says he has killed 4 by slitting their throats. He was caught outside Mexico City trying to leave with his sister heading to relatives in San Diego, California where he says he is a citizen. This is a glimpse of how they use kids to execute drug wars. They are being recruited and see the “glamour” of a drug lifestyle. The State Department is still investing claims with customs and border control. It is said that the cartel is 8. Elections in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa show two candidates both claiming victory for Presidency. They have already began to put Ministers in place. It seems that there will be two parallel governments. The President elected is stuck in hotel with security as Alassane, Ouattara won the runoff. However, Laurent Gbagbo also took oath. Thabo Mbaki of the United Nations met with them and said that Ouattara is the obvious winner. 2. Deadly shark attack killed a german woman in Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt. Other snorkelers were injured in similar attacks last week.



This week students received information on their Week Without Wall trips. 6th graders will all be going on a great

There will be a lot of trekking. These students will see buffalos, and various tribes. They will also see an amazing puppet show. They will also visit a museum which will be very interesting. Caves will also be a

adventurous trip to Greece. Some of the

highlight worth seeing. There will also be a

highlights the 6th graders will have include:

lot of wildlife along the rivers which would

Ancient Olympiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stadium which held the

be really cool. This will be a great start for a

first ever Olympic games, seeing Delphi the

new trip!

site of many oracles, and the magnificent

8th graders will also have 4 trips: South

preserved theater Epidaurus. 6th graders

Africa, Nepal, Northern Thailand, and

will experience their first Week Without Walls

Cambodia. Unfortunately this will be the last

and it will be a notable one.

Week Without Walls trip these 8th graders

7th graders have four different trips: Morocco, Tanzania, Thailand, and Vietnam. Morocco is a great trip where 24

will ever have. In South Africa there will be 23 people enjoying a trip with a lot of fun activities.

students will be covering some of the

They will see the site of the famous show

amazing sites. The 60km hike in the Atlas

Shaka Zulu. They will also do a very fun

mountains will be tiring but an enjoyable

team building activity where they try to

journey for four days. Along the way these

create a bridge to cross a narrow river.

7th graders will see the modern day life of

Wildlife will be another great highlight. South

the Moroccan people. These 7th graders

Africa will be a great trip.

might also see some natural snow. Unlike

In Nepal there will be 24 student going

Ski Dubai this snow is real! One last notable

into the snow. They will be river rafting on a

highlight is when the students get to ride on

freezing cold river! These students will also

mules! A fun and funny experience for all of

be going into some jungles in Nepal. One

them. This trip is going to be a real

amazing highlight will be the elephant

adventurous trip!

bathing! There will also be a lot of trekking

Tanzania also has 24 students who will

including one to Pokhara on the Annapurna

be experiencing another amazing trip that

mountain. A great adventurous trip to Nepal

they will never forget. They will meet an

will please all the 8th graders.

African tribe called the Masaii Tribe. They

25 students will be traveling on the

are a tribe that has existed for a very long

adventurous trip to Northern Thailand.

time and has stuck to their traditions even

Northern Thailand is a new trip for the 8th

withe new technological discoveries that

graders which will include: An amazing

may be influencing them. There are also a

kayak ride, many caves, trekking all over.

lot of areas to see animals in their natural

This trip will be a physically demanding trip

state in the wild. It is an excellent place for

that will make a great first impression.

photographers and nature lovers. Thailand has 27 students where they

Finally 21 people will be traveling to another new trip, Cambodia. They will see

will do a variety of things. They will see an

the amazing Angkor Museum. They will also

elephant dung factory which will gross out

do some bike riding and see Ta Prohm

many and fascinate the others. They will

which is noted for very tall trees. They will

also go through a variety of workshops such

also do some boat riding! One of the

as a silk workshop and a pottery workshop

memorable highlights will be the Free the

which is a great place to show creativity and

Bears Fund where the students will help the

artistic ability. They will also see some hot

keepers feed the bears and clean their

springs which will be a great site! These 7th

waste. Cambodia will be a great experience

graders also get to visit Buddhist Monks and

for all these lucky 8th graders.

do a lot of shopping. They also get to go zip

All these trips have a lot of shopping

lining! This is going to be another great trip

time and some community service as well.

that will be really memorable.

Week Without Walls is a great tradition that

22 students are traveling to Vietnam which is a brand new trip added this year.


will continue for many years to come.

middle of the movie. It was a great action filled movie, but it also shows some comedy, Harry Potter and the Deathly romance, and sadness as sadly Hallows came out in November some of the characters die in this 2010 with fans waiting in line to movie. But I wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t give anything see one of the last parts of this away! You will have to find out amazing saga. When fans see yourself. this movie they are going to fall in But when some people love with the fighting, the comedy, compare the movie to the book the romance, the tragedy, they say they like the book better everything! because it has more detail but Harry Potter is ready to fight some people like the movie more Voldemort for the last time. He is because it picks up the speed trying throughout this whole and gets to the point with still a movie to find all the Horcroxs to good amount of detail. But this is defeat Voldemort, but he has one movie that dose a good job of some troubles along the way as making it real but still sticking to all of Voldemortâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s army is trying to the plot. hunt Harry, and his friends. As it I rate this movie five stars! said in the previous Harry Potter movie: only one will survive. Who will it be? This movie was more than 2 hours long but when the movie ended I thought it was only the

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Movie Review


Running - For their lives

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has many viewers and readers all excited to see Part 2 in July 2011. Whether or not you have read the books if you have seen the other Harry Potter movies and liked them, the Deathly Hallows is a must see!


