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danielle schwartz portfolio 2012-2014

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07 Cacioppo Apartment 2012



03 Rochester Beach House

11 Montgomery Gallery 2013

15 Van Paten Remodel 2013





Picnic Area Event Space


Community Garden 19 ACC CHaRM Facility

2014 Typical Recycling Public Restrooms Gated Storage Trailers


25 My Own 2012-2014 Downtown Athens  Containers

Toolshed With Extra  Storage Large Corner Sign



Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.


John Muir John Muir spoke these words in regards to America’s National Parks, but I let his words guide my approach to every design. I believe that great design can be an instrument of social improvement and serve a progressive purpose. I hope to use design to help people establish a philosophically stronger and physically healthier relationship to nature. By seamlessly folding sustainability into all aspects of design, I can inspire people to integrate such practices into their every day lives.

Design Statement | 2



[the site] 2880 sq. ft. Watercolor, FL

[design] Danielle Schwartz

Professor Schueneman December 2012

Pete and Jillian Rochester are a retired couple who wanted to build a custom beach home where they could relax and spend time with their family. I designed the home to take advantage of the beachfront property with uninterrupted viewpoints and large windows. An open floor plan and residential elevator will make it easier for the Rochesters to enjoy the home as they age in place. The house also incorporates several special requested features such as a breakfast nook, an art supply room, and a bunk room for when the grandchildren visit. I included a two-story, wrap-around porch accessible from every bedroom so that the Rochesters could enjoy the outdoors while remaining close to the amenities of their home. The beach house also features an outdoor shower just outside the laundry/mud room so that there is a transitional space to clean up and drop off dirty towels after a fun day at the beach.

Rochester Beach House |4


Rochester Beach House | 6

[the site] 1800 sq. ft. San Francisco, CA [design] Danielle Schwartz Professor Zenti December 2012

CHARACTERISTICS OF IMPRESSIONISM - small, visible brush strokes - open composition - emphasis on depiction of light & its changing qualities in the passage of time - inclusion of movement - ordinary subject matter - unusual angles

AFFECT & INFLUENCE AESTHETICS - space planning - lighting - texture & finishes

WATER LILIES - Concept Development Monet painted the same subject matter many times, at different angles and times of day to capture light’s changing qualities and the infinite perspectives of beauty throughout the garden.

Similar to design - there are always infinite numbers of solutions and approaches to planning a space - and they may not always be what’s expected. A good designer must be able to come up with unusual and unique solutions that are also functional. 7

CONCEPT WORK Left is a diagram illustrating my thought process in developing a concept for the Cacioppo’s family apartment. It is easy to let a piece of artwork inspire the color palette for a room, but I wanted to delve deeper and let the inspiration of Monet’s Water Lilies come through on a more subtle level. By researching and studying the historical context of the piece as well as Impressionism as a whole, I was able to use these discoveries to inform my design of the space - from its layout to the furniture and appliances specked.


To begin the search for inspiration for this project, I went to the St. Louis Art Museum to see the exhibit featuring Monet’s Water Lilies. Impressionism is my favorite artistic style and I wanted to expand my knowledge of a subject I was already familiar with and see how I could apply it to interior design.

Left is the final layout proposal that I decided upon for the apartment. Included are notes for finishes and other selections that I used to speck all the furniture, finishes, and equipment for the final project.

Cacioppo Apartment | 8

Concept Boards The emphasis of this project was on space and time saving solutions for a busy family. Jennifer and James Cacioppo have two sons, James, 7, and George, 5, who recently moved to San Francisco. Avid art collectors who like to entertain, the Cacioppos needed a flexible space that could accommodate the needs of guests as well as their young boys. They are also passionate environmentalists who wanted to incorporate sustainability and environmental education into their home as much as possible. To achieve this I created a flexible space plan that incorporated efficient appliances and multi-functional furniture pieces. I also chose products, such as brick flooring, that are durable and long-lasting, which is good for both the environment and their two boys. Products were also specified to contain recycled materials and little to no VOC content to contribute to an healthier environment and indoor air quality.


