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Campaign Election Special Help steer the course for education in America this November!

President’s Message I would like thank all of you who have helped with the upcoming elections. Your phone-banking; knocking on doors; participating at rallies, and posting signs; and wearing of t-shirts and buttons is important. Please remind other members, friends, and family to vote for our endorsed candidates on page 2 and Vote YES on Issue 2. This will help support public education and the middle class in America. Every VOTE counts! It has been less than a year since our battle and victory against Senate Bill 5. But it’s not time to relax; the fight must continue. It is critical to review and vote the OEA Voter’s Guide. So print page 2 and take it to the polls this election. These are candidates who support educational issues and have

reputable records that reflect this. The OEA process for these recommendations is discussed on page 2. Steer the course for education in America and cheer:

-Richard Packert

Obama for President! Sherrod Brown for U. S. Senate! YES on Issue 2!

FANTASTIC FEATURES OF NEW NEWSLINE: ONE CLICK AND CONSERVATION There are several fantastic features of the new paper but also save approximately Newsline. This includes the ability to access $20,000 per year in operating costs. websites and emails with one quick click! Going With this second edition, just prior green and suspending the mailing of paper to the election, it is critical to copies has also come to fruition; local presidents access the links to educate yourself about the issues and are charged with emailing it to their members. candidates. Links are shown in underlined blue font. The first online Fall edition was published in early October. This will not only help to conserve

Many may be unaware of these changes, so please spread the word!



OEA Voter’s Guide


OEA Process for Recommending Candidates

PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES Barack Obama (D) U. S. SENATE Sherrod Brown (D) OHIO SUPREME COURT Justice Yvette McGee Brown Judge William O’Neill Michael Skindell, Esq. STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION District 10 Todd Book STATE ISSUE 2 Yes OHIO SENATE Bill Seitz (R) OHIO HOUSE HD 28 Connie Pillich (D) HD 29 Hubert Brown (D) HD 30 Steven Newsome (D) HD 31Denise Driehaus (D) HD 33 Alicia Reece (D) HD 51 Mark Harding (D) HD 53 Suzi Rubin (D) HD 62 Michael Kassalen (D) OEA Member HD 65 Steve Myers (D) HD 90 John Haas (D) For a complete list of OEA Recommended Candidates for Campaign 2012, log-in to the members-only section of the OEA Campaign 2012 website at www.ohea.org/ campaign2012 Vote to support your local school levies and bond issues!

The OEA process for recommending candidates is bipartisan, inclusive of members, objective, thorough and transparent. It is based on candidates’ positions on issues related to a variety of educational issues. Only then can they be endorsed by OEA or the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education (FCPE). Candidates for statewide office are asked to participate in a screening process which consists of a written questionnaire, an interview focused on their perspectives educational issues of school funding, employee rights, retirement, and privatization. Interviews are conducted by the FCPE State Council. This is a non-partisan, political action fund for candidates who support the values of public educators. The FCPE State Council consists of representatives from each of OEA’s 10 districts, OEA’s retired affiliate, and the OEA Board of Directors. Recommendations are based on all of the former as well as his or her records in office. Those who decline to partake in the screening process are not eligible for for endorsement.

Ohio House and Ohio Senate candidates meet with a districtlevel interview team made up of representatives from each OEA local and a five member District Screening Council. As with statewide candidates, interviews cover educational issues and lack of participation excludes them from endorsement. The U. S. Congressional candidates are screened by local Congressional Contact Teams based on federal educational issues. Final approval is determined by the NEA FCPE based on their record and issue positions. Candidate recommendation is a fair process based on educational issues and not party affiliation. Campaign contributions are made only to those who are endorsed and come from voluntary donations by members to the OEA or NEA FCPE. By law, members dues dollar may not be used for contributions to candidates.

POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS AND TAX PLANNING IN 2012 Ohio makes it easy to support state candidates with a dollar/dollar Ohio tax credit up to $50/individual and $100/ married couple. So a couple can make a $100 donation to an Ohio candidate’s campaign and reduce their Ohio tax liability by $100. You can claim a tax credit for contributions of money made to the campaign committees of candidates for the following Offices: Governor Lieutenant Governor; Secretary and Auditor of the State; Attorney General; Chief Justice and Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court; Ohio Board of Education, and Ohio Senate and House of Representatives. If you haven’t used you tax credit for 2012, don’t let it go to waste. Help you favorite Pro Public Education candidate with a contribution! For more information go to OLT Ohio Political Contributions Credit.




MEET THE CANDIDATES NIGHT: DISCUSSING THE PERSPECTIVES OF LOCAL POLITICIANS Meet the Candidates was held on October 24th at Receptions Banquet & Convention Center in Fairfield. This event allowed educators to get up close and personal with local politicians. As a result all were able to gain insight on important issues and perspectives.

Richard Luken said it’s a yes on Issue 2, so voters can choose their elected officials. He wants us to “vote forward” by “flipping” your ballot and focusing locally first and finishing federally. Ron Mosby will prioritize the school funding problem. He believes in school choice and quality public schools. Suzi Rubin, a community leader, volunteer and small business owner, is concerned with the unfairness of school funding. She wants fair and sound funding, restoration of government funding, and protection of democracy in the workplace.