Asian Invasion! Ryan Higa, formally known as Nigahiga, has taken YouTube by storm! This Japanese-Hawaiian has opened an entire new world of comedy to everyone. It all started in 2006 when he and his friends, Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, and Taryn Nago (formally known as “The Yabo Crew) would occasionally post videos of them lip synching songs. In 2008, Higa’s popular videos, How to be Gangster and How to be Emo, were removed due to copyright violations, along with his lip synching videos. That’s when Higa began composing his own music for his videos. In August 2009, he put up more “How to Be” videos only to have them removed again. Thanks to all of the copyright issues, Higa had to reduce his more than 90 videos to 73. In Spring 2010, his “How to Be” videos were public on YouTube once again. You are now able to check them out on YouTube. Higa isn’t only famous for his “How to Be” videos. He is known very well for his advertisement spoofs such as The Snuggo, The iPod Human, and many more! In his Dear Ryan videos, you are allowed to make suggestions

regarding his next video, such as Dear Ryan, Can you be a Superhero? If you love seeing your favorite movies transform into a funnier film, you should watch his Movies in Minutes series. You can see parodies like Harry Potter, Twilight, Titanic, and even more! Higa does not work alone. Most recently, he made a music video, Shed a Tear, with fellow YouTubers, KevJumba and Chestersee. Even tough guys cry! Higa just recently worked with Wong Fu Productions on making a 35 minute film, Agents of Secret Stuff. The film stars Higa as Aden, an Agent of Secret Stuff in training trying to earn his H.O.L.E. His next mission is to fit in with the other high school students and protect Taylor (Arden Cho) from the Society Involving Not So Good Stuff. I suggest watching Higa’s videos if you ever need a laugh or just something to do! Watch these videos and you’ll be Tee Hee-ing too!


By Nikki Le

Ryan Higa, a.k.a. Nigahiga, in his advertisement spoof, The Snuggo

Off the Pill! Ryan (top right) with costar Arden Cho for film, Agents of Secret Stuff, Ryan with friend Sean Fujiyoshi (center), and Ryan dressed up as “Rihanna”(and uses same costume for “Regina”)for his video, Why Chris Brown beat Rihanna (above) b98c0563152cc4e8848c73f81ed3c4a3.jpg NigaHiga-01-2010-04-02.jpg



and they would’t turn on i all


so had an electric alarm clock and so i didn’t know


the time. So hurried out trying catch the bus (which i did)! When i got school i said to all my friends and one my

Mrs. Harty

first class i took of my coat

“When I was LIttle my

and all my friends said.

school was graded 7-12 and i lived on a farm in Minnesota

“Mary, you have you’r P.J’s on”

and in storms some times the power goes off not now but back then and in the winter it was dark and cold so one morning I woke up to take a shower and the water was cold then I went back to my bedroom to turn the lights on




memories last all you’r life



MR MENDES “ One time I was on a field

MR MELZECK “ I had just come back from a

trip to see a play and at the hotel,

trip. when I came back I sat in a

there was a water slide. So we all

blue chair and read but I fell

got into our swimsuits and trunks

asleep and when i woke up all my

and went to the water slide! And

classmates were staring at me”

onetime i was going down and i thought it would be funny if I went down head first but my shorts got caught and by the time i got to the end of the slide i was NAKED!!!!”

MS. CALDERON “ when I was in sixth grade I had a crush on this boy in my class and I decided to prank call him because i liked to hear his voice when he answered the phone. Then I hung up but I didn’t know that they had ID so his mom called my house phone and obviously i lied because she was saying I made the call so I said no it wasn’t me. Then she somehow got my mom’s work number and and picked it up with my Mom. I was grounded for a month and on the last day I was grounded it was the crushes birthday and at his party he called me and was like I know you prank called my place sorry about that my Mom doesn’t think I should hang out with girls like you”




Procastination: to defer action; delay

Top 10 Ways to Procrastinate By Khayre Ali

1. Go to the mall: Take a taxi, and tell your mom you are going to a study session. 2. Take a walk: 3. Lift weights 4. Sleep: Lie down, and close your eyes. 5. Take a shower 18]

6. Listen to music 7. Play video games 8. Watch TV 9. Facebook 10. Stare at your homework

What is Procrastination? By Khayre Ali

What is procrastination? Procrastination is to defer action or delay. What are you doing now? Are you on Facebook? Skype? Are you listening to music. If you are then you are procrastinating, so get to your homework. You know what? I’m going to get ice cream. I’m hungry. On the way I’ll get KFC, but before I do 19]

that, I’ll go on Skype. Aww I remember I had to do this article, soooo... as I was saying, procrastination is not the way to go. If you are reading this you should be doing your homework. Oh wait I have to do my homework as well! What am I going to do?! Whatever, I’ll take a shower to take my mind off things.


