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Year 7 Assessment: The Norman Conquest


Task 1: Synopsis [knowledge] Used the key words below to write a brief synopsis of what the situation was at the beginning of 1066 Key word Middle Ages


Edward Heir Witan Candidates

Task 2: The contenders [justification] Look at each contender and list 2 reasons they would be a good king and justify your reasons

Task 3: Drop a quick email to Harold to help him avoid his future mistakes. You must advise him of 4 things he should do differently. [counterfactual history]

Task 4: Plot on the emotions graph below the sentences on the right to explain how William would have felt [empathy] 1.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Harold is fighting in the north of England 2. The wind is preventing William crossing 3. The Saxons have farmers in their army 4. The Witan chose Harold to be King 5. The Normans are well prepared 6. The Saxons take position on Senlac Hill 7. The Saxons are fooled by the Normans trick retreat 8. Harold’s army are tired when they arrive to fight 9. The Saxons won’t accept William as their new King 10. William’s designer come sup with a design for a cheap castle to build quickly

Task 5: Label the castle below [knowledge]

Task 6: In the table below provide 2 strengths of a Motte & Bailey castle and 3 weaknesses and give reasons [understanding & justification]








Task 6: Send a text to William explaining how he can improve his castle design. Make sure you make 4 improvements [understanding]


What is the correct historical word for something that is ‘out of time’? (there would not have been I-phones around in 1066)……………………………………………….

1066 Assessment  

1066 Assessment