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NAME Danielle Childress


DATE 10/07/11

Graphic Organizer What If? Chart

What If? (Cause)

1. What if

Possible Effects They would not have gotten away with the murders because of the high knowledge today in technology.

What if the murders by Macbeth were investigated by the cast of

2. What if What if the characters from CSI and Macbeth were to meet each other?

3. What if What if the key words/phrases in the JFK speech were connected to

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If that was to happen It would be a weird situation because the characters from Macbeth talked in such away that the characters from CSI would not understand.

If the words/phrases in JFK and Macbeth were connected the things that went on in Macbech would not have happened. Some things such as the murders may have happened but the deaths may have.

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what if  

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