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Created By Danielle D. Davis

Table of Contents Executive Summary


Introductions and Bios


What is Social Media ?


Why I Use Social Media


Big Ideas Behind Social Media


Social Media Tools








Google Analytics


Case Studies


Ethics of Social Media


Executive Summary This portfolio is a product of an upper-division internet communications course, required by all Chapman University public relations and advertising students. This portfolio will showcase the tools and tactics obtained through this course as well as personal experience I have on the subject matter. Although social media is used by the general population on a day to day basis I have dissected the intricate layout of internet communications and discovered strategies, tactics, and the methodology behind this new age phenomenon.

“ Everyone is talking. Are you ready to join the conversation?�


Ab!t Me: Danielle D.Dav#

Danielle D. Davis was born in the bustling streets of New York City. Intrigued by the bright lights and visual ascetics of a consumer based market Danielle went on to pursue a B.A in Public Relations and Advertising at Chapman University. While developing skills in communications, public relations, film , and advertising at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts she was also able to gain influential professional experience and industry exposure. She started a love for storytelling while working on film sets but now chooses to tell stories daily, using platforms such as Twitter and Wordpress. Danielle is now an avid user of social media. As a young entrepreneur and a true pioneer she has began using social media as not only a branding tool but as a means of reinvention. Danielle is a force of nature and one of the hardest working youth of her generation, striving to engage in the world and pave the way for future generations. While not rumbling on the computer, ipad, or smartphone she enjoys art, fashion, cultures, reading, promotions and sponsorships, public relations, brand strategy, event planning, writing, food, hiking, music, traveling, blogging, and much more !


Meet Cory O’Connor Cory O’Connor, also known as the inspiration behind the design, is the sole professor of Internet Communications, an upper division course for public relations and advertising majors, taught at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Known for his unconventional teaching styles, Cory models his classrooms after the socratic method taught at his alma mater Harvard University. Cory encourages his students to use both sides of their brains to think both critically and creatively. Cory designed the Internet Communications course around social media, focusing primarily of blogging and Twitter. He urged his students to be active members of society by engaging in current events and joining the millions of conversations surrounding us. Using the hashtag #intcom, he allowed us to see how influential relationships could be on twitter, starting with the people surrounding us everyday, our peers. Cory’s main ambition in designing this course was to show students how influential the tools of social media will be for not only pr and ad majors but for the entire world. Prior to his work at Chapman University Cory worked primarily in the entertainment industry, as the VP of corporate synergy for Walt Disney.


What # Social Me$a ? It seems like these days the term social media is used more often than the customary traditional media. This new form of communication has swept across the world in a short period of time, yet people still struggle to articulate or even define the meaning of social media. Although statistically several individuals engage in different forms of social media on a daily basis, overall the general population still does not know what social media is. (This is where I come in) My very own mother used to ask me “ Why is everyone so obsessed with the Tweeter and the Facepage? What is it ? ” After a few weeks of explaining and training I was able to get my mom to join the conversations. Now an avid user of “Facebook” and “Twitter”, my mother explains that her major obstacle in being engaged was a lack of understanding. With that said, I have made it my goal to try and teach those interested in social media, not only what it is, but how it can be beneficial for both personal and business life. The first step is explaining what social media is. In my opinion social media is a way to describe the millions of conversations people are having everyday. It is an umbrella term to define the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction,pictures, video, audio, and the construction of words. Similar to traditional media, social media is an instrument of communication that allows individuals who hold information to share it quickly and efficiently. Unlike traditional media, social media allows its constituents to communicate, sharing their views and opinions. In the past most media was seen as subjective however with the emergence of social media, retainers of the news are able to shed insight on the information they are receiving. Rather than having a one way street like traditional media(which includes newspapers and publications, radio, and television) the world now revolves around a two way street social media which gives us the ability to communicate too, giving everyone a voice.


Why I Use Social Me$a There are a plethora of reasons I us social media for my personal life, the main reasons being, I like to stay connected everywhere I am. However for business, I enjoy seeing a good return on investments, which promotion through social media provides. If I put effort into anything I enjoy seeing some type of results and I can see that instantaneously with social media. It all boils down to the facts and the statistics about social media which are quite intriguing. The proof is in the pudding, so I will allow the facts to speak for themselves.

1. 2/3 of the global internet population visit social media.

2. Social media is democratizing communications.

3. Social Media is word of mouth, that spreads faster than light.

5. The are over 3,600,000,000 photos archived on flickr.

6.There are over 140 million twitter updates per day.


4. 100,000,000 YouTube videos are viewed everyday.

7. I can witness dialogues not monologues

8. Free form of publicity and advertising

9. 5,000,000,000 minuets are spent on Facebook per day.