Final Floor Plan

Cacioppo Apartment | 10



Schwartz DESIGN



Schwartz DESIGN

14 11

MONTGOMERY GALLERY A SEAMLESS TRANSITION FROM WORK TO PLAY [the site] 2750 sq. ft. Albany, NY [design] Danielle Schwartz ProfessorSchueneman May 2013

Alan and Lindsay Montgomery are a young couple who just bought a two-story building in New York. As collectors of mid-century modern art and furniture, the Montgomerys wanted to share their love of the style by opening a gallery on the bottom floor where they will sell a rotating inventory of pieces. Because of the constantly changing stock and the seasonal events that the Montgomerys planned to host, I designed a flexible floor plan with a lot of open space. In the front of the store are three areas that can be visually distinguished through structural columns. These “rooms� can be set up to display different furniture arrangements.

Montgomery Gallery |12



The bedroom in particu-

lar was designed to be an haven where the Montgomerys could come to de-stress and unwind. Natural woods and various tones of blue provide a tranquil environment to recoup after a day in

Schwartz DESIGN


the gallery or running errands in the city.



Schwartz DESIGN



Schwartz DESIGN

For their upstairs apartment, the Montgomerys wanted a space that reflected their

mid-century modern style, but still felt distinct from the gallery downstairs. It should be a place that is calm and relaxing to come home to. A light, reclaimed wood floor made the space cozy but still light and airy. To keep the space feeling crisp and fresh, I chose sleek furniture with classic lines and arranged them parallel or perpendicular to each other. However, to keep things interesting, I specified a few bold pieces in unusual colors, such as burnt orange, cobalt blue, and plum. On the patio are various forms of seating and a wet bar to make entertaining friends and family a breeze. Montgomery Gallery | 14


[the site] 903 sq. ft. Hilton Head, SC [design] Danielle Schwartz Professor Pilkonis December 2013

PROJECT STATEMENT Annabel and Raul Van Paten are a young couple living in Hilton Head with their two children, Sarah, 4, and John, 2. The primary challenge in this project was making sure that the spaces serve the dual-functionality that the clients desire. The layouts and design had to be compatible with the needs of the children as well as the parents, who enjoy upscale entertaining. 15

The Van Patens also wanted the home to retain its sense of airiness while creating a look that was warm and cozy. As the interior designer, I designed the layouts of the kitchen, family room, and master bath, as well as specking the furnishings, finishes, equipments, and lighting fixtures.

GOALS & OBJECTIVES When the project is finished, the clients should have a space that enriches their day to day lives with its form and function. The layouts and ample storage will be compatible with the easy living lifestyle they desire. Their style of relaxed elegance will be achieved with durable materials that allow all of its occupants to use the space to its full potential. By blending traditional and modern styles, the home will reflect the couple’s classic tastes while retaining a sense of youthfulness.

Van Paten Remodel | 16






c h w a r t z


c h w a r t z



20/20 Library Perspective




20/20 Kitchen Perspective


c h w a r t z D E S I G N

20/20 Bathroom Perspective

CONCEPT STATEMENT The aesthetic for the Van Paten residence addresses the family’s taste and lifestyle to provide optimal comfort as well as function. Coming from a traditional background, the Van Patens wish their space to reflect this with architectural carvings and mid to dark toned wood. However, because they are still young, they want to make sure their home still feels fresh and modern. Combining polished, deco inspired fixtures with more ornate, recessed-paneled cabinetry will create a sophisticated blend of opulence and ease. For a layered, lived-in look, an assortment of sumptuous fabrics and finishes will enhance the sleek lines and unique designs of every piece. Inspired by colors of the coast, stormy neutrals will be used throughout the house, allowing several rich colors such as golden yellow and deep burgundy to pop.

Van Paten Remodel | 18


CHaRM Site Base Map



e leg


Pk w


Contour Lines Parcel Boundary

e. Av

l Co

Middle Oconee River Existing Structures


Recycling Drop-Off


Loading Dock Vegetation 0’


