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Montessori School Location: Material:

Pulaski, VA

Wood panel on steed stud


175,000 sq. ft.

A theatre/studio space located at the base of the site opens up to the garden, which also serves as seating for outdoor lessons and performances.

Three overlapping classrooms open into terraced garden areas for play and learning. The theme of excavating into the site is expressed through embedded arches and recesses into the walls and ground.

Low gabion walls snake around the site, at times penetrating the interior of the building.

Emeritus Library

for Virginia Tech


Blacksburg, VA


steel and stone


Dimensions: 43,200 sq. ft.

A mixed-use building with library, art gallery, and two residential apartments for visiting scholars. Rooms organized on a plinth preserve a major pedestrian walkway and main entrance to the campus from town.

An octagonal glass dome introduces an architectural type not yet present on campus. Windows in the apartments overlook the library’s central reading room and provide a connection to the academic heart of the university.

<------- campus

town ------->

M a s t e r ’s Th e s i s


Material: concrete Dimensions: 140,000 sq. ft.



A place for solitude inspired by Roman imperial architecture

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