10. I can interact with anyone, just about anywhere.


%e Big Ideas Behind Social Me$a

BIPOLARITY We live in a bipolar world, where no two individuals are the same. There are two sides to every coin, for example the left and right side of the brain; paper and digital; the informant and the retainer. Social media allows different opinions not only to be stated but to be heard. It has paved the road for acceptance of different people by bridging opinion leaders from various parts of the world and uniting them under one big umbrella, the internet.

NARCISSISM We are all narcissist, some more than others, but the fact remains that it is human nature to care about ones self. Humans strive to be the best in everything they do, it is the modern day survival of the fittest. For many this involves knowing what others are doing, being the first to know vital information, and informing others about what is going on in their lives, that may seem appealing to others. This is main reason why the status update on applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have become such a phenomenon, The worlds favorite form of entertainment is conversations and the second favorite is engagement.

RELATIONSHIPS The greatest contribution that social media has had on society is the way it has evolved relationships. Suddenly big business has a face and can have a conversation with each and every consumer. This allows consumers to quickly resolve any problems, state their views about products and services, but most importantly tell companies what they want from them. It is also much easier for the average citizen to network and develop relationships with those who have similar interests. With the click of the mouse I can see what my favorite celebrities are doing, what the newest trends are from my favorite stores, and what all of my friends and colleges are discussing. Social Media allows me to be engaged and involved every second of the day even if I cant not physically be at the center of the action.


Social Me$a Tools Although social media is a great form of communication it is not for everyone. There are several platforms within social media however all of them do not have to be utilized. I have explored several social media tools and learned how to take advantage of those which have proven beneficial to me. Throughout this portfolio I will discuss several tools that I use daily for both my personal life and my business.

Foursquare is a social media application that allows users to check into various places they go on their mobile devices. Depending on the number of time an individual checks into a specific location, they are rewarded badges ranging from explorer to adventurer. It also allows business to see who is visiting their establishment. In the United States various business offer consumers incentives when they receive a certain badge. I use foursquare for recreational use. I love seeing if my friends are at the same location as me and it helps me gain great discounts at local coffee shops.

Linked-in is one of the greatest social media sites around. It allows you to make connections with your colleagues and potential employers. It also allows users to post their resume and search for jobs, offering connection suggestions throughout the process. I have met various clients through Linked-in and still reference it to build and maintain my network.

Postling is a social media tool that combines several social media channels into one interface. This tools allows individuals to post to multiple outlets including their blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. It also sends email notifications about posts made to any social networking account you may have ( including personal and business).


Onlywire is a social media tool that allows you to submit your blog posts to over 42 social network sites. The site sends the blog post to websites like Stumbleupon, Digg, and Reddit. This tool gives your blog exposure and makes other users of social networking, aware of you. After using this tool, the number of comments on my blog significantly increased, which lead me to believe that more people were viewing my blog.

Yelp is by far one of my favorite social media tools. Yelp is an easy way to talk about local business in the United States. It allows users to rate restaurants, shops, spa, hotels, and more on their overall standing and customer care. It has saved me a lot of time, and allowed me to explore my options before leaving the door. I also adore that you can sign in using your Facebook account.

Google+ is a new social networking layer that allows you to divide the contacts from your email network into several circles, Similar to Facebook you can sending messages, post status, and chat, however you are able to choose whom you share specific information with. Google+ puls seeks to differentiate itself from Facebook by being selective. I like using Google+ because it is a change from the very cluttered Facebook, it is only a select group of user whom I interact with frequently. It is somewhat like the new secret Facebook or the network for adults.

Flickr is a website that allows photographers to upload, view, and share their photos with various communities around the world. Users can also join groups to discuss photography. Another advantage that Mac users have is that they are able to use the photo uploader ( Iphoto) to add photos to Flickr or Facebook accounts.



We Can All Be Journalist...Citizen Journalists ! Prior to blogging journalist were subjective, only voicing their opinions. Now everyone has the ability to tell a story, under two conditions: 1. A citizen journalist must be passionate 2. A citizen journalist must be credible


