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We Must Amplify Our Voice! By Supporting the Fund for Children and Public Education Practically every aspect of our school day is determined by elected officials, most of whom have no teaching experience. This includes decisions regarding school funding, curriculum standards, evaluation, and even your pay and benefits. The Fund for Children and Public Education, FCPE, supports propublic education candidates who understand the issues. We must amplify our voice by supporting the FCPE!

Dublin Educators’ Association created a video whose message needs to be shared: “You have an opportunity to amplify your voice. We know that money talks. We don’t like it’s true. We know that education is changing rapidly across America...Evaluation; the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee; Value-Added; Common Core; No Child Left Behind; Race to the Top; Bargaining, Healthcare, Merit Pay; Testing, Testing, Testing; the Security of your Retirement; that fun little piece of legislation which almost striped you of your rights (Senate Bill 5); and the things that we take for granted like the fact that we very simply even have a contract with a salary schedule, healthcare benefits and defined work hours (unlike the So-Called right-to-work states).

Now like every American you do have a voice...(and) in today’s climate you must do something...You’ve committed yourself to working with other peoples’ children. You are not the enemy. And that is why we have FCPE. FCPE is about issues, not politics, specific politicians, or political parties, but issues related to education. Noneducators are passing laws which are hurting our students....There are a lot of issues you are the experts on. But these guys are making decisions about...unproven education related policies that are striping resources from your classroom or forcing you to do something you know is not productive for your students...We need everybody to do something. If you care about your retirement, class size, salary, teaching conditions...(and outsourcing jobs), then you care about the Fund for Children and Public Education. Help us help you... Keep yourself informed because your purpose is too important to have your voice silenced...”


President’s Message As the government shutdown drags on, I am reminded how dependent the American people are on public servants. It is the hard work and long hours that tax-paid employees put in that make America great. I am grateful for all public employees, especially those that dedicate themselves to public education! We continue to educate, even though we struggle in a profession known for inadequate pay, low status, and soul-crushing bureaucracy. We continue to be advocates for our students and fellow teachers. We continue to put the needs of our students ahead of our own. This too makes America great. As for the work of SWOEA, we still need help. We have openings on two OEA Core Function Committees: Local Development and Training and Member Rights and Protection. If interested please contact me. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. -Richard Packert

Have a Voice. Donate to FCPE! Click here to watch the entire video.




OSTERLING ANNOUNCES CANDIDACY FOR NEA DIRECTOR #1 independent living and employment. She currently serves as an Intervention Specialist and Department Chair at Liberty Junior High. Emilly has shown leadership and her passion for public education by serving as a member on the OEA Board of Directors; SWOEA Executive Committee; and Lakota EA Building Representative, and Crisis Team and Negotiations Committee. She fought to defeat Senate Bill 5/Issue 2 and supported levies by phone-banking, canvassing and attending rallies. A vote for Emilly Osterling means a stronger OEA and NEA! For more information visit Emilly Osterling announces her candidacy for NEA Director #1. Her pledge is to be the voice that makes the difference for association members and their students. This includes: working on electing pro-public education candidates to office, lobbying for education funding, fighting to keep Right-to-Work legislation out of Ohio, and ensuring the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind. Emilly is a former educational professional and for the past eleven years has been teaching special education. Her teaching experience began with the creation and development of the Transitional Options Program. Its mission: to provide participants with individualized instructional content in the areas of personal and social adjustment, daily living, occupational development, and selfadvocacy in order to facilitate successful transition to THE RURAL EDUCATION NATIONAL FORUM

The Rural Education National Forum is a unique opportunity for education, community, and business leaders to advance conversations around rural education and prosperity through collaborative action. This Forum is designed to highlight powerful

instructional and leadership practices in rural districts, focus strategic conversations around rural opportunities and challenges with national and local experts, and build a network for collaboration. Keynote speakers: Patrick Carr, Associate Professor and Co-author of Ho"owing Out the Middle: The Rural Brain Drain, Jeff Charbonneau, 2013 National Teacher of the Year; Emily Pilloton, Founder and Director of Project H Design; and Dr. James Mahoney, Executive Director Batelle for Kids. From October 31- November 1 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus Ohio.

HONEYBAKED HAM SALE With the upcoming holidays, SWOEA-Retired is offering a special discount for HoneyBaked Ham. HoneyBaked offers not only ham, but also variety of other products. Full menu and locations at Coupon order

form is available on the SWOEA website. It is for members to use or to give as gifts at any HoneyBaked Ham store location. Simply download, complete, and follow the payment and mailing instructions. Orders must be received by October 15 for a November 1 delivery.





Calendar October 2nd, 2013 Presidents Plus One October 7th, 2013 Budget Committee

The PDC is offering an OTES workshop. The presenter is Ellen Adornetto, an OEA Educational Reform Consultant. Participants will review the components of the OTES framework as provided by Ohio law. They will review the differences between the various student growth measures available and their implications for teacher final summative ratings.

October 10th, 2013

To sign up for this workshop please email Veria by clicking on her name. This is preferred for all event registrations! Sign-in and light refreshments at 5:00pm; workshop from 5:30-7:00pm at SWOEA Office 270 Northland Blvd. Certificates of participation will be issued.

Convention Planning Committee

November 9th, 2013

October 16th, 2013


October 8th, 2013 Awards Committee October 9th, 2013 Resolutions Committee

Scholarship Committee October 18th, 2013 District Leaders Council October 19th, 2013 OEA Board of Directors October 21st, 2013 Officers Meeting October 22nd, 2013 Professional Development Workshop October 27th, 2013 Scholarship Interviews October 28th, 2013 Executive Committee October 31st, 2013 Rural Education National Forum

Credential letters will be mailed out by November 1st. If you do not receive them by November 5th, call the SWOEA Office 513.771.3319 or 1.800.346.2175.

Program on Safety, Bias, and LCBT Issues: Drawing Connections: Exploring Intersections of Gender, Race & GLBT. It is designed for all school personnel and explores the relationship and commonalities between gender, race and GLBT issues. This workshop emphasizes enhancing race and gender awareness when addressing GLBT issues in schools. Presenters are Bonnie Augusta, Wisconsin EA, and Sam Smith, Missouri NEA. Pre-registration is required; email Veria. Light refreshments at 5:00pm; workshop from 5:30-7:00pm at SWOEA Office. SWOEA members are free; guest $15. CEU’s available; raffle at the conclusion.

Calendar November 1st, 2013 Rural Education National Forum

There will be a Silent Auction to raise money for the Fund for Children and Education (FCPE). Please start collecting items now: gift cards, wine, children’s books and toys, handmade crafts, sports collectables, theme baskets, vintage jewelry, unwanted gifts, teacher stuff, and baked goods. Bring item(s) to a Legislative Committee member at the RA and get and fill out the bid sheet.

November 5th, 2013

The RA is at Receptions Banquet & Conference Center, 5975 Boymel Drive, Fairfield, Ohio 45014. Breakfast at 8:00am and assembly beginning at 9:00am.

November 18th, 2013

November 14th, 2013

November 20th, 2013

Election Day November 7th, 2013 Peace and Civil Rights Committee November 9th, 2013 SWOEA Fall Representative Assembly November 14th, 2013 Peace and Civil Rights Workshop

Professional Development Workshop November 19th, 2013 OEA Board of Directors


Legislative Committee

The PCR Committee is sponsoring the 4th module of NEA’s National Training

Executive Committee

November 25th, 2013




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