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APRIL 2014


Maddow’s Media Message “Fitz of Fury!”! We Need to Introduce More Ohio Voters to Ed and Elect Him as Our Next Governor! On April 9, 2014 on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow, Maddow made an important point-- not enough Ohioans know Ed, but when they do, they like him. He is fighting against Kasich and State House Republicans who are going “hammer and tongs” to make it harder to vote in Ohio. It is critical we introduce more voters to Ed because he deserves to be elected as our next governor in November!!


Ed FitzGerald is a husband, father, and lifelong public servant. Born into a large family, as the seventh of eight children, Ed learned early in life the importance of hard work and responsibility. He and his wife Shannon have been married for over 21 years, and are the proud parents of four teenagers: Jack, Connor, Colleen and Bridget.After working his way through Ohio State University and later night law school, Ed embarked on a lifetime of public service, beginning by becoming a Special Agent with the FBI. Trained at the FBI Academy in Quantico, he took an oath to serve the public and put people first, a commitment that has shaped his adult life. As an FBI Agent, Ed was assigned to the

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Click Here to Watch Video Clip Organized Crime Task Force in Chicago, working to hold corrupt politicians accountable. He investigated political corruption and mafia influence, helping to bring the infamous Cicero crime syndicate to justice. After his FBI service, Ed returned to Ohio, serving as an assistant county prosecutor and eventually Mayor of Lakewood. As Mayor, Ed made government smaller and more efficient, while still making major investments in public safety and job creation. Under Ed’s leadership, Lakewood was recognized as being one of the best places in Ohio to raise a family. Following one of the largest public corruption scandals in the history of Ohio, the people of Cuyahoga elected (Cont. on page 2)

As we get closer to that final month of school, please remember why we do what we do. Stay strong! Stay patient! Stay focused! We are the leaders in our schools and communities. We are the professionals!! Keep in mind that we need to focus on the election of Ed FitzGerald and Sharen Neuhardt as the next Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Ohio. We need to elect people who care about us and our profession. We need to support people who support us. And I don’t need to say anything more than Senate Bill 5.! I hope you have a great end to the school year!! -Richard Packert!



APRIL 2014


Ed to lead a new county government as their first County Executive. On his watch, he restored the public’s trust by putting in place some of the toughest ethics laws in Ohio and significantly reducing the size of the government, while at the same time making a down payment on the future. With the millions saved by his reforms, he made ground breaking investments in real job creation, expanded preschool enrollment, and is now establishing the largest college savings account program in the country to foster a culture of college attendance in Ohio.On his watch, he restored the public’s trust by putting in place some of the toughest ethics laws in Ohio and significantly reducing the size of the government, while at the same time making a down payment on the future. With the millions saved by his reforms, he made ground breaking investments in real job creation, expanded pre-school enrollment, and is now establishing the largest college savings account program in the country to foster a culture of college attendance in Ohio.!

Spread Rachel Maddow’s Media Message “Fitz of Fury:” Ed FitGerald saved your voting rights by fighting really hard for it. And if you’re just learning this about him because of this fight that he picked and won with Republicans at the state capital. And if you liked that he picked that fight and he won it for you then he would probably like for you to remember now and at least for the rest of this year that his name is Ed FitzGerald. And he is a Democrat and he is running for governor against John Kasich. And that is the story of name recognition the earned way!

For more information on Ed FitzGerald and his running mate Sharen Neuhardt, go to In addition, please help contribute to their campaign!



Supporting the FCPE is more important than ever as districts around the state battle unfriendly laws and those who make these laws. The FCPE provides funds to support the election of legislators who support public education. These funds also support the efforts of our lobbyists to work with elected legislators in order to create and amend legislation that is supportive to public education. Your dues dollars, by law, cannot be used for political action. Therefore, pledging support to an FCPE campaign is more important than ever! Give on-line at by clicking on the Political Action tab and then clicking on the FCPE tab. Fill-out the form and hit enter. SO Easy! !

For Tips for Running a Successful Drive contact Stacy Recker ( from the SWOEA Legislative Committee.



APRIL 2014

SWOEA SPRING REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS The SWOEA Spring Representative Assembly was held on April 12, 2014. It was a time to unite and celebrate the accomplishments of students, educators, and support professionals. Congratulations to all the scholarship and award winners!! ! The SWOEA Peace and Civil Rights Committee presented one of the Martin Luther King Junior Essay Contest Awards at the RA to Micah Fields from Ross Middle School. His teacher Mrs. Robin Plowman nominated him. This annual contest commemorates the legacy of Dr. King and those he has inspired. This year’s entries focused on his proclamation ”Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy” and how a person can live its message.!

! The Scholarship Committee, Joan Lewis, Dennis Beck, Jeff Bourne, Becky Brown, Barb Calton, Mike Fortman, Steve Jones, Ann Kelley, Mary McGriff, and Kim Rees, awarded three scholarships to deserving young ladies who plan to major in education this fall. One was presented at the RA to Gabriella Smith. Gabby is a senior at Hamilton high school and plans to major in Language Arts education grades 4 - 9 at Muskingum University. She is a leader at her school and an athlete. Both of her parents are members of SWOEA. Corrine Dorst is a senior at Fairfield High School. She plans to major in elementary education and minor in Spanish at Milligan College. Corrine is actively involved in her school and community. Her mom is a member of SWOEA. Kayla George is also a senior at Fairfield High School. She plans to major in family and consumer science education at the Ohio State University. She is president of Family Career and Community Leaders of America and of Future Educators of America. These

scholarships are made possible though SWOEA member mileage donation, so please continue to do donate!!

