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VP External Affairs goals for the year: 365 Marketing Plan

Throughout  the  year:   • Update  Facebook  and  Twitter  accounts  at  least  twice  weekly   • Advertise  events  on  “Class  of…”  Facebook  via  Pan  Love  page,  as  well  as  other   University  entities  (USF  Rec,  New  Student  Connections,  Oracle,  Marshall   Center,  etc.)   • Chalk  around  campus  one  week  before  any  Panhellenic  events.   • Flyer  around  campus  one  week  before  any  Panhellenic  events.   • Bull  Market  booths  first  Wednesday  of  each  month.         November/December   • Send  out  Marketing  Team  application   • Meet  with  USF  Departments  to  strengthen  Panhellenic  bonds   • Update  365  Marketing  Plan  for  next  External   • December:  Prepare  training  for  Marketing  Team   New  External  Affairs  is  transitioned  in  December.         January   • Finalize  Marketing  Budget  with  VP  Admin     • Interviews  for  Marketing  Team   • Host  Marketing  Team  training  with  a  Team  Packet     • Finalize  marketing  plans  for  the  spring  semester   • Spring  Week  of  Welcome  event   • Order  Spring  Val-­‐U-­‐Bull  ad         February   • Meet  with  Steve  Long,  campus  publisher  designer,  first  week  of  February  to   discuss  plan  for  recruitment  booklet   • Look  at  old  booklets;  develop  theme  and  concept  for  booklet   • Meet  at  least  bi-­‐weekly  with  Steve   • Look  into  giveaways  ordered  last  year;  decide  what  to  order  this  year     March   • Finalize  and  order  all  flyers  for  recruitment   • Confirm  proofs  for  giveaways  (pens,  sunglass  straps,  etc.)  and  order   • Deadline  for  chapters  to  submit  pictures  for  booklet   • Host  PR  event/Informational  Session   • Send  Go  Greek  shirt  order  form  to  chapters   • Send  out  Panhellenic  Perception  Survey    

April • Work  with  VP  Development  to  design  Pan  Exec  bags,  Exec  shirts,  Pi  Chi   bags/shirts     • Order  Go  Greek  shirts   • Design  Potential  New  Member  bag,  or  order  from  year  prior   • Host  PR  event/Informational  Session   • Turn  in  paperwork  for  H  frames  around  campus       May     • Booklet  sent  to  printers  by  the  1st   • Uconnect  profile  for  new  students  up  and  running   • Create  Facebook  profile  picture/Timeline  cover  photo  for  recruitment   • Finalize  pan  website  (no  Pi  Chis,  update  chapter  information)   • Order  USF  Planner  Ad  if  Executive  Board  decides  to  advertise       June     • Distribute  advertisements  around  campus   • Update  PROGO  Student  Newsletters  every  Tuesday   • Distribute  H  Frames     • Post  information  to  various  USF  constituent  Facebook  pages   • Paperwork  for  Marshall  Student  Center  Banner   • Upload  recruitment  booklet  via  ISSUU   • Host  PR  event/Informational  Session     • Purchase  Facebook  ad   • Continue  to  market  Perception  Survey       July     • Restock  flyers   • Continuously  push  recruitment  via  social  media   • Host  PR  Event/Informational  Session   • Order  Potential  New  Member  shirts  for  Bid  Day   • Begin  organizing  transition  binder     August     • Bull  Market  each  Wednesday   • Update  recruitment  approaching  via  social  media     • Host  PR  Event   • Promote  outside  organization  events  during  Week  of  Welcome          

September   • Close  perception  survey/  analyze  results     • Plan  PR  Workshop  with  chapter  PR  chairs  to  discuss  results     • Thank  you  notes  to  those  who  assisted  with  marketing  recruitment       October     • Host  PR  workshop  with  chapter  PR  chairs   • Meet  with  USF  Departments  to  strengthen  Panhellenic  bonds  (this  continues   through  November)                  

Panhellenic 365 Marketing Plan  
Panhellenic 365 Marketing Plan  

365 Marketing Plan I created and implemented throughout my position as Vice President of External Affairs for USF Panhellenic Association.