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Keeping A Close Watch On Your Child’s Oral Health �

Oral hygiene is a real necessity, but people tend to ignore or pay less attention to their oral health, kids especially.If you ask your child to brush his teeth, he would find this as an arduous task. Kids always look for ways to escape when it comes to brushing their teeth. Led alone, doctors advise to brush at least twice in a day.

Cavity ●

Cavity is popular among kids of all ages. It is formed when tooth decay begins or the tooth starts to break down. If it is not treated well in time it would grow much bigger as well as deeper. It can be easily treated by filling the holes. If cavity, in one tooth is left untreated then there are high chances that it might affect the nearby teeth’s as well. Which is like inviting even bigger troubles for your kids’ oral wellbeing. Chocolates and other sugary products multiply the chances of having a cavity.

Gum diseases â—?


Gum diseases are another commonality among kids. Gums have the most important task to perform which is to protect the bone and hold the tooth in proper place. Since gums play such a crucial role, it becomes necessary to take good care of them. Gum diseases can be easily prevented by making your children brush their teeth regularly.

Thumb Sucking â—?

Thumb sucking well, most of the kids do it and have some kind of addiction to it. Kids enjoy sucking their thumb, which is not a good habit.

A major reason for the cause of all these problems faced by kids ●

Kids have an immense eating capacity so they go on eating round the clock.Being young enough, they have no idea as to which food is good for them and which in not. So they have uncontrolled tastebuds which tempt them to have foods or drinks that are harmful for them. Eatables that have high levels of sugar in them, should be kept away from your kids. That’s because they are weaken the immunity of teeth. Maintaining the oral health of kids is surely not all that difficult, it just requires a little more attention on the parent’s part.



Keeping A Close Watch On Your Child’s Oral Health