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To the left we have drawings from a 4 day competition I participated in, while in Rome for semester Spring 2018. In groups of 4-5 six made up of students from six different schools we were given the challenge to create an entrance to historic Rome for tourist all of the world. The program asked for parking for the local bus, coach buses, biking, staff, and handicapped individuals, commercial spaces, information desk, and ticketing area. We transformed the massive site by breaking it up into three different levels. Creating a main path that goes under the road and elevated walkways to give a clear view of the Baths of Caracella which can be seen at the end of the main path.

Site Plan

First Floor with Site

Circulation Diagrams

Basement Level

Mezzanine Level

Second Level

Third Level

Fourth Level

Fifth Level

Connectivity and community was the driving force behind this project. We wanted to make sure that the department’s themselves were connected, the students and faculty connected, the community of Temple and the community of CPH connected. We used this ideology throughout our buildings; from floor plans to sections you will always feel as though you are in reach of someone within our building. It was important for us to have spaces for students, the dean, and faculty members to mix because through that connectivity they can create a stronger community in which to rest their identity on.

Longitudinal Section

Atrium Stairs - View

Atrium Stairs - Section

Using KalWall insulated panels we were able to acheive a motion sensored and sun responsive shading devices on the facade. They work by allowing the outside community to get a peek into the activity on the inside.

North Elevation

The panels will only open if there is activity happening with the building. Not only does it help connect to the outside users and the inside users, but it also works as a heat insolator at night.

When there is not activity the panels shut down and the building essentially goes to sleep, thus allowing the panels to work to retain heat throughout the night and into the morning.

East Elevation

It was important to create a sense of community within the building and the College of Public Health. With this in mind we gave freedom to all of the corners on both sides. This is the space for students, faculty, community members, family member and more to meet and greet. Gather share information and feel as one. The corners are free for all so that there is no sense of entitlement or extreme heirarchy.

The drawings on the left display some of my handdrawings done from a project my junior year. It is important for me to show not only my computer skills, but also my handskills. These are not trace they were drawn at a drafting desk with a ruler for precision, and my hand.


Architecture Portfolio


Architecture Portfolio