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Danielle Allyn and Jack Witty’s Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015


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Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015

Table of Contents Our Vision……………...……………………………………………………………………………….….…….3 Executive Summary……………………………………………………………………….…………......….5 Organizational Structure……………………………………………………………………..……..…..10 ! Executive Branch..……………………………………………………………………………..….10 ! Co-Presidents………………………………………….………………………………………..…..11 ! Outreach…………………………………………………………………………………………...…..12 ! Development………………..……………………………………………………………….…..…..13 ! Membership……………….………………………………………………………………….………14 ! Finance…………………………………………………………………………………………….….…15 ! Communications………..……………………………………………………………………..…...15 ! Administration……………..…………………………………………………………………..…...16 ! Evaluations…………………..…………………………………………………………………….….16 ! FMALS……………………….…………………………………………………………………………..17 ! Committees………….………………………………………………………………………………..18 ! Cabinet…………………...……………………………………………………………………………..18 ! Campaigns………………………………………………………………………………………...…..19 ! Staff……………………………..………………………………………………………….…….…..…..19 ! Advisory Board….……………………………………………………………………..……...…....20 ! Programs……………………...………………………………………………………….….…….......21 • CUBE………………………………………………………………………………….…...…..21 • Bonner Leaders……………….……………………………………………...……....….21 • Global Programming.……………………………………………………..….………..21

“Our vision of the Campus Y is one which is accessible to all and which empowers all to act.” ! 2!

Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015







“My long term goal is to become the President of Uganda so that I can serve my country wisely” (Elijah Were, 23, Ugandan University student). I had the opportunity to get to know Elijah while interning with a community-based organization through Advocates for Grassroots Development in Uganda (AGRADU). Though ostensibly no different from the average student here at UNC (he was especially fond of TV’s Lost and American hip-hop music), Elijah lost his mother to HIV/AIDS at the age of 5 and spent most of his childhood in an orphanage. Elijah’s dreams and his passion, however, are powerful. In collecting narratives from Elijah and his peers at New Hope Orphanage, it was my dream to harness this power; to lend voice to a collection of stories demanding an audience. My experience in the Campus Y, both as co-chair of AGRADU and as a member of the Executive Board, is one that mirrors this concept. The Campus Y is a beautiful compilation of student compassion, talent, and will, and the Y as an institution exists to empower its students to leverage this fusion in an effort to drive lasting social change. The Campus Y has empowered me to look outside myself, allowing me to translate my passion into action. My vision for the Campus Y is one that not only challenges students to think critically about social issues, but also empowers them to impact their communities in ways that are meaningful, reciprocal, and durable. Working with people with disabilities has been a huge part of my life ever since high school. I knew when I arrived at UNC, fresh off the plane from England, I wanted to continue to work with people with disabilities and advocate for disability rights. It took no time at all for me to find Best Buddies at FallFest my freshman year, and from that moment on I was a part of the Y and have not looked back since. I have been buddies with Patrick, for three years now, and I have absolutely loved it! The relationship we share is not dissimilar to one I would have with any other friend, which is why I believe Best Buddies and the Y more generally are so special – they each emphasise importance of looking past the exterior and working towards something far more meaningful.



Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 During my time with Best Buddies the Y has created the platform that we needed to grow and expand. We have been able to pair more students with more members of the community who have developmental and learning disabilities, and we have also been able to create a Disability Awareness subcommittee that seeks to advocate for disability rights on the wider UNC campus – the YFund has been instrumental in our success so far. The ability to flourish should not be restricted to the privileged few, but rather made available and accessible to all. Danielle and I want to make accessibility a cornerstone of the Y. All committees need to have resources made available to them that help further their individual missions. Members should feel connected to each other and have the confidence to come together to exchange ideas, for this is where we believe true social innovation occurs. Just as importantly, the knowledge and resources that the Y possesses should be accessible to ALL Tar Heels who seek social justice. By broadening our accessibility, we can through pluralism, continue to work towards a more socially just world.

