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Tips for Avoiding AuTo insurAnce scAm Most of the accidents involved in auto insurance california fraud happen when a driver swoops in front of a diverted driver and slams on his brakes. Because the driver in the rear is usually found to blame, the scammed driver is left with the cost of deductibles, and a blemished driving record. One of the methods that fraudsters use is the “swoop and squat.� In this maneuver, vehicles work together to generate the conditions for an accident. Once the fraudsters have chosen their mark, the first will swoop in front of the second, giving the second vehicle cause to slam on his brakes, and causing the third vehicle to rear finish the second.

Another tactic used by fraudsters is the left-turn side swipe. This maneuver occurs at a lane left hand turn, where the fraudster is on the outside and the victim is on the inside. During the left hand turn, the fraudster will cause an accident by sideswiping an automobile that drifts in to his lane, or by driving in to the lane of the victim but claiming otherwise. The best way to keep away from this type of accident is to maintain awareness and drive defensively.

At Express Service Insurance, we figure out the best deal you could get for your requirements quickly without wasting much of your time. Because insurance fraudsters seek out distracted drivers, the best way to keep away from becoming a victim is to maintain focus on the task at hand driving your vehicle. This means keeping your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road. In case you don’t appear distracted, fraudsters will likely choose another target. For more information visit our site:

Tips for Avoiding Auto Insurance Scam