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College of Osteopathic Medicine, Harlem ​welcome welcome welcome to stroll you podcast I am one of your hosts of the struggle you team e.t each of the teeth Emanuel mr. dollar and whatever income I got a long name for the VP relax people that I am Jack they want four magnificent people awesome but with yourself I guess a humble humble for everybody else business meeting and I'm Ryan I just a meet I'm just juice I'm just a humble honest I'm just I'm just chillin those does a struggle with a new so kill them within the stroke I'm kidding in the stroke and now we're here to talk to you about the struggles of all the college student the college student really has to deal with a lot of things that people really don't understand we find the struggle that many psychologists overlook the college students live through every day tune in to hear the struggles of the modern college student right here on struggle you you can follow us on everything Twitter Facebook Instagram snapchat circle you myspace YouTube was we good point we will be billed with myspace Mike is gay I got a bass bass and how old are you again CDs let's wait for it when I came let's let you go did my time I got this blue get right in three hours let's get supersonic right now i watch it alright Oh first topic the beauty the tribute the commute from all the colors gives us we're talking about and oh I can talk forever my community kata community okay I live an hour away from home or an hour in school you know that is you leave at or fall for your kick for class you gotta you gotta leave before that set rather gloom you leave at 3 o'clock for your squad cause you have to leave before another clip because every single time it does not fail there is going to be a me to a carcass on the highway you are a nice yes don't have no gasps oh and don't get refer on the guy I don't use truck I'll put your bra hey truck I hate stuff you guys that's what I gotta say stuff guests and every time I seem to leave the house every dilemma do you realize I gotta go to the gas station if nothing else but also of this mother this must work for sitter so he's either in a small cover as much lying 6:4 I cannot get enough Marquart I am a truck for reason every subset the room of God Rose talk so again what is perfect but I have a question of since we're under survey the community what does commuting diminish the college experience cuz I've read some people say yes the same know what sweaty look up it depends on the class it depends on mother and professor yes yes yes yes why I write an hour to get to school and completely happy it was when yes when you get to school when I get to school in this perfect class if I'm just sitting around doing first of all day okay fine I guess but I'm going in there and we're having actual conversation and not going on what's in my time this is travel afford this but if I'm going to drive an hour to get to school Evan clock is camp does a hold of business it weekly what are you going to make that our consume when you get there in the class is canceled oh you should have this check some of that has desilva's reject email Oh every our iconic doesn't even look like that I'm alive I'm sleeping better struggle is real brother discover struggle is real they agreed oh but I'm curious though if it doesn't it kind of feels like to me sometimes it Rose cut expenses you know it's not like you get to live in you still go home with your parents you guys isn't it I definitely like definitely have an experience that I wake up make breakfast for myself okay I Drive only to the gas station no real nice okay well I I definitely haven't gotten that college experience true but I've visited people like I've been to tell at seven Indian it's all these major universities so I mean I'm excused that that that college experience outside of my own I need to Sun gauge the flag I didn't jump there's probably you know I've been there done that went on campus ongoing for you I have I want to do this oh no ok I recommend it for first time college experience students because are coming out of your home life and you need any people but once you know people don't do it don't do it you know at the time government who be deep into the scene don't see if you get molded on in for free month later you know got time for all those practic cuts those civil wear the clothes in the living room you don't got time for all the late night party that you weren't going to show I want to see it all right well not by water but they only want to put a purchase on your cat night I don't got the time yeah I am paying up all the dollars I would have had to be one time was very good ok well I read this article of her Candace Doug what you've always written something down where like she basically long story short she was maybe saying she have commuted let's live with her parents in her pointless she wouldn't trade for the world she was very well she wouldn't trade that can you live that home she would do it all over again is like she if she had to she would I go after the same way no I putting on commuting 20 minutes not really commute I can do that so you read already took real with you to get the trouble I don't do that so you can do that over again you just live on campus the entire college career I was a ghost right off campus yes not on not far away closer okay I am not living in our I'm not living on putting on there's nothing to do it's enough to me legions won't say somebody yeah understand yeah it could be like 40 miles over to my school I will be a happy camper all right buddy let's yuuichi would you do it

all over again living off campus here at a college I thought if I end up with two hundred men I want to be dealing with these troubles and I'm over over I so people hashtagged us had to struggle you of the college struggle and submit your struggles to all yeah give us your opinion on the community what would you do would you do it all over again if you could how do you feel about commuting now looks just just a journalist what I don't know has 2x trouble you won't give us your stories for when you come use and a professor campus class I want to girl our I want to hear that and I need some tips I think some - yes what what else truth okay well what I've seen trending what I've been looking at is internships I've been saying a lot of stuff about internships a lot of people pissed off about it especially unpaid in Tehran you pissed me off would you subjects when if they are choose increasingly off door oh is that not why shall we call it this is called Candyland you wiII be easy Bree right you're living on a candy cane right in the road so unpaid internships is probably the biggest plight of the college the biggest trouble because you have to you have to go to work and either do a good job of what you're going to do with after college aka you are looking for free for free damn when you should be getting paid forty brandon year fifty gram a day or there's Ron coffee errands Oh max I I'll give you something even better it's not even that you just working for free my experience at our school which will have no names I have to pay them money for the class so I basically paid the school to work for somebody else and sweets hey that's a month bleep any mess in the world I gotta say you toward summary I'm sorry backwards is ass backwards yeah I got to pay you