In attendance were Julie Brown representing Steve Black and Nadine Allen, Wayne Coates, Denise Driehaus, Andrew Childers representing Sherrod Brown, Mark Hardig, Ted Hubbard, Mike Kassalen, Raymond Lembke, Richard Luken, Ron Mosby, Steve Myers, Jim Neil, Connie Pillich, John Schmidt representing Hubert Brown, Alicia Reece, Suzi Rubin, and Bill Seitz. Enlightening and enriching discussions occurred throughout the evening. Mike Kassalen, retired from Little Miami, believes in quality education and will work on a new school funding formula that moves away from property taxes and the cycle of levy campaigns. Connie Pillich voiced her support of quality public education and her fight to restore its funding.

Sherrod Brown, son of a teacher, understands public education is under attack. He will continue to protect educator jobs and push for funding to renovate schools. Bob Seitz fought hard to defeat SB 5 in order to protect collective bargaining. Jim Neil will protect and serve all Ted Hubbard wants all to know citizens of Hamilton County. His that County Engineer should not mission is, “get our house in order.” be overlooked. It provides Steve Myers will focus on creating important services to the public. jobs, fixing school funding, and Ray Lembke has a passion for protecting families with safer law reflected with 28 years neighborhoods. He has lived in experience. His rulings will be fair Clermont County his entire life. and equitable for all. Hubert Brown considers himself a Mark Hardig wants to stop the fiscal conservative and a social unprecedented attack on working progressive. He is a graduate of families. He understands fiscal Colerain High School, a retired responsibility but does not believe electrician, and branch manager. the cost is harming schools. Alicia Reece wants people to know Black and Allen are committed every vote matters and to vote asap. This election will affect all of us in the to the community. Both participate in diverse activities to make a long run. difference. Denise Driehaus advocates for Wayne Coates will continue to run schools and education. She is a supporter of fairness in the workplace an efficient office and keep your records secure if re-elected. and housing.



Calendar November 3rd, 2012 Application for Vote-by-Mail Deadline Early Voting 8am-2pm November 4th, 2012 Early Voting 1pm-5pm November 5th, 2012 Mail-In Ballot Postmark Deadline Early Voting 8am-2pm November 6th, 2012 General Election Day November 10th, 2012 SWOEA Fall Representative Assembly November 15th, 2012 A. L. I. C. E. Training November 19th, 2012 Peace and Civil Rights Committee November 26th, 2012 Executive Committee Meeting November 30th, 2012 Minority Caucus Dinner District Leaders’ Social December 1st, 2012 OEA Fall Representative Assembly December 10th, 2012 Officers Meeting December 17th, 2012 Executive Committee Meeting



November 3rd, 2012

November 15th, 2012



Applications must be submitted to a Board of Elections by 12:00pm. November 5th, 2012 MAIL-IN BALLOT POSTMARK DEADLINE

Ballots must be postmarked by this day and received at the Board of Elections no later than November 16th, 2012 (10 days after the election) to be valid.

Does your school have a plan for dealing with an unexpected event, like a violent intruder? In a moment like this a comprehensive response plan must go into effect: A. L. I. C. E. This stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate.

Polls open at 6:30 am and close at 7:30pm. Be sure to review the OEA Voters Guide on page 2

Bill Rice, Mason High School, will share this training at the SWOEA Office. Sign-in and a light meal at 5:00pm and presentation from 5:30-7:00pm. Preregister by calling the SWOEA Office or email Veria.

November 10th, 2012

December 1st, 2012



November 6th, 2012 GENERAL ELECTION DAY

Credential letters will be mailed out by November 1st. If you do not receive them by November 6th, call the SWOEA Office 513.771.3319 or 1.800.346.2175. The RA is at Receptions Banquet & Conference Center, 5975 Boymel Drive, Fairfield, Ohio 45014. Breakfast at 8:00am and assembly beginning at 9:00am.

This will be held at the Veterans Memorial, 300 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. 614.221.4341. December 17th, 2012 Executive Committee Meeting

This at Parkers Blue Ash Tavern, 4200 Cooper Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242. 513.891.8300. Food will be provided at 5:00pm. RSVP the SWOEA Office or email Veria.

EARLY VOTING HOURS RESOLVED Secretary of State Jon Husted has set hours for the final three days of early voting that were subject to a state legal dispute. As a result the 88 county board of elections will be open: November 3rd from 8am-2pm; November 4th from 1pm-5pm; and November 5th from 8am-2pm. AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK- NOVEMBER 11-17, 2012 American Education Week (AEW) began in 1921 after the realization that 25% of World War 1 draftees were illiterate. It continues today in hopes for all to prioritize and participate in quality public education for every student.

The schedule for the week spotlights a different aspect of school life: November 13th celebrates Parents Day stressing the importance of parental involvement; November 14th- Education Support Professionals honors secretaries, maintenance, bus drivers and cafeteria workers; November 15th- Educator for a Day allows community members to serve as an educator; and November 16th- Substitute Educators Day appreciates those who replace regular school employees in times of need. For more information visit www.nea.org/aew.




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