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Mind reading- The recenT pursuiT of scienTisTs and biological engineers Stepping further into the world of research, scientific minds are now showing profound interest in reading the minds of human beings and all other animals. Though mind reading isn’t a new concept, but still there hasn’t been enough research on this. No doubt why scientists consider this to be still in infancy!

Recently the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Pentagon’s advanced research arm has planned to bring up futuristic technologies for understanding and reading the minds of people. The institute has recently

declared this year’s grant program in 18 potential subjects. The objective is to produce the next generation of scientists and engineers who will focus on DoD and on National Security Issues.

Neural sensing brain machine interface, studying human personality over twitter, building silicon brain, fusion concepts for clean energy source, development of materials and methods for modifying and modulating the psychology of human are some of the newest ventures. please contact us: Miriam G. Milashut, Manager Email: Website :

Phone: 416-845-4959

Mindreader Toronto  

If you think you’ve seen mind-reading before, you’re in for a mental surprise. Haim Goldenberg’ is the best mindreader in toronto which show...

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