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Dear Syncere Baby’s First Syncere’s Fashion All About Syncere

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New love in our hearts New Joy in our Lives a new baby boy in our home

Dear Syncere...Love Mommy

ALL ABOUT MOMMY Mommy’s name is Belinda ChaparRo She Was Born On October 1st In Camden NJ to Loudes perez She was the first of five children to be born The names of her brothers and sisters are: 1. Nina 2. Gina 3. Elizabeth 4. Edwin She went to school at Atlantic County Institute of Technology FOR A LIVING, SHE IS A CHEF. HER FAVORITE THINGS INCLUDE ANDRE’ (dADDY) HER FAMILY & FRIENDS BEAUTY AND THE BEAST MOVIE AND OF COURSE “you”

Dear Syncere The day you were born was the best day of my life. It’s was such a wonderful experience carrying you inside me. I thank God everyday for giving me such a perfect, beautiful, and healthy little baby. I look forward to watching you grow into a man and I hope I will guide you on the right paths. Daddy and I can’t believe that we really have you. It feels like a wonderful dream. I will always love you no matter what and will always be here when you need me. I love you with all my heart and soul. Love, Mom

Dear Syncere...Love Daddy Dear Syncere My child, you are a gift from God Sent to us to care for and to love. While you will always call me Daddy, Your true Father lives in heaven above. It will be my job to guide you well, To teach you what you need to know. To keep you safe, away from harm As down the path of life you go. When you are little I’ll hold your hand, And try to show you right from wrong. Giving you daily the food you’ll need. To keep your body healthy and strong. Time marches on, your world expands. Outside influences play with your mind. There is so much more for you to learn, For the way to follow God you must find.

ALL ABOUT daddy daddy’s name is andre’ sewell he Was Born On april 25th In ATLANTIC CITY NJ to DEBORah sewell

I may not always stand beside you, But, your Father, will always be there. Though the path may often be difficult. God is close, your troubles to share.

he was the second of two children to be born

He’ll lead you safely through each storm. He’ll lead you through the darkest night. No matter what your trials and tribulations. The path He’ll lead you on will feel just right.

The names of his sister is:

And, so, my child, go forth full of faith, Keeping your heart full of hope and love, For when you are grown and my job is done, All your needs will be met by your God above Love Dad

1. danielle maddrey he went to school at Atlantic city high school FOR A LIVING, HE IS A tattooist His FAVORITE THINGS INCLUDE belinda (mommy) His FAMILY & FRIENDS video games, metal AND OF COURSE “you”

Memorable Moments First Bath

Nov 2, 2007

First Outing

Nov 2, 2007

First Smile

Dec 21, 2007

Rolls Tummy to Back

Jan 2, 2008

Rolls back to Tummy

Jan 2, 2008

Sleeps Through Night

Dec 2, 2007


Nov 21, 2007

Recognizes Faces

Nov 2, 2007


Nov 2, 2007


Jan 21 2008


Feb 17, 2008

Holds Toy

Dec 8, 2008

Sits Alone

Mar 28, 2008

Pulls Ups

April 2, 2008

Mimics Sound

March 21,2008

Holds Bottle

Jan 2, 2008

First Step

Oct 7, 2008

First Baby Food

Oatmeal Cereal

First Table Food


Drinks from Cup

Juice on May 7, 2008

Claps hands Says First Word

June 2, 2008 August 2, 2008 “Daddy”

Waves Bye Bye To Mum Mum May 2, 2008 Other First Jan 2, 2008 is the frist time Syncere stayed with his Godmother June 3rd he would start blowing kisses Special Things Baby Says and Does He loves to be naked. He always wants to be up under his daddy or Aunt LaLa

Syncere’s Fashion

Babies are angels that fly to the Earth By Unknown


All About Syncere

Always be sincere, even if you don’t mean it. Harry S. Truman


wo weeks early, Syncere Amir Sewell arrived on October 31, 2007 at 8:05 am at Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point New Jersey. He weighed a healthy 7lbs and 7oz and was 21.5 inches long. He arrived by C-section and his daddy was the first to hold him. Due to the anesthesia his mom was out of it and really didn’t get to appreciate her new baby boy until the next day, so while she rested daddy took care of him, but when Mommy came to she was in awe of her little man. Their first impression was that he looked like both Daddy and Mommy. He was an angel with black hair and dark brown eyes. His Dad named him Syncere, taking Syn from his nickname and knowing that his son would grow up to be a sincere man. Syncere was born into a world where George W Bush was in the White House and the Bestselling books were J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz Big names in sports were Brett Farve, Dirk Nowitzki, and Derek Jeter, and Sugar Shane Mosely. Popular entertainers were Beyoncé, Fergie, Nelly, Furtado, Gwen Stefani, and Justin Timberlake. The Top Movie was Pirates of Caribbean and everyone had their TVs tuned to CSI. The most popular thing that happen in 2007 was Apple releasing the I-phone. While the world was progressing, this Halloween baby, Syncere found his own set of favorite things. He loved Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, and adored his Sponge Bob blanket. His favorite toy was his stuffed Tigger and he loved Dora the Explorer and Diego. Syncere loved playing with his Daddy and he proved to a very smart baby, always reading books. His favorite place was Chucky Cheese. Time goes by quick and Syncere has continued to grow into a handsome and sweet young man. He loves his family. He is

no longer the baby; in fact he is a big brother now. He has grown into loving action figures, super heroes, and video games. He is very spiritual and is known for his hallelujah clothes and attending church. He always knew when to say “Amen.” He loves to talk and has a very big vocabulary. He always talks about Jesus. It must have been all those books he pretends to read. He likes to hang out with his Uncle Jr, and recently told him “You look like God’s mistake.” That is typical Syncere you never know what he is going to say. He also loves all his Aunts and each one holds a special place in his heart, especially Aunt LaLa. He is spoiled by his grandmothers Lourdes and Debbie and he really gets the royal treatment from his godmother Cory. He is a loved!








aughty at times






eally Smart


asy to Love

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