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6 word memoir -The key to being free is riding. -To be free live it up. -Being shy gives you more time. -Just keep your head up strong. -Shy girls are more crazy inside -Take risk with the road passing. -Follow the road with no regrets.

What is your full name? dad: Steven Daniel Bunton mom:Jennifer Leigh Lobdell Why did your parents select this name for you? dad:looked like a steven mom:cause it started with J Did you have a nickname? dad:none mom:Red When and where were you born? dad: 3/17/1972 Germany mom:5/26/1973 Saint Lukes Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri How did your family come to live here? dad: cause roger was born and rise mom:Parents grew up in Kansas City Were there other family members in the area? Who? dad:yes, uncles, aunt, grandparents mom:Yes, grandparents What was the house (apartment, farm, etc.) like? dad: house, it was tiny til remodeling it. mom:house, it had 3 bedrooms and we made another in basement Were there any special items in the house that you remember? dad:front porch mom:nothing What is your earliest childhood memory? dad:3 year run away mom:at 7 or 8 my dad tried to teach me to learn to ride a bike Describe the personalities of your family members. dad:his mom-very loving his dad-hard worker Jeff-doesn’t take anything with someone tammy-smart but also dumb mom:my mom self centered, my dad the peacekeeper and provider, jerry the quiet one, jay the odd one, judy the smart one, jill smart and quiet, nicki the younger child syndrom What school activities and sports did you participate in? dad:none mom:none hung out with friends

What was your religion growing up? What church, if any, did you attend? dad:bapitst, Copeland mom:jewish Were you ever mentioned in a newspaper? dad:yes mom:no What world events had the most impact on you while you were growing up? dad: space shuttle mom:space shuttle Did any of them personally affect your family? dad:no mom:no Did your family have special traditions? dad: saying grace visit grandparents at the same time every year mom:eat together, going to grandmas Have any recipes been passed down to you from family members? dad: 3 recipes pickles mom:1 thanksgiving stuffing How did you find out your were going to be a parent for the first time? dad: She told him mom:went to doctor for allergies and got a pregnancy test too Why did you choose your children's names? dad:cause I wanted too mom:named them after family members

Texas is on a different one and so is the personal essay.

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-Just keep your head up strong. -Shy girls are more crazy inside -Take risk with the road passing. -Follow the road with no regrets. -The ke...