I Am Muslime'can I am muslimerican is a blog that I wrote for Internet Communications. We were asked to choose a subject or an issue that we were passionate about, that was also relevant, and timely. After selecting an issue or a cause we were to choose one key opinion leader that could potentially help resolve or change the issue. As a convert to Islam and an American citizen, I decided that it was my duty to speak out about the recent bigotry towards Muslims in the United States. At the time this blog was conceived there had been a lot of uproar within my Southern California community surrounding the bigotry of Muslims and Islamophobia. My goal was to inform others that this hatred still exists in America, and that we as a nation needed to resolve this issue. I addressed my blog to the one individual I knew could aid me in eliminating Islamophobia, Barack Obama. Knowing that Obama was elected partly due to his strong presence in social media, I asked that Obama just post a tweet acknowledging my blog and my cause under the hashtag #iammuslimerican I was able to update my blog with information about Islam, address common misconceptions and stereotypes, as well as share recent news coverage. I truly enjoyed this assignment because I was not only able to educate my peers but I was able to share my opinions and feelings with anyone who may have passed by my site. This was by far the most interesting assignment of my senior capstone classes. Although this blog was originally an assignment it inspired me to start a non-profit organization A Bridge To Peace, which is now being sponsored by the former President William Jefferson Clinton. A Bridge to Peace aims to educate and expose youth to different cultures and religions (primarily Islam) in an effort to abolish Islamophobia within the United States.


Blog Commenting Currently I use blogging for my personal life as well as my developing business. There are several different types of blog, however I have become well acquainted with Wordpress and Tumblr. Both are very easy to use but both very unique. One feature that they both incorporate is the ability for other users to comment. While working on my Wordpress blog, I used the feedback to improve my blog, provide more information, and provide my readers with the things they wanted to see. Initially I thought that companies used blogs as a form of promotion, which in my eyes was genius. With the economy in a downward spiral and the cost of advertising going up, I thought why not tread new waters and use free promotion. However I have come to realize that blogs are used for so much more than that. Business blogging is used for a plethora of things including but not limited to market research, consumer interaction, promotion, and most importantly creating a barrier free relationship with consumers where the business can be open and honest about all sectors of the company. Commenting is the most beneficial component to blogging. It allows you gain consumer feedback and communicate with consumers quickly and honestly.


Types of blogs There are several different types of blogs as well as websites to publish them. Each site has its pros and cons but in the end they are all able to produce the same end results. I prefer to use Wordpress and Tumblr because they are easily accessible and they have all the features i need for my personal and business blogs. Both can be accessed free of charge, however if you would like to obtain an original domain name there may be additional costs involved. There are also other host sites such as eBlogger,,,, and

My Blogs


Blog Tips and T'cks

I have had several blogs that ranged from personal online journals to informational blogs, to trend trackers. What I have discovered through the process, is that operating a blog is a process of trial and error. Below are some of the tips that I have learned, that have optimized my blogs success.

Ten Ways I Improved My Blog 1.Choose the title wisely, keeping search engine results in mind

6. Add comments and respond to them quickly

2.Doing research:

7. Be accessible

3. Keep it simple and stayed focused.

8. Tell a story and make it personal

4.Demonstrate Passion- I make every post personal

9. Be linky

5.Show authority

10. Tell others about your blog and reference



What is Twitter ? Twitter is a social networking site that started in 2006. With over 175 million registered users averaging 95 million tweets per day twitter is now one of the largest social media outlets. The site allows users to tell a story, in 140 characters or less to, various publics. This forces users to be brief and to the point The site allows you to follow what others are saying not only about themselves but about you as well. This is determined by whom you are following and who is following you. Twitter is a place for businesses, celebrities, government officials, and basically anyone whom deems what they have to say as vital information that others should know. Over the past few years twitter has evolved into a promotion tool for businesses and publicists. I currently use Twitter to promote myself, my non-profit organization, and freelance projects.

“ The best way to discover whats new in your world. “

@danidevaunahrae @danidevaunahrae is the twitter handle I use to tweet. Similar to a username on Facebook this is the name that other users can use to locate me or tweet me. The @ symbol is used to call out usernames. This symbol instantly links back to the individuals profile. I chose this handle because it included my name and it was had a good ring to it. I did not wanted to choose something random since I was using twitter as a branding tool.


My Twi)er Tips

Who to Follow ? I generally follow people I can learn from, I find interesting, or people in the same field as me. Twitter allows me to separate these individuals into lists and allows me to stay organized. The main way I find new people to follow is through the #FF (Friday Follow) or when those I am following re-tweet interesting people. As for major corporations or big businesses I like to follow names and brands that I use on a day to day basis. My methodology is a little different when it comes to news and informations. Although I watch channels like BBC and read papers like The New York Times, I choose to follow the CEO’s and Editors of theses organizations so I can get real news with straight fact and opinions, eliminating the excess fluff.

Following vs Followers The two main people involved in the Twitter world are those who you are following and those who are following you. It is important to have some type of rational when following someone. You want to be able to engage and interact on twitter, ensuring that you do your part to listen and contribute. It doesn’t really benefit you to to follow a million people in 24 hours because chance are most of them wont follow you back. Instead I believe in starting slow and building relationships.

