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Your Personal Makeup Profile What are your Makeup Preferences? 1. What are your colour preferences? Warm q Neutrals/Browns q Tawnies/Corals/Reds Cool q Mauves/Berries/Plums q Pinks/Roses/Fuchsias 2. Which would describe your facial colour? q Fair or Ivory q Light Beige q Medium Beige q Deep Beige q Brown q Dark Brown 3. What type of foundation coverage do you prefer? q Sheer q Medium q Full Do you prefer‌ q Creamy finish q Matte, dry finish

5. What makeup products do you wear currently? q Concealer q Foundation q Powder q Blush q Eyeshadow q Eye liner q Mascara q Eyebrow Pencil q Lip liner q Lip Colour 6. Which benefits are important to you? q Hiding dark shadows in the eye area q Smooth, even skin tone q Reducing shine q Adding colour to face, accenting bone structure q Contours and shapes of the eye q Accenting and defining eyes q Making lashes longer q Accenting and defining the lips q Protecting lips from dryness

4. Which shades of lipstick do you wear? q Pinks/Roses q Peaches/Corals q Browns/Coppers/Oranges q Mauves/Wines/Reds

makeup profile

10 Makeup Steps

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Concealer Foundation Powder Blush Eyeshadow Eye liner Mascara Eyebrow Pencil Lipliner Lip Colour FSC 9249 4

Your Personal Makeup Profile  

10 Makeup Steps

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