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Real-Life Mentalist and Entertainer Haim Goldenberg took his first dip into the waters of mental experimentation when he was only six years old – and has never looked back. Creating and perfecting his own original skills for many years, today Goldenberg is known internationally for combining the intensity of mentalism with his trademark easygoing humor and charm.

Goldenberg is considered to be one of the major authorities on the subject of the human mind and is highly regarded by fellow mentalists. He travels around the world lecturing other professional mentalists, consulting and teaching new techniques in this field. Goldenberg doesn’t claim to possess supernatural or psychic powers; he claims that the powers that he uses are the same powers that are inside each and every one of us – we simply need to believe and trust in them!

Haim Goldenberg’s show GoldMind had inspired amazed and entertained viewers all over Canada. In 2009 it has received the highest recognition it could hope for and was nominated for two Gemini Awards. Goldenberg is currently working on a new show. please contact us: Miriam G. Milashut, Manager Email: Website : Phone: 416-845-4959

Mindreader Toronto  

If you think you’ve seen mind-reading before, you’re in for a mental surprise. Haim Goldenberg’ is the best mindreader in toronto which show...