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Panhellenic Public Relations Workshop Attendance: Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Omicron Pi Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Delta Zeta Tau Alpha


GETTING OUTSIDE THE GREEK BUBBLE - Attending events of other organizations, it only takes 2 sisters in letters to make a purposeful appearance. - INVITING non-members (friends, co-workers, organization members). Especially focusing on inviting individually, in person. - Individual members holding themselves accountable for what they post on social media – anything they say can easily be seen by any current student at USF through peers. - JOINING OUTSIDE ORGANIZATIONS! This is implemented by chapters, but can be taken to the next level of active participation. - Orientation Team Leaders, Green & Gold Guides (ultimate recruiting for the entire community as a whole.)

WHAT DO WE NEED TO IMPLEMENT MORE? - Tapping our leaders: Using our strongest members to be a living example of attending outside events, inviting sisters out there and promoting our values and events to non members. - PHOTOS! Showcasing photos of good work through social media. Example idea: Holiday cards, sending physical copies to outside entities/USF Departments. -Individual advertising (profile pictures of flyers, promoting in classes) -REMINDERS! People need constant reminders of events, not just an event invite 3 weeks before. -Focus on the WHY. “What value of my organization is this event showcasing and why is this important?” - New technology! (Blogging, Instagram, QR codes) - Focus on the EVENT AND THE CAUSE … not on the organization hosting.

Analyzing the 2012 Panhellenic Perception Survey #1) What year are you at USF? Largest response: junior 33% - 24% sophomore - 20% first year - 12% senior+ -11% incoming Area of focus: Sophomores and Juniors - More promoting on how Panhellenic helps you grow; Many who have already been in college for a year or more feel that they already have the skills and do not need what Panhellenic life can provide. - Personal stories/speeches at info sessions of those who joined as upperclassmen. - OPINIONS MATTER! (What our non-affiliated friends say, how we speak to PNMs) •

#2) Where was your first impression of Greek Life as a whole? Largest response: 41% television show/movie - 28% friend/family - 19% at USF - 12% social media Area of focus: Our inevitable stereotype from the media. - Bring back the “True Life” theme for an info night. Take the subject seriously through videos that reflect our credible actions vs. what is displayed in the media. Have a forum, discussion, task force, etc. to stress our differences from what is portrayed. - Not pushing it as affiliated members (not promoting television shows that showcase Greek Life in a negative light, not referring to ranking sites) •

3. Which outlets have informed you the most about USF Panhellenic Sorority Life? Largest response: 49% website - 41% social media - 47 % friends - 8 % I have not been very informed Area of focus: Updated online and how we are around non-affiliated friends. - Keeping website accurate - Accountable officer(s) in chapters to submit new photos for websites and double check their information. - Taking a more serious approach to restraining from Greek ranking sites. - Men can be an issue – affiliated and non affiliated, not encouraging their •

negative comments and influences on women both within and outside the community.


- Keeping negative experiences inside your chapter. Refraining from venting about chapter issues with non-affiliated friends whom do not understand that the situation is not a reflection of an entire chapter. - More non-affiliated education (OTLs, orientation) - FAQ section through Blog or bringing back FormSpring account. - Showing our co-workers and friends are positive actions within Greek Life. VOCAB: Sorority terms can easily create a divide. Non-affiliated members are turned off my women in their class/work/etc. who consistently carry on about “bigs” “littles” “twins” etc. - Encouraging our friends to find out the truth themselves by referring them to recruitment counselors, executive board, positive leaders within a chapter, etc.

4) Have you ever thought about joining Greek Life? Most answered: 50% Yes, I plan on joining within the next year - 42% I might, I can’t decide - 5 % no, it’s not for me - 2 % I tried and almost joined Area of Focus: “Might-Joiners” •

- Personal encouragement (Reasurring our non-affiliated friends who are thinking about it that it is beneficial) - Implement and offer one-on-one sessions with executive board members and/or recruitment counselors to PNMs who want to discuss Greek Life. - 365 education (info night of some sort every month, especially in spring upon transfers) - Pushing VALUES in our events and info sessions - Specific info nights catered to entities (incoming freshman, upperclassmen, transfers) - Push our connections (outside departments, alumnae, etc.) 5) Your first in-person encounter with a Greek woman here at USF was: Most answered: 71.8% Great, she was very friendly - 15.8% Okay, she was not too friendly - 6.3 % Awkward, she did not want to talk to me - 6.3% Uncomfortable, she turned me away * 5 skipped the question Area of focus: Maintaining our friendly reputation. - Continue with successful training of recruitment counselors - Approachability at Greek events and info nights (attire mainly) - Creating bonds with outside organizations and branching out. •

6) What have you heard and/or noticed about the Greek community at USF? (Check all that apply). Most answered: 75.3% Close community - Big on philanthropy/fundraising - 31.8% comfortable and approachable - 21.2% focused on academics * 15 skipped the question

Area of Focus: Maintaining the culture of PAN LOVE - Maintaining our credibility of successful philanthropies - Inviting more to our philanthropies, more PR - Encouraging Pan Love (Facebook, photos, blog) - Supporting each others philanthropies, and clearly communicating so. •

7) How many affiliated women are you friends with at USF? Most answered: 65.3% 0-5 - 25.5% 5-15 - 9.2% 15 or more *2 skipped the question

Area of Focus: Time on non-affiliated members Similar to discussion on “Outside the Greek bubble” - Outside organizations we invite - Strengthening outside bonds - Proudly representing letters in class, professional settings, etc. •

8) How familiar are you with the Formal Sorority Recruitment Process? Most answered: 56% Pretty informed, I get the general idea - 25% not informed at all, or I’ve only heard rumors - 14% very informed, I understand completely - 5% informed but would never go through the process

Area of Focus: Communication on process - Maintain clearly communicating the process as we do on website, recruitment booklets and informational sessions - Provide flyers with brief summary of process for PNMs to take home from all info sessions and recruitment marketing booths. - Getting ourselves to outside entities to encourage PNMs to lookinto our process (Great example: Zeta Tau Alpha’s “PINK OUT” at a USF Soccer game) - Forum at orientation nights and/or info night on Greek Life process, consider including other councils to explain their processes.

9) How familiar are you with the sororities at USF in the Unified Greek Council (UGC) and/or National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)? Most answered: 30% Very familiar/I see myself in Panhellenic - 30% I have heard very little/nothing at all about UGC and NPHC - 29% I’ve heard of them, I want to know more - 2% very familiar/ I would be better suited for UGC or NPHC

Area of Focus: The disconnect between councils - Representatives from all councils at at least one main info night - Representatives from all councils presenting information to residence halls and orientations in addition to info nights - Clear differentiation of councils on websites and recruitment booklet •

10) This survey was: (Check all that apply) Most answered: 84% Easy to understand - 34% a good length - 9 % beneficial - 6 % unnecessary - 3 % difficult to fill out - 0 % too long

Area of Focus (Notes from 2012 VP External): Notes for next survey - Stay at 10 questions - Explain through survey and marketing the purpose of the survey - Market more in general - Begin survey in March opposed to June - Explain mission and goal of VP External with survey to PNMs

Workshop/SURVEY results  

Results from the evaluation focus group for the 2012 Panhellenic perception survey I implemented. Also other topics from the PR workshop I h...