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Let’s Say Enough Kasich and Support FitzGerald!! The Final Straw: Kasich Signs Two Bills to Further his Anti-Voter Agenda# On February 21, Governor John Kasich way for bringing new voters into the signed into law two restrictive process.! Republican bills that make more difficult Senate Bill 205, was introduced by to cast a ballot, especially for minority Senator Bill Coley, a Republican from voters. They will reduce the voting Butler County. It will force counties to period and make it harder to obtain an stop sending registered voters absentee ballot. Conveniently, they will applications for absentee ballots. In be in effect for the addition it prevents November election. local election officials OEA endorsed from helping a voter candidate, Ed complete any part of an FitzGerald says,” It is absentee ballot. If a an attempt to steal mistake occurs, the elections…and I will official will be required fight tooth and nail to toss out a valid vote so that every single on a technicality. In Ohioan who wants to vote, and is legally eligible, can… We fought and earned these rights…and it is unconscionable that deceitful lawmakers are trying to take those rights away.”! Senate Bill 238 was introduced by Senator Frank LaRose, a Republican from Copely. It will cut six days from the state’s early voting period and end the Click here to send Gov. Kaisch a letter urging him to “Golden Week,” VETO SB205 and SB238 when Ohioans can register and vote on 2012, 1.3 million voted absentee through the same day. Democrats and voter the Secretary of the State’s office. With rights advocates say reducing early this law, those absentee votes will need voting days would disenfranchise voters to be approved by the Ohio legislature, and lead to longer lines at the polls. In an onerous and unnecessary hurdle. ! 2012, 59,000 Ohioans voted during the Let’s say enough Kasich and support “Golden Week” and studies show FitzGerald! Ohioans will be harmed by minorities are most likely to vote early these laws if they are not vetoed. The and register on Election Day. In real solution is to! addition, election experts say same-day Vote to Elect Ed FitzGerald as registration is among the most effective Governor in 2014.

President’s Message! I hope everyone has started to recover from the terrible winter that we have encountered! I know we still have more to come, but it is nice to see grass again.! As I have mentioned before, the election is heating up. A recent poll showed that Ed FitzGerald is inching closer to the current governor. We need to get the word out because many Ohioans still do not know about Ed! He is our endorsed candidate! He is the only candidate who cares about public education! He is the only candidate who cares about what we do for a living! We need to spread the word to get his name and message out to friends and family!! We need to get rid of our current governor and all of his followers. Ohio is broken and their “solution” is to restrict voters’ ability to have a say in their government. I say, “Enough!” We see what is happening everyday: they are not helping education nor the middle class. They are the problem in Ohio! ! We are teachers and support staff and we know the real solution: Vote to Elect Ed FitzGerald and Sharen Neuhardt!! !

-Richard Packert!




RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL FUND FOR CHILDREN AND PUBLIC EDUCATION (FCPE) DRIVE Supporting the FCPE is more important than ever as districts around the state battle unfriendly laws and those who make these laws. The FCPE provides funds to support the election of legislators who support public education. These funds also support the efforts of our lobbyists to work with elected legislators in order to create and amend legislation that is supportive to public education. Your dues dollars, by law, cannot be used for political action. Therefore, pledging support to an FCPE campaign is more important than ever!!

! !

Tips for Running a Successful Drive:! 1.!


Elect/appoint a Local Chairperson to do the following:! A.! Be the point person to support Building Rep/leadership in multiple buildings! B.! Create a simple direction sheet for each Building Rep/ leadership to follow! C.! Distribute all materials! D.! Create a campaign slogan and materials targeted toward the interests of the district! Example: Focus on the Upcoming Governor’s Race, OTES legislation, SCRTW, or the Third Grade Reading Guarantee! E. ! Work with the treasurer in order to complete all final paperwork for OEA!

2. Set Goals! A.! Set a Monetary or Percent Giving Goal for your Association, your Board of Directors, and individual buildings! A.! Example: WCEA will donate $2500 to FCPE, 100% of The WCEA BOD will give to FCPE, and each Building Representative will set a goal for his/her building! B.! Publicize these goals!!! Make it known so people will work with your towards this important goal!!


3. Offer Prizes! A. ! Create a prize structure. Here are some suggestions for what you could do, if 100% of membership in a building gives to FCPE the membership gets breakfast, the building with the highest percentage of contributions to FCPE gets a pizza lunch, the Building Representative with the highest % of membership donating receives a gas card. Choose prizes that fit the budget of the local.!