for the first one for you for this education that the majority of time like you can get just my work if you get experience you can get all the top PR to me you can't be 5/3 fighters experience to replace any better three out there three to five one two three four tutorial all right is it unpaid internship over it yes it is however it is kind of fun now a little bit I work with a duty perform an awesome I have published on being one of those experiences all along my college it's not such as around however how to give advice I'm pay for the gas having to pay for parking it adds up the whole wasn't money but I do get first rip Zuzu for your concert tickets free a dozen of those of zoom house that was you need to go through the second day of love okay I always got bigger laptop because some to goes with you okay I was going there cover storage my work it's not so far okay we're to the loot but give a back well part why you can't Kirk out worry buddy at the way you get time to see in the Deadwood now that you're talking about football team welcome Peter Rabbit you know because you get tired of it be directed by God this is Boris I am teacher cousins but we are leopard Leone lovers awesome you have to go there every time different know me I have the words weapon because of giving races there's about awesome okay well I saw this thing there's actually a jerky go write it up solder study what they try and put them bless the work they try to stick more to business groups right let's try to sue if do a whole lawsuit class action complaint against nbc/universal where that get paid internships had to do like over ten hours of work and everything like that I'm not going to read it but there everybody does that they have no case it's Alan adductors it's out then go to ill ill ill tease you guys want to look at it okay if you know why should we work a bit to medium long let's talk about let's talk okay let's talk about this but it raises a question online our unpaid internship drawn and do they have a case but I'm a grown man I don't have time to do unpaid internship okay so as you see like there would you do it might be someone okay but like for people like me and I know a lot of people can relate to this like I'm a father um I have a full-time job and I have them time to commit to an unpaid internship because it's unpaid internships and go pay these bills and they're right so like I feel like schools as much money as we pay your per credit hour what is the book that we don't even have we read and that's a whole nother topic bookstore we're cold on topic for another day never good I don't have time to commit to 20 hours a week to learn something that I'm really that to shuffle papers yeah so I mean I feel like the schools need to set something up even if I don't campus five dollars an hour six seven whatever if you could give you some time but I just can't give you all this free blood if it's very least we'd have to pay for the country surprised if those friends right completely hey exactly program that for your thumbs out of that you got paper international a queue has a very piece I paid $600 Jeff remark you loose apprentice not only you gotta pay for these to its or the right of April exactly already put every cover here every other Friday like get out of here good but let's move on alright alright last thing I got on hand I saw and a lot of people's mind is financially and run I got a research for this version I got an article for this no are perfectly take take it does it have a horse or getaway exec gives us often give us your financial aid horror stories at this fills us second stroke you SS Cobra you struggled over uni you send us don't you get the monkey serving the monkeys are there there's a fair bit going out all our social media we wonder got for you yeah citizens in the sea horse noises financially what they do see I know love let it do zero I don't know I think I struggle financially which took financial aid again go to church and actually I'm gonna play about time with all that plane I'm good financial aid but I have heard some horror stories I know people that home you know they're getting run around or they're not get enough they need for I haven't heard of anybody at the two minutes little up ography will be two months but let me bro here that's not strong much it had too much could get you in trouble sometimes that's technically in that stroke he a

little bit yes yeah he's ever known to those I have a friend she gets extra little money okay and him by photographer gear to distract from her classes bill fasten tax refund over get another loan that's keep in trouble okay let me tell you I know with their yeah that's at least revolving revolving circle of dance right respect but unless caller select if you don't give me this money as a college do it I want to take this money it no but that's also another topic as far as like the loans and the grains you know if you don't give you look like if you're gonna judge you wouldn't give me $40,000 I'm going to take $40,000 but if I gotta pick you Finch out of those little do they're doing trouble rancer from heaven okay get breast is the blessing another problem I have is trying to find those grants and those scholarships like it seems like it's so much easier easier to sign up for the sign for the regular science because they live but they throw that is define a global village and total loans and stuff at you that those rest of you guys did forward by the same time there's so much money crossing Frank that's going waste every year every like Saint John Green dollars in boredom they lose 20 grand almost every semester injustice cultures other losses no one is getting it there are no I applied for a certain one club who every single semester has to literally go out and find random students because no one in X of us behind our caution I suppose you didn't already know the essays begin all I know is what is a discrete but we're going to send ahead under you I was having just an application like I said look at my resume what did it don't I don't already there are officers out there where all you have to do is you know fill out application but also there's all our sculptures out there where you just of write an essay and that's all I am doing to give this college money to tonight to check out a local side yeah okay you don't feel as if they shot me like they should throw the scholarships at you the way that they do it alone - they really just you know there has to be a better way and since I'm going to go on the website some pay for yeah yeah exact to get email for this college right I'm not going to pay you can authorities everyone the college it so will give people email us you also struggles we would love to hear oh we are college students and are we feel your pain so if you have any grants complaints Ping's facts or if you know so you want to hit us with a little bit of fiction or hashtag us at the struggle you aware on Saturdays hashtag caller student hashtags struggle you 2017 act act show you show University struck with you the over I you know brainfreeze okay I'm a call shooting time for advertisement Instagram pants on Facebook but until real science you know that's it letter struggle you I'm one of your hosts I have one of struggle University eg eg Brian and I - hoping the whole face jack and I appreciate y'all for children in see you next time Crane School of Music.