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Congratulations to all of our nominees! Thank you for engaging your students during your student teaching experience. Abby Regier

Elizabeth Collingsworth

Laura Simon

Alicia Zeeck

Emily Longe

Lauren Samek

Amanda Gehrke

Ethan Jones

Molly Moberg

Amy Sokoll

Jennifer Metcalf

Nicole Kinzer

Austin Herber

Jessica Peck

Rachael Burns

Ayesha Station

Jessica Tessin

Rebecca Peterson

Ben Steward

Julia Mason

Rilee Park

Brody Schaderer

Kathleen Ferrel

Ronee Smith

Cassondra Rolland

Kelli Houdesheldt

Royonna Bristol

Collin Mink

Kiersten Nelson

Stacey Muller

Cory Hagenau

Kimberly Wees

Tonya Peck

Crista Abold

Kylee Moore

Matt Winterboer

Undergraduate Major Honorees Honorees selected by departments in which they are majoring must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.33 and are selected on the basis of academic achievement in addition to their contributions to the university and the community. Jessica Peck—Elementary Education McKenzie Reilly—Elementary Education Carissa Seretta—Secondary Education Daniel Stokes—Secondary Education Elise Weaver—Secondary English/Special Education Stephanie Allen—Elementary Education Danielle Hoechner—Secondary Education Kelli Houdesheldt—Elementary Education Molly Negrete—Elementary Education Alexis Page—Speech Language Pathology

The University of Nebraska at Omaha is an equal opportunity educator and employer with a comprehensive plan for diversity.

Spring 2014 teacher candidate awards newsletter[1]  
Spring 2014 teacher candidate awards newsletter[1]