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Feedback is incredibly important through the production period for an ad campaign. The advertisements act as the first opinions for the target audience of the film. The target for the film poster and magazine covers are to lure in audience and to attract them so that their interest as been captured. An advertisement product which is successful should then make the audience want to find out more about the film. This is when they watch the trailer which gives them a bigger insight within the film but still leaves mystery so that they want to find out more and spend money. The Movie’s poster acts as the face of the film, being the first thing released for the audience to see. Getting the poster correct is vital as opinions and judgements are made. If a bad judgement is made from the very first stages then why would someone with a negative vibe want to look into spending money on a film they have no interest in? This is where audience feedback is so important. If thorough feedback is received from these products, any improvements or changes can be made. This is so the campaign can get the most they possibly can out of the first impressions created from their advertisements. Research allows the needs and requirements of your target audience to be pin pointed. Their input is essential; as the film is FOR them so their advice shows that they want and don’t want to see. A good example of a film that had a successful research and feedback period is The Woman In Black. Their accurate and successful research represents in the outstanding profit made from the release. Such a huge success was accomplished by giving their audience what they want. They found this out through research and stats. A key example of this is that the main character is Daniel Radcliffe who has a very large fan base. All advertisements were then focused around him insuring he was the main focal point and the first thing anyone saw.

Another key factor used through the woman in black research stages is the radio advertisements. Due to the 12 age rating of the movie this caused issues within older horror lovers who didn’t want to think they were going to see an ‘unscary 12 rating.’ This was taken into account and ratings such as ‘5 STAR AND HUGELY SCARY’ were inserted into the radio advertisements. The young age rating allowed the movie to reach to its Harry Potter fan base. To make this appropriate for that specific age group, some ads were toned down. It’s key research into the different target audience groups that allowed this movie to be such a success.

FIRST RESEARCH FEEDBACK CARRIED OUT When producing the main narrative I carried out an audience research questionnaire to find out information on specific audiences likes and don’t likes so that I could achieve the best horror narrative I possibly could which would be a huge success. I needed to look into aspects such as what people want to see, who my target audience is, whether there is room in the film industry for a film within my final guidelines and what I need to create my unique idea.

Do you like psychological films?

what is your gender?

These charts above show our results for the questionnaire carried out. Once gathering and counting the results, the conclusion was that a greater amount of people would pay to watch a horror movie. The stats state that 30 people would be willing to pay however 21 would not. This is good because it shows that there will be a greater amount of people contributing to the income of the films that there would be that don't. The stats also show that the most popular genre of film that people liked was horror. The lowest was mystery which allows information on what the target audience would like to see within a movie, which would improve sales and appeal to a wider audience. Almost three quarters of the total amount or people asked like psychological films showing that its a popular sub genre to focus a horror around, proving that it would have a large sale is made successfully. A larger amount of males answered the questionnaire which means that the stats are slightly swaying towards the male target audience and shows their likes. If the movie i was to create was to target females then i would try focus the research mostly on them however with a slightly more equal group of results, the final piece would cover a wider range and number of people. we came to the conclusion that more people would rather watch a horror movie with someone than alone. This is a brilliant result as if more people were to go to the cinema with a friend than people going alone, more sales are likely to occur. This could also result in a larger reach as more and more people would talk about it to their friends or family.




I produced 2 questionnaires to receive feedback for my magazine cover and my horror poster. I chose to give these out to my target audience via email so that I could directly get their opinions and use these to improve my work. I chose to target audiences 18+ doing an equal split between gender as this is the specific area that my film is targeting. For each questionnaire I gave my audience ten questions which allowed me to find out their basic facts eg age, gender, and things such as what their favourite aspects were within the magazine cover and the poster, and what they felt I could improve on. An important question I asked was whether they would want to see the film or look further into the movie after seeing these ads. This was important as the aspect for these advertisements is to draw people in to watch the final film. This feedback received proved to be very helpful as I could enhance the likes and improve the dislikes. Most of the feedback received was positive with a few improvements which ive taken into account. I asked 10 males and 10 females to take part in my questionnaire to help me make improvements through their opinions and constructive criticisms. These are the stats. I asked my audience whether they would like to go see the film based upon their opinions made from my poster and magazine cover. The response was that 14 people out of 20 said that they would like to go see the movies. 6 people however stated that they have an interest within the movie but perhaps would like to see the trailer to find out more about the narrative. This allowed the gaining of knowledge about just how important the trailer could be when swaying some ones opinion on whether to see the movie or not.

The feedback received from my magazine cover was all very assuring. There weren’t many negative responses and only a few constructive criticism’s which really helped me to create changes within my product. The feedback showed that my audience really liked the layering effect id created on my cover and how it gives the idea of the magazine being very full and having a lot of information. I minority of people did suggest that perhaps the price of the magazine should be lowered due to its young adult target audience which related to ‘students’ and the stereotypical idea of them having no money. I also received feedback which stated they liked the connection between the two of my ads and how id linked in colour schemes and the main characters appearance on each product. This was a very important aspect as I too agreed that the model appearing on both advertisements allowed the audience to make a connection to the narrative, which from feedback, proves to be correct.

The feedback received for my horror poster was very mixed. I had created 2 horror posters which I felt held different moods. I was unsure on which one to use which was why audience feedback was incredibly important. 90% of my target audience preferred my second poster due to the stronger connections made. They liked that they could see the full face of the character because a better link could be made between the poster and the magazine cover. The second poster was also said to have a stronger mood and aspects such as the effects used on the image made this poster outshine the other. I’m extremely happy that the links in the black and white themes were made as this was something I had tried to link in from the start. Feedback received for the first poster stated that they liked the initial idea and design but didn’t like that only the eyes were selected in the main image as they didn’t feel as engaged into the poster due to not being able to identify the character.

To gain feedback for my trailer I played the original first draft to a whole class of AS media students and collected their feedback through film. This feedback proved to be very vital as the majority of the students fitted into the 18+ bracket for our film so they would create the borderlines of our target audience. The feedback received was incredibly positive. The main positive aspects for the trailer were the good use of camera angles and techniques throughout the trailer and the large and effective use of editing within fades and cuts. The improvements received focused around the time and length of the trailer. The audience felt that although the length of the film wasn’t an issue, it didn’t build up in speed in terms of tension. I have taken this feedback into consideration and have used techniques such as shortening clips, creating jumps and building tension through layering audio and sounds.

Overall the feedback for all three of my products has been incredible helpful. I have taken my target audiences opinions into consideration and changed areas which perhaps needed working on. For my poster I have focused purely on number 2 enhancing its likes by changing the title and making other areas bolder bringing in the positives form my first poster. To improve my magazine cover I have chosen to work with layering and making the whole cover appear neater. I have also taken into consideration that the price of my magazine perhaps was too high for my target audience. To balance out the bold layering within my magazine I also chose to change the title to a simpler texture, but over all a nicer, finished look. I have built up tension within my trailer by cutting scenes and introducing new audio. I have also reordered the trailer making the flow more fluent and over all it appears to be easier to understand. Comments from my teacher for all 3 of my advertisement sources also allowed me to alter or correct anything I felt wasn’t quite right. I am very happy with my final product.

evaluation question 3  
evaluation question 3