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Classroom Rule/ Expectation

Students will do everything they can to come to class prepared, on time, and ready to learn.

Rationale It is important for students to arrive on time for class, as to not interrupt their fellow peers. This also shows respect to their teacher and that they are interested in learning something new in class.

This is to ensure that no student is singled out or discriminated Students will be actively against, and that the utmost maintaining a respectful respect is given to all the attitude towards their peers and students as well as the teacher. their teacher. All have the right to have a positive and safe learning environment.

Respect all ideas given in the class. Do not criticize other people’s thoughts or opinions.

This allows for a positive learning environment, and that no student feels that their ideas are unimportant or insignificant. We are all here to learn from one another.

*This is for a high school level.

Consequences If a student is late 3 times, I will have a chat with them to see what is going on. If they are late more than 5 times, they will make up for lost time after school.

If the action is minor: Student will be asked to stop disrespecting their peers. If the action is major: Student will be asked to leave the classroom and will be talked to. If the action escalates, I will contact parents and administration. If I see the beginning signs of criticism and disrespect amongst students, I will ask the students to stop disrupting my class. If students respect the others’ opinions, I will give them positive reinforcement (praise).

Classroom Rules  

Classroom rules

Classroom Rules  

Classroom rules