! !


Contact local businesses to donate prizes. For example: gift cards, pizza lunch, etc. ! C. Ask your President can work with your LRC in order to get apply for a grant from OEA t0 support the ! purchase of these prizes.! D. Devise a ticket system to reward people for their ! ! donation level.! E. Ask each Building Representative to buy a small ! ! prize to give to the person who is the first to ! ! donate in their building.!

4. Publicize Your Campaign! A.! Post your campaign poster on your association bulletin board! B.! Send out e-mails to your members with your slogan, what they need to do, and what they can win! (Check with your local president for accepted email usage. You may want to do this with home emails. Remember, school email is a matter of public record.)! C.! Have a building meeting to discuss why this is important for them as individuals hitting on those key laws or election races that impact their lives the most.!


5. Make the “Personal Ask”! A.! E-mails and a meeting are not enough! In your buildings, your rep needs to visit every member in the building and make the personal ask.! B.! Take time to individually answer their questions and concerns. Emphasize how this will impact their work environment and improve it.!

! !

Two Important & EASY Ways to GIVE!!!! 1.! Before the end of September, give via payroll deduct!!! No one misses that dollar or two that is automatically deducted in each paycheck, but this dollar or two will impact positive change as we continue to fight the antipublic education environment.! 2.! Give on-line at by clicking on the Political Action tab and then clicking on the FCPE tab. Fill-out the form and hit enter. SO Easy!!

!! !

Questions: Contact Stacy Recker ( from the SWOEA Legislative Committee!





Calendar! February 18th, 2014 Professional Development Workshop February 21st, 2014 District Leaders Council February 22nd, 2014 OEA Board of Directors February 24th, 2014 OEA Board of Directors February 27th, 2014 Executive Committee Deadline for MLK Essay Contest

The SWOEA Committee of Organizational Development is sponsoring following workshop: Hot Topics in Bargaining. Come and hear Labor Relations Consultant, Katie Boerger, and OEA Educational Research and Development Consultant, Don Holub, discuss hot topics in bargaining. There will also be time for questions and answers, so please come with questions. This will prepare you for a successful bargaining experience! ! Pre-registration is required; email Veria. Light dinner at 5:00pm; workshop from 5:30-7:00pm at SWOEA Office.! February 27th, 2014

Each entry must be clearly marked with all of the following: student’s name, home address, telephone number, grade level & age, as well as, name & address of district, superintendent’s name, student’s school, and teacher’s name. ! Schools are invited to submit the 3 best projects. They must be postmarked by February 27th or brought to SWOEA Office by the 28th. Winners will be displayed on April 12th at the SWOEA RA and can be picked up after that date.!

! ! !


The SWOEA Peace and Civil Rights Committee invites you to commemorate the legacy of Dr. King and those he has inspired. This year’s entries focus on his proclamation ”Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy” and how a person can live its message.! Entries may be any of the following forms: collage, personal essay or letter, photography, podcast, poetry, Power Point, sculpture, video, or visual/graphic art. Biographies are not appropriate. Levels are K-3, 4-8, and 9-12. ! There will be 6 student winners along with submitting teachers. Grand prize is an e-reader; other prizes $25 gift cards. !






Calendar! March 3rd, 2014 Committee of Professional Development March 5th, 2014 Resolutions Committee March 6th, 2014 Peace and Civil Rights Committee March 11th, 2014 Professional Development Committee Workshop March 13th, 2014 Convention Planning Committee March 14th, 2014

The SWOEA Professional Development Committee is sponsoring following workshop: Bargaining the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System. This presentation will cover O. R. C. 4117; Board Policy; OEA Sample Teacher Evaluation Language; and What may be faced at the bargaining table and beyond. The presenter is Don Holub, an Educational Research and Development Consultant from OEA. If you are a member of your district bargaining team, you won't want to miss this important workshop!! Space is limited so make your reservations by March 6; email Veria. Light dinner at 5:00pm; workshop from 5:30-7:00pm at SWOEA OďŹƒce.

Certificates of participation will be issued.!

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District Leaders Council SWOEA Retired Committee March 15th, 2014 Board of Directors March 16th, 2014 Interviews for Scholarship Committee March 17th, 2014 Officers Committee Budget Committee March 19th, 2014 Awards Committee Constitution and Bylaws Committee March 24th, 2014 Executive Committee March 26th, 2014 Presidents Plus One






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