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Imagine Your Future

Set Your Goals

Your Kids’ Education

Your Financial Freedom

Build Your Business

Your Schedule

Your Way

Improve Your Confidence

Your Style

Your Outlook

Help Your Family

Your Extra Income

Your Extra Time

Lead Your Life

Your Life in Balance

Your Dreams Realized

Be Your Best with‌

Be Your Best with…

The World’s #1 Direct Selling Brand

The Products That Deliver as Promised

Be Your Best with‌

The Tools and Training to Succeed

The Opportunity to Earn as Much as You Choose

Be Your Best with‌

The Trust of Millions of Loyal Customers

The Community of Over 6.5 Million Representatives

Be Your Best with‌

The Company That Shares Your Hopes

The Company That Empowers Women

What would you do with income? • A tropical vacation? • A college fund for your kids? • A secure retirement? • A new car? • A new home?

Avon offers you the ultimate financial freedom with unlimited earnings potential.


How would you like to work? • Set your own hours. • Work independently. • Work with a team. • Work from home. • Be your own boss.

With Avon, you’re in complete control – you decide when, how, and who you want to sell to.

What would you like to gain? • Discover beauty secrets. • Keep up with fashion trends. • Expand your social circle. • Develop key business skills. • Gain more confidence.

Avon gives you the tools, training, and support to build a beautiful business – let Avon show you the way.

How will your life change?

“Avon has changed my life. I’ve realized my strength and abilities, and I’ve shown others how to realize their full potential and make their dreams a reality.” Av o n Re p re s e ntativ e , C anada


Your Success with Avon






It starts by Believing…

Do you want to work with the best? • Largest direct seller • Well-known brands • Innovative products • Continuous support • Commitment to excellence

Did you know that Avon sells four lipsticks every second? Two out of five women globally have purchased an Avon product in the last year.* *Source: Avon Annual Report, 2010

Do you want to be part of something big? Avon is sold in over 100 markets, has a portfolio of thousands of products, and a network of over 6.5 million Avon Representatives, who collectively generated over $10 billion in sales last year.

Do you want to help make a big difference? The Avon Foundation for Women was founded in 1955 to improve women’s lives, and focuses today on the issues of: • Breast Cancer • Domestic Violence • Disaster Relief

Through 2010, Avon philanthropy in more than 50 countries has donated over $800 million worldwide.

With Avon it’s as simple as just setting goals! After all, you can't achieve things that don't exist! My goal was always to be able to earn enough income to be able to stay home with our daughter. When my husband was laid off for the second time, it was Avon that covered most of our bills and even paid for all of our Christmas Shopping last year! Now, the earnings have allowed me to have a second baby. Avon has given me the opportunity to do what I love the most; stay home with our two children! – C o urtne y Haane n Av o n Re p re s e ntativ e , C anada The 2010 Earnings of a typical Avon Leadership Representative after one year, including commissions, bonuses and profit on personal sales are: 64.1% earn 0-$4999, 9.5% earn $5,000 $6,999, 15.1% earn $7,000 - $11,999, 9.2% earn $12,000 $29,999, 2.1% earn $30,000 and above.

You have multiple ways to earn

Personal Selling

Avon makes selling products easy, with our constant innovation and exciting brochures. Before you know it, you’ll be a selling expert.

Team Selling (Leadership)

Share your Avon opportunity with others. When ready, you can begin recruiting, training, and motivating your own sales team.

Your earnings are equal to your ambition Sales Commissions* $1655 or more


$1065 – $1684.99


$465 – $1064.99


$320 – $464.99


$215 – $319.99


$120 – $214.99


$1 – $119



*Fixed earnings on selected products.

Leadership Commissions** Senior Executive Unit Leader

Up to 11% , + Growth of 1 Bonus up to 12% up, + Growth of 2 Bonus up to 15%

Executive Unit Leader

Up to 10% , + Growth of 1 Bonus up to 11% up, + Growth of 2 Bonus up to 13%

Advanced Unit Leader

Up to 8% , + Growth of 1 Bonus up to 9% up, + Growth of 2 Bonus up to 11%

Unit Leader

Up to 5% , + Growth of 1 Bonus up to 6% up, + Growth of 2 Bonus up to 8%


Eligible – Fast Start Building bonus, + First Celebration Bundle

**Bonus earnings on First Generation.

You can earn as much as you choose Average annual earnings of top Avon performers* compared with other occupations. Senior Executive Unit Leader*


President’s Council Member


Retail Sales Manager




Elementary School Teacher


Executive Unit Leader*


Administrative Assistant


David H. McConnell Member


Childcare Specialist


* The 2010 Earnings of a typical Avon Leadership Representative after one year, including commissions, bonuses and profit on personal sales are: 64.1% earn 0-$4999, 9.5% earn $5,000 - $6,999, 15.1% earn $7,000 - $11,999, 9.2% earn $12,000 - $29,999, 2.1% earn $30,000 and above. Leadership earnings are based on potential earnings based on Growth by 1 for a full year. Potential Leadership earnings with Growth of 2 for a full year - EUL $ $82,345 – SEUL $170,847.

You’re recognized for your achievement • Great Awards • Achievement Gifts • Enticing Incentives • Fantastic Galas • Exciting Trips

Avon recognizes our highest achievers with fabulous awards – top performers in sales and Leadership are also rewarded with trips to fun, exotic destinations.

Meet one of Avon’s BEST “There is nothing like traveling with Avon. I can say that because Avon has sent me on numerous memorable trips to various parts of the world. I don’t go on these trips by myself anymore, I work hard with my team to ensure that they also have the opportunity to earn these incredible trips. I have learned that it is not just the trip itself that is valuable, but it is the opportunity to connect with women across the country that think as you do. Women like you, who want more out of life.  When you can inspire others to want more out of life, your success is guaranteed!” – Gayle Bartha, Av o n Re p re s e ntativ e , C anada


Once You Believe, You Will Achieve Your Goals…



Achieving at Avon is as simple as 1-2-3


1. Invite 2. Inform



3. Inspire

You begin with a simple Invitation‌ Sales


Invite customers to browse the brochure, ask questions, try samples, and buy products.


Invite prospects to learn

about Avon, ask any questions, and to join as a new Representative.

‌and then Inform others about Avon‌ Sales

Inform customers on



product benefits, and how to choose and use the right products.


Inform Representatives

about the Avon Opportunity, how to find customers and how to sell.

…and finally, you Inspire others to do more Sales

Inspire customers to

believe in the brand, remain loyal, and share their passion with others.



e pir

Inspire Representatives

to believe in themselves, improve their sales, and join Leadership.

Invite, Inform, Inspire – it’s that simple!

In fo r

e pir Ins



“I was studying business management in college, and realized that I had the best, most flexible income available: everyone loves lipstick; everyone loves meeting new people; and everyone loves an unlimited earning opportunity. I can make as much money as I put into my business. And I can help others do the same.� Avon Representative, USA

Once You Believe, You Will Achieve, And Even Exceed Your Expectations.




Did you know? In Avon Canada, last year’s top seller sold $373K Our top Leader has a team of 343 87 Representatives went on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Costa Rica We had 93 Representatives who achieved President’s Council

We invite you to take the next step and join Avon today. Your success is our success and we’re here to help you realize your dreams.

It’s time to

Be Your Best with the Best

Seize YOUR Opportunity Today!

AVON - Seize the Opportunity today!  

Your Dreams Realized Be Your Best with… Be Your Best with… The World’s #1 Direct Selling Brand. The Products That Deliver as Promised Be Y...

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