Alien information! Yes, you read the title right? Aliens referred to as Barshans landed in Abu Dhabi last night. They were first

creatures. The local police have not been authorized to attack on sight. They may mean us no harm, but if they

spotted by a group of teenagers heading toward the

show signs of aggression they can seduce them. These

basketball courts, they claim to have seen a circular space ship, but it was yet to be found, although we have spotted several Barshans. As you can see by the picture above they do indeed have the

aliens are very strange and it is unknown what they are capable of, but we need to first understand them. Once again if seen do not engage, they could be extremely violent. We will try as much as

Aliens have arrived!

stereotypical tall eyes and large head. They have shown no sign of violence since their

possible to establish peace with these new creatures but there has been very little contact. We do have a few pictures that can be seen below.

landing last night, but it is advised to contact your local authorities if you ever encounter one of these strange




By Jeff â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Barshanâ&#x20AC;? Allred



BIO’S Here are the bio’s of the Barsha Buzz crew (Girls) Sarah is 12 years old and has lived in Dubai for 11 years.. She loves sports and has been on the Volleyball/ Basketball U-14 Team. Her favorite quote is: “Science proves that sugar dissolves in water so please don’t stand in the rain because I don’t want to lose a sweet friend like you.”

Hello! ! My name’s Mayah, I’m from Ohio, and I loved being a photographer and a writer for the Barsha Buzz and I love to play basketball and read. Enjoy the Barsha Buzz! And don’t forget “There is a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.” Hey my name is Lyndsay Shipcott(: I am from Calgary, Canada. I love living in Dubai, UAE, and I have been a student at the American School of Dubai for 5 and a half years. I am attending Journalism this quarter of the school year. I hope that you enjoy our edition! :)

Hey, I’m Dalia Benchamas and I’m from Indonesia. This quarter I’m in Journalism, and writing for the Barsha Buzz. For this paper, I will write based on the things I like and have a connection with. So by reading my article you can have a sense of who I am as a person, and also about all the other great writers of the Barsha Buzz. I hope you enjoy reading this edition and all the ones before and after this one. (:

Nikki Le “We’re so fortunate, we just don’t get it. We’ve been really blessed, and we’re trying to not take it for granted.” -Hayley Williams

Katie BellWright is 13 years old. She has just discovered that she has a serious condition called wantenbolism. Which means she suffers from being awesome and I mean truly

My name is Nikki Le. I am a Vietnamese-American that was born in Houston, Texas. Next February, I will have officially been in Dubai for a year. I love listening to hard rock music while writing or reading. I have a younger sister in the fifth grade that wants to be a three year old.

"Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the world together." anonymous. Hi! My name is Nina! I like to play softball and this is my third year in Dubai. I was born in Thailand and I love all funny quotes! :)

Hi I’m Bianca Pergher. I am from New Jersey and I like to perform different arts




Hi, my name is Aayush Gupta and I am from Calcutta, India. I am an editor in the Barsha Buzz. I like soccer, gaming, and hanging out with my friends. Enjoy my article and the rest of the paper. Thank you, goodbye!

Khonay, aka John, Vinay, and Khayre

Hi, this is Aayush Gupta typing for Jackie Hess. She is originally from New York. She moved from London in the middle of last year. She likes to dance and has 2 dogs.

by Khayre Ali, John Henderson, Vinay Ramesh

Khonay, three 8th grade boys genetically modified to be better then every one else. Already at the beginning of one quarter of Journalism it has written over three pages contributing to the ASD middle school newspaper. It plans to write the best articles in the world!!!!! Not only this but it plans on writing 6 more. So, please stay tuned! In the first quarter his GPA was 12.9. In each class he never made mistakes and received extra credit for all its hard work.

I am Youssof Ashmawy. I am new to the school and I contributed to the Sports page in the Barsha Buzz Newspaper. I hope you enjoyed the section.

Mirella Brocklehurst is a girl that just LOVES sport. She also likes to be funny and creative, and she just moved from Houston. “Friendship is like peeing yourself; everyone can see it, but only you get the feeling that it brings.”

My name’s Hannah and I write the Christmas parody column in the Barsha Buzz. I’m half Indian and half American. I get the Indian from my side. I also helped Jackie and Aayush with the Worker Appreciation Video as a photographer.

Hello! I’m Annie Zlevor and I am from America. This is my second year at the American School of Dubai and my first time in Journalism. I love to read, write, and play tennis. Happy reading and Merry Christmas!

Jeff Allred has contributed to the Barsha Buzz by writing one of the more humorous columns on the recent alien invasion. Jeff is new to ASD and is so far enjoying his stay


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