The Member Communication Award was given to John Severns from Lakota Education Association.! The Public Relations Award was presented to Springboro Education Association. ! ! The Five Star Awards were given to: Fairfield CTA, Goshen EA, Lakota EA, Lebanon EA, Mason EA, Middletown TA, Mt. Healthy TA, Northwest A of E, Princeton ACE, Sycamore EA, West Clermont EA, Wilmington EA, and Winton Woods TA. ! ! Recipients of the Membership Increase Awards were: Blanchester EA, Clinton Massie EA, Edgewood TA, Fairfield CTA, Fayetteville-Perry Classified EA, Fayetteville-Perry EA, Finneytown ASP, Goshen EA, Hamilton County EA, Hamilton CTA, Hillsboro EA, Little Miami TA, Madison EA, Manchester EA, Middletown Classified EA, New Miami TA, New Richmond EA, North College Hill EA, Norwood TA, Ohio Valley EA, Princeton ACE, Reading EA, Ross EA, Southwest Local EA, Springboro Classified EA, Springboro EA, St. Bernard-Elmwood Place EA, Talawanda Classified EA, Three Rivers ASSP, Wilmington EA, Winton Woods TA, and Wyoming EA.! ! President Rich Packert, Vice President Phyllis Bell, and Zone Representatives Ken Vincent and Mike Conn all received Service Awards. Appreciation and applause to all of you!!



APRIL 2014


Calendar! April 3rd 2014 Peace and Civil Rights Committee April 7th, 2014 Professional Development Committee

Credential letters were mailed out on April 4th. If you did not receive them, call the SWOEA Office 513.771.3319 or 1.800.346.2175. The RA is at Receptions Banquet & Conference Center, 5975 Boymel Drive, Fairfield, Ohio 45014. Breakfast and registration at 8:00am; assembly at 9:00am. ! May 8th-10th, 2014

April 12th, 2014


SWOEA Spring Representative Assembly

Officers Committee

OEA Delegate Confirmation Mailing should have been received. OEA RA Temporary Credentials will be mailed out on April 26th. If you have any questions please contact Carol Price, Conference Coordinator, by email or at 1.800.282.1500 ext. 3169. The RA is at the Veterans Memorial, 300 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. 614.221.4341. Registration from 8:00 to 10:30 am; Assembly at 9:00am. !

June 7th, 2014

June 9th and 10th, 2014

NEA Caucus


June 9th and 10th, 2014

The SWOEA Professional Development Committee is sponsoring following workshop: Assessment Literacy and Quality Assessment of Students. The presenter is Michelle Clapsaddle; an Educational Consultant at Hamilton County ESC; a Formative Instruction Specialist for the State of Ohio; and an Assessment Literacy Specialist.!

April 29th, 2014 Executive Committee May 7th, 2014 Scholarship Committee May 8th-10th, 2014 OEA Spring Representative Assembly May 12th, 2014

Professional Development Committee Workshop June 13th, 2014 SWOEA Retired Committee June 23rd, 2014 Executive Committee July 1st-6th, 2014 NEA Representative Assembly

understanding of the “five keys” to Assessment Literacy. Recognize the “hows and whys” of clear learning targets, know the major components of assessment design and how to use them, learn ways to improve feedback practices and finally, ascertain methods to promote student ownership of learning. Put the theory into practice with your peers and ready yourself for the up-coming school year. Attendees should bring: content Standards, several assessments, and a Word compatible electronic device.! Workshop at Kings Education Center from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided. To register email Veria. Cost to SWOEA members $100 and Ashland University credit available for an additional $100.

Does a classroom in which students “own their learning” sound appealing? Do you aim to construct high quality, purposeful assessments that yield accurate data that can be used by both teachers and students? Do you strive to provide effective and timely feedback to learners? Rekindle the excitement in both teaching and learning as you deepen your



APRIL 2014



National Education Association (NEA)

School Employees Retirement System of Ohio!!



NEA Member Benefits

Ohio Public Employees Retirement System!!



Ohio Department of Education (ODE)

Ohio Board of Regents!!

General Information 877.644.6338!


Licensure Information 614.466.3593!

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Ohio Education Association (OEA)!!


1.800.282.1500! State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS)! 1.888.227.7877!

Officers and Staff! RICHARD PACKERT! President! PHYLLIS BELL! Vice President! BARB CALTON! Treasurer! VERIA MAXBERRY!

SWOEA Office! 270 Northland Boulevard! Suite 224! Cincinnati, Ohio 45246!

Office Manager! DANIELLE SCRASE! Newsline Editor and! Webmaster!!! 513.771.3319 or 1.800.346.2175! 513.771.6674 Fax!


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