Impervious Surface

[the site] 7 acres Athens, GA [design] Danielle Schwartz and studio

Contour Interval: 2 feet

Base Map: Hiu Ting Li

Aesthetics Team Site Inventory & Analysis


Dr. Stephen Ramos Pratt Cassity Jennifer Lewis February 2014

CENTER for HARD to RECYCLE MATERIALS CHaRM Project Brief CHaRM noun 1. A CHaRM is a one stop drop for items that cannot be recylced at the curb or at the Athens-Clarke County recycling drop-off sites because they are deemed “hard to recycle” due their nature (chemical composition, hazardous components, size distance to end-market, etc...) Examples include mattresses, batteries, and light bulbs. CHaRM MISSION STATEMENT To pursue a commitment to provide a safe, efficient, and effective collection and diversion system for hard-to-recycle materials that protects the natural environment, citizens of Athens-Clarke County and that preserves the quality of life of our citizens and their environs today and in the future. GOALS of CHaRM: • To safely and efficiently collect residential and commercial hard-to-recycle materials for reuse, recycling or safe disposal. • To increase the reuse and recycling options for hard-to-recycle materials whenever feasible. • To reduce the amount of waste entering our local landfill thereby increasing the life of the landfill. The CHaRM is needed to achieve our 60% waste reduction goal by 2018. • To improve the general cleanliness of the Athens-Clarke County community through all CHaRM activities.

ACC CHaRM Facility | 20

Athens-Clarke County CHaRM Site “50 Cent” Community Garden Queens, NY


Lafayette Greens Detroit, MI

Shade Shleter

Impervious Surface P BronXscape, Louis Nine House New York, NY Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus, OH

The Aesthetics/Beautification Team looked at several main issues: fencing, signage & recycled art, community gardens, and green walls. I took responsibility for researching and creating design proposals for the community garden. My first decision was to move the proposed community garden site from the current drop-off site (see Base Map) to the ridge line on the western edge of the property. This site is a prime area to collect storm water run-off before it reaches the lower level of the site. Having the garden on the ridge line also visually and physically separates the garden (a pedestrian zone) from the light-industrial functions and vehicular traffic of the CHaRM. In the design I incorporated pervious pavement, raised beds, rain-water catchment systems, edible landscaping, a seating area, and a greenhouse/outdoor work station. Aesthetics Team Community Garden Design Proposal


Design & Case Studies: Danielle Schwartz Illustrator rendering: Hugh Harker

Likes: • Single entrance and exit • No large parking lot (parking is dispersed throughout site) • Storage containers can be accessed from both sides • Pervious pavement under storage trailers • Community garden on ridge • Toolshed and community garden have separate entrance that can be accessed on weekends • Awning for CHaRM drop-off

Dislikes: • Circulation paths might be confusing • Amphitheater • No connection to river

Preliminary Site Proposals: Team 2 Site Plan

Final Site Proposals: 1-Egress Team Re-working plan

ACC CHaRM Facility | 22

Bridge Connection to  Greenway Picnic Area Event Space Household Hazardous  Materials

Community Garden

Plant Storage Area Typical Recycling

Sculpture Garden and  Rain Garden Area Awning

Public Restrooms Gated Storage Trailers

Entrance Sign With  Directions

Downtown Athens  Containers Toolshed With Extra  Storage

Danielle Schwartz Christopher Sawhill Shruti Agrawal Tianyi Dong

Large Corner Sign

From the four pin-up proposals for the site, two leaders per team were elected to participate in creating the final proposal. The team leaders all met and one by one discussed the pros, cons, commonalities, and differences amongst the plans. From there we split into two groups, one team incorporating one entrance/exit, the other two. The 1-Egress Team worked to combine the best aspects of two plans.

Final Site Proposals: 1-Egress Team Site Plan


Circulation: Conventional Disposal Storage and Loading dock Toolshed Pedestrian Designed to make circulation easy for different types of vehicular traffic.

Pedestrian traffic is comDesigned to make easy circulat pletely separated from the vehicular traffic. vehicular traffic.

Signs and painted roadways will make it easier to navi-is completely Pedestrian traffic gate upon entering the site.


A possibility of connection with the Pulaski Greenway A and possibility of connection Oconee Greenway through the site.

with Oconee Greenway through the

Circulation: Conventional Disposal Storage and Loading dock Toolshed Pedestrian

Final Site Proposals: 1-Egress Team Circulation Analysis

ACC CHaRM Facility | 24

Designed to make easy circulation for different types of



Watercolors | Romantic Ruins in Cumberland May 2013


Watercolors | Palm in Jekyll Island May 2013 My Own | 26

Color pencil on black paper | Study of Lighting August 2013


Pen on paper | Sketchwork April 2013

My Own |28

Marker on velum | Hand renderings February 2013


My Own | 30

danielle schwartz portfolio 2012-2014

Danielle Schwartz Portfolio  
Danielle Schwartz Portfolio