The #hashtag The hashtag is something unique about twitter. It is placed before topics or keywords to help users identify the subject of the tweet. Often times hashtagged words become trending topics. In my opinion hashtags are pretty sweet to an extent. It is twitter etiquette not to use more than three hashtags per tweet. I like to be creative and try to come up with original hashtags, which include things my friends and I say or corky phrase from Danielle’s La La Land.

“The biggest complement you can give to a fellow tweeter is to RETWEET their posts “



Facebook is a great social media source. It really allows you to delve into every phase of interaction, from photos, to videos, to chats and status updates. The main advantage of Facebook is that everyone can be found here. I use Facebook for a number of things including my community affiliations, school clubs, and my personal life. The reason I am such a fan of Facebook ( no pun intended) is because my obsession with the like button. I think it was pure genius for Facebook to conceptualize such a simple function, that everyone was thinking about but simply couldn't deliver. With the click of a button you can give your support to friends, businesses, and groups, letting multitudes of people know that you too have a voice or conquer with what that individual/ group has to say. The “like� button also allows business to increase their standing and popularity. The more people that like an organization the more links back to the page you may get resulting in a significantly higher search engine ranking. Facebook is also a great site for free advertising and promotions. When I am hosting a large event, I can send out thousands on invitations with in seconds, without spending a dime.


Google Analytics and SEO

Google Analytics is a social media tool that allows you to measure the ROI of your posted advertisements, track your flash videos, and monitor your social media sites activity. For public relations and advertising professionals this application is a true Godsend ! It is a very reliable researching tool, providing background information on how people discovered your site, what they viewed, and how you can make their experience better. Not only does this sit allow you to see all this information to improve your ROI, but it is FREE !

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. In laymen terms it allows you to boost your search rating in organic search results for various sites. The searching process is very complex and often times in order to boost your results or draw awareness you must seek outside consultation such as myself or a large agency. However it is imperative to remain ethical and not cheat the SEO system in order to get ahead in rankings. The best way to optimize your search engine results is to start with planning. I conduct market research, create a competitors analysis, create SEO on the page ( links, keywords, etc.), and lastly create SEO off the page as well.


Social Me$a Case Stu$es

Charlie Sheen While enrolled in #intcom we had to pleasure of witnessing one of the biggest public relations case studies involving the entertainment industry and social media. On March 2, 2011 Charlie Sheen broke the Guiness world record for receiving 1 million followers on Twitter in 25 hours and 17 minutes. Carlie Sheen created a social media phenomenon, tweeting the most outlandish things about #tigerblood, #goddesses, and #winning, but he was able to generate buzz, and get a majority of the world on board his winning campaign. With his tremendous success, Sheen began to receive endorsements from companies such as Ad-ly, who pay celebrities a set amount of money to mention or link a brand in their tweets or Facebook. It has been reported that celebrities get paid as much as $25,000 (Kim Kardashian) for a simple mention in one Twitter post. Charlie Sheen was even asked to endorse a social media internship from This three phase internship made headlines and began to reinforce that celebrity endorsements through social media, is the future of advertising.

#winning 18

E*icsBehind Social Me$a In a perfect world we would be able to believe that every account, profile, and user of social media were truthful or actually existed. In reality there are several companies that use social media negatively.The following cases are just two examples of the unethical side of social media. Theses stories are things that everyone especially new uses of social media need to be aware of.

JCPenney About six months ago I recall conducting a search for a “little black dress”, to my surprise the first result in the organic search results ( not the paid advertisements) was JCPenney. Surprised and confused I just let go thinking that it was just an odd coincidence. About a week later I learned that JC Penney hired a SEO firm that was manipulating their algorithm results, by linking several pages back to their home site under every searchable category. So now when a person searched for anything from shoes to bedding JC Penny would appear first. This is just another example of “black hat” marketing which violates the morality of any large company.

Decor My Eyes Decor my eyes was an online business that sold designer sunglasses at an incredibly low price. However often times when the glasses were delivered ( if they made it to the locations) they were damaged or the wrong order. When customers called the owner to complain he often times ignored them or went as far as to threatening them. These unprofessional acts were a ploy to get customers to write negative reviews and link his website, in order to boost his search engine results. So when new customers would type in designer sunglasses this would be the first site that appeared. Although the owner has been fined and charged the fact still remains that there are other sites like this that are still prominent on the internet and until a formal complaint is filled we wont’t know about their “black hat” business practices. Decor My Eyes gives us a reason to be wise on int internet. It is imperative that internet users be cautious of google algorithms and do research on their search engine results


Social Media Portfolio  
Social Media Portfolio  

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