As you read our platform, you may notice a few “irregularities” with regards to spelling: for instance, “check” versus “cheque” or “organization” versus “organisation.” However, we can assure you that this is not due to a lack of sleep nor an absence of English language proficiency on our part, but rather the international nature of our campaign. Jack is an international student from Chalfont St. Giles, England, whilst Danielle simply defines herself as “American,” given that she spent her first eighteen years in six different states. Although our individual stories are distinct, our shared story comes as a testament to the success of the Y’s point-person system, with Danielle being the leader of Jack’s point group. Over the past few months we have developed a shared vision for the future of the Y that centres around two key concepts: accessibility and empowerment. We spoke with a multitude of people from within the Y as we began to formulate our platform, and we found that these ideals resonated across diverse facets of the Y. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our 2014-2015 vision for the Campus Y and we hope you enjoy reading our platform. This is why we do what we do.



Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015

Executive Summary



Partner with external organizations that share similar values.

Allocate a portion of the Yfund for a “Matching Funds” grant to supplement committee fundraising. Pioneer the Committee Collaboration (CC) Fund to encourage committees to work together in planning events. Assess the transportation needs of Y committees and respond with a transportation stipend. Devote at least one Cabinet meeting per month to skills workshops hosted by external experts. Host “Membership Challenges” once each semester and allow committees to retain 50% of dues raised. Work with Campus Y alumni to create a career and internship database.

Host public events in diverse locations across campus. Host a “theme week” open house in the spring to connect new members with specific social justice issues. Expand social media outreach to include more frequent blog updates and video profiles. Install a running news banner in the Union to disseminate social justice news across campus. Engage more effectively with current events and issues of local and international significance. Enhance the visibility of all leaders within the Y. Ensure that the public face of the Campus Y is comprised of more than just the Co-Presidents. Invite first-year members to coffee times with the Co-Presidents.

Create a Global Council tasked with supporting Gap Year Fellows and international committees. Refine the 2014-2015 budget to maximize the social impact of our money. Hire a community organizer inresidence.

Publicize upcoming events through photo contests on Facebook and Twitter. Increase the overall transparency of the Y by publishing our budget, all meeting minutes, and successful Yfund applications.


Initiate a “Y Vote?” voter registration campaign.


Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 1. Provide a platform for ALL students to take an interest in social justice.

Our vision of the Y centres around accessibility and empowerment - we want to ensure that all students at UNC have the opportunity to see and experience the work that the Y and its various committees carry out. The Y should ignite the passion of Tar Heels concerned with social justice, and help them forge a path towards meaningful action. It all comes down to that initial spark. The Y can play pivotal role in catalyzing this process by: ! Increasing public events across campus: " Hosting one “big name” speaker per semester " Installing a running news banner in the Union or another suitable location, to show a live stream of social justice news at UNC and outside. " Carnaval style “Social Justice Fest” in the Pit. " Improving event accessibility for students with disabilities. ! Expanding the use of the Campus Y blog to include a bi-weekly discussion of social justice current events. ! Expanding social media outreach: " Creating video profiles of committees/members. " Producing video rundowns of the Y’s achievements each month. " Regularly updating Facebook/Twitter. 2. Unity from diversity

For over 150 years, the Y has served as a haven for pluralism, a space in which diverse approaches come together in pursuit of a shared vision - that of a more socially just world. With over 30 committees, each centered on a different social justice issue, the Y is a place in which a broad coalition of students may come together under the ideals of activism, community engagement, and sustainable social change. It is our hope that the Campus Y will serve as an institution in which a diverse and inclusive culture arises organically. Our vision of the Y is one which recognizes and celebrates the inherent diversity and unity in the organization, seeking to preserve the Y both as a space for diverse exchange and as a unified collective body. ! During Fall Retreat create a unified “vision, mission and strategy” for the upcoming year and an annual “theme.” ! Create a membership Committee Collaboration (CC) Fund; allocating a portion of the Y’s Membership budget to establish a collaboration grant to fund events hosted by multiple committees. ! Allow the first 5 minutes of every cabinet meeting to serve as an explicit forum for committee updates, featuring 3 committees per meeting. 3. Leverage Y resources to empower committees to carry out their individual missions.



Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 The Campus Y is the heart of social activism at Carolina, and at the heart of the Y are its 30 committees. The Campus Y’s chief mission with regard to its committees is translating passion into action. As such, the Y as an institution must remain committed to addressing the needs of its committees and members by providing financial and logistical support as well as by facilitating capacity-building initiatives. In practice, this means refining the implementation of current initiatives, making current resources more accessible, and adapting to the evolving needs of members by developing new programs of support. We will: ! Make funding opportunities easily accessible and application requirements easily understood. " Create a concise section of the Y’s website dedicated to providing information on internal and external funding opportunities. " Publicising (via blog/Facebook page) successful Y-Fund initiatives after each YFund deadline in an effort to improve transparency. ! Address transportation concerns by offering a transportation stipend, with the initial focus on local transportation needs. ! Devote a significant portion of one Cabinet meeting per month to holding skills workshops hosted by experts in various fields such as One Act, DMA, Interactive Theatre Carolina, members of the Y Advisory Board, local politicians (i.e. mayor of CH/Carrboro, Mayor Kleinschmidt of CH, Mayor Lavelle of Carrboro and former Senator Kinnaird). ! Work with the Global Programs coordinator to more effectively meet the needs of internationally-focused committees. ! Increase the presence of community partners in the Y: " Invite community partners to Y events. " Release a monthly blog post profiling a different community partner/ organization each month. 4. Create a culture of community and cooperation.

We believe that the Y, and the ideals that it represents, are far larger than any one individual. By providing a framework for passionate student activists to unite in an effort to drive lasting social change, the Y truly does change its members as they strive to change the world. Community, however, is an ideal that must be cultivated, and to this end we seek to develop Y programs that bear this ideal in mind. ! Streamline Retreat to allow maximum time for conveying logistical information and bonding between co-chairs. ! Reserve one cabinet meeting per semester for retreat-style co-chair bonding. ! Encouraging post-Cabinet trips to Ben & Jerry’s or YOPO. ! Expanding the scope of membership events to include things like football tailgates or basketball viewing parties, while simultaneously building on existing events such as “Sharing Stories”. We will cater events to a diverse array of audiences.



Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 ! Build on the foundation set by the point person system to link members/committees to the Y as a whole. 5. Celebrate the Campus Y’s vision of a more socially just world - both inside and outside the Y.

The University of North Carolina is home to an incredible array of diversity, with students coming from all walks of life, each bringing a wealth of experience and passion to a diverse range of topics both inside and outside the classroom. For over 150 years the Y has sought to position itself as the centre for social justice at UNC, with each generation of Y members striving to create lasting social change. We want the Y to go beyond its traditional scope, and actively seek collaboration and partnerships with other organisations on campus who have a similar vision and mission. Not only will this union of resources and talent help all organisations involved achieve their shared goals of a more socially just world, while also solidifying the Y’ position as the centre for social justice at UNC. ! Seek collaboration with other large organisations on campus such as the Centre for Public Service, Relay for Life, Dance Marathon and Greek life. ! Create open lines of communication between the Y and cultural organisations on campus. ! Publicise the availability of Y space to external organisations. ! Transform the first-floor space to better visually convey the Y’s mission and values in an effort to attract new members. ! Invite campus leaders once per semester for a roundtable social justice discussion. 6. Solidify the Y’s position as the home for social justice at UNC.

The Y has made tremendous strides in becoming the home for social justice here at UNC, however, like with most things more can always be done and we must never rest on our laurels. Former UNC system president Bill Friday described the Campus Y as “the conscience of the university.” Bearing this in mind, we seek to continue the Y’s long standing legacy of activism relating to issues of local, national, and international significance. The Y must continue to actively recruit new members and ensure that committees have the resources they need to succeed (see Goal 3). The Y must also maintain its reputation as a space where any and all students can feel comfortable and at ease, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, race or any other inherent characteristic. Going beyond the Campus Y building itself, we want the Y to take steps to cement its position on campus more generally, primarily by reaching out to campus administrators and working more closely with Student Congress to achieve shared goals relating to social justice. ! Continue to make the Y as welcoming as possible to ALL students. ! Continue to actively encourage new Y membership through open houses and public events. " Host a series of smaller, more frequent, themed open houses (i.e. Hunger and Homelessness, International Development, etc.) to generate interest in various social justice initiatives ! Take steps to ensure that UNC administrators make social justice a university priority. !


Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 " "

Maintain open lines of communication with administrators Secure facetime with Chancellor Folt and other relevant administrators to discuss campus issues relating to social justice. ! Continue the Y’s 150 year legacy of engagement with critical local, state, national, and international issues. " Frame issues in such a way so as to make them relatable to all students. ! Forge a meaningful relationship with both Student Government and Student Congress. " Organise routine rather than ad hoc meetings with each institution.

Y Structure

Executive Board


Advisory Board




Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015

Organisational Structure 1. Executive branch The Executive board is a cohesive body of students united in pursuit of the Y’s overarching goals. Our executive board will consist of 15 members. A group of this size affords the Board the capacity to carry out larger Y goals as described in this platform, while also facilitating efficient meetings and task implementation. The Executive Board plays a crucial role in establishing and maintaining cooperative interaction within the Y, linking Y committees to its administrative components through the Point Person system. An effective Executive Board will draw upon the diverse skill sets of its members to enhance the functioning of Y committees and the Y as a whole.

Executive Branch

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Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 ! Select Executive Board members using a written application followed by a skillsbased interview. ! Clearly define the responsibilities of each Executive Board member and disseminate this information to Cabinet. " Clearly convey the responsibilities of each position. " Use retreat as a forum to introduce Cabinet members to the Executive Board. " Expand Cabinet access to the Executive Board by allowing one Executive Board member to speak briefly at each Cabinet meeting. ! Work with each Executive Board member to develop year-long plan for their respective position. " Integrate each plan to develop a comprehensive calendar for the Y. ! Emphasise that the Executive Board exists primarily as a resource for the rest of the Y. " Maintain open lines of communication between the Executive Board and Cabinet via the point person system. " Require each Executive Board position to hold weekly office hours. " Actively encourage Executive Board members to reach out to committees to gauge whether they need any assistance. " Ensure that each Executive Board member reviews his or her goals preiodically so as to coordinate these goals with the current needs of the Campus Y and its members. ! Hold efficient, 1 hour meetings on a weekly basis. " Clear, focused agendas released 24hrs prior to each meeting. " Seek agenda input from each executive board member. " Ensure that meeting agendas are responsive to current events in the Y. " Make meeting minutes public within 24 hours. " Include explicit action items at the end of each meeting, and clearly delegate these tasks to individual Executive Board members. ! Strive to build cohesion amongst members of the Executive Board by: " Holding regular social events outside of the Y. " Identifying areas of potential collaboration between different components of the Executive Board. " Hosting an Executive Board retreat in April. 2. Co-presidents Our task as Co-Presidents is to lead the Campus Y in pursuit of the goals stated in our platform. By doing so, we will mobilize the Y’s various components, as well as a diverse coalition of students, toward our vision of a more socially just world. As Co-Presidents we will continually strive toward the goals set forth in this platform, while also understanding that these goals should be fluid and responsive to the evolving needs of the Y and its members. ! Lead the Y in implementing goals and strategies stated in our Platform. " Implement through the three key channels; Exec, Cabinet and staff. !


Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 ! Be open, approachable and responsive to input from the Executive Board, committee co-chairs and all Y members. " During the course of the Fall semester host weekly luncheons with all co-chairs (2-3 committees each week). " Hold 2-on-1 meetings with Executive Board members once per semester. " Hold regular, well-publicized office hours in the Y. " Be physically present in the Y as often as possible. " Invite first-year members to monthly coffee times with the Campus Y copresidents. ! Act as ambassadors for the Campus Y and its mission when interacting with university administrators and other relevant stakeholders. " Secure regular meetings with Chancellor Folt and other UNC administrators; advocate social justice as a priority on the administrative agenda. " Invite Chancellor Folt and other UNC administrators to “An Evening with the Campus Y” to showcase what the Y and its committees do. " Increase the visibility of all Y leaders on Campus - as co-presidents, we do not wish to be the only public face of the Y. ! Stay abreast of news and developments in all components of the Campus Y, and disseminate this information to the Y as a whole. " Regular meetings with staff and leaders of the three Campus Y programs. " Disseminate relevant information via Cabinet meetings and social media outlets. ! Work towards establishing relationships with social justice centers at other local universities. " Reach out to the Duke Human Rights Center to gauge interest on future collaboration. " Identify relevant social justice institutions at other local universities. 3. Outreach Coalition-building is unparalleled as a tool for mobilization. While working to solidify the Y as Carolina’s home for social justice, we recognize that the Campus Y does not have a monopoly on social justice initiatives. To this end, we seek mutually beneficial partnerships with other social justice-minded student groups, faculty, and community leaders. A successful Outreach team must build upon existing partnerships while also developing relationships with groups previously underrepresented in the Campus Y. The Campus Y epitomizes pluralism in thought, approach, and practice, and our Outreach philosophy is the natural extension of these pluralistic values. ! Work with the communications team to more effectively publicize opportunities for collaboration to external organizations. " Make use of social media and develop a set of flyers to inform the UNC community of the potential for collaboration with the Y. " Send “thank you” letters to all partners at the end of each semester.



Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 ! Actively reach out to leaders in other campus organizations (cultural, Greek, etc.) to identify possible avenues for collaboration and to keep up-to-date with social justice initiatives outside the Y. " Check-ins twice per semester, once at the beginning and once in the middle. ! Initiate a “Y Vote” voter registration campaign. ! Establish a rubric for Campaigns to allow for objective decision-making on the part of the Outreach team. " Create a Campaigns rubric for Cabinet to facilitate informed decision-making during the Campaign voting process. ! Take steps to ensure that alumni remain connected to the Campus Y. " Work with co-presidents to send a monthly newsletter to both Y alumni and current Y members. • Highlight what the Y is currently doing. • Include a profile of co-presidents for a given year in each newsletter, as well as an update on where each co-president is today. " Invite local alumni to Campus Y events and look to emulate the success of “Throwback Thursday”. ! Develop a strong, committed Outreach Team capable of achieving the multitude of Outreach objectives. ! Look into the possibility of hiring a community organizer in-residence to provide consulting for committees and the Y as a whole. 4. Development One of the fundamental goals of the Executive Board is to maximize the potential of each Y committee, and Development Committee is the practical manifestation of this aim. DevCo for 2014-2015 will build upon recent growth by refining the organization of the YFund, as well as translating the Campus Y’s alumni network into a tangible resource for current Y members. The Development Committee will also assume a leading role in planning monthly skills workshops for Cabinet meetings, in consultation with Outreach and the Co-Presidents. ! Explore opportunities to expand the scope of the YFund to include not only seed funding and theme weeks, but also a “Matching Funds” grant to supplement committee fundraising. " Consult with Y Staff and the Advisory Board to determine the feasibility of diversifying the fund. " Explicitly state that committees may only apply for Matching Funds once per year. " Clearly articulate the expanded scope of the YFund to potential applicants. ! Diversify funding for the YFund to include more sustainable sources such as longterm partnerships. ! Provide a mechanism for successful YFund projects to share best practices with the Y as a whole. " Showcase successful projects (including photos) on an updated page of the Y website. !


Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 "

Allow successful projects from each YFund round to convey their experiences to co-chairs during a Cabinet meeting. ! Ensure DevCo remains a strong and dynamic committee under the direction of the two Directors of Development. " Encourage members with Campus Y committee and community experience to apply for positions on the Development committee ! Expand alumni networking opportunities and better connect alumni to the Y. " Investigate the possibility of creating a career and internship database for current Y members, in consultation with Campus Y Alumni. 5. Membership The Campus Y has around 2,000 student members each year. The Y is not only Carolina’s home for social justice; it is also the symbolic home for many students. Our vision for the Membership position is one that builds a spirit of camaraderie between Y members, makes all students feel welcome, and invites all students to participate in advancing social change. While community and diversity are ostensibly irreconcilable goals, we believe that an effective Membership campaign will build both an accessible and a unified Campus Y. ! Organise membership events that appeal to a wide range of prospective Y-members. " Host two open houses: one large, Y-wide open house in the fall semester and a theme-week style open house in the spring semester, showcasing a small group of committees each night for a week. • Stress the importance of committees taking ownership of themed nights. " Host an outdoor open house on South Campus. " Devise strategies aimed at attracting international students to the Campus Y. ! Tailor new-member outreach programs to ensure that prospective members are linked to committees that align with their individual interests. " “Sorting Hat” stall at FallFest to offer a personalised committee recommendation to prospective members. ! Foster a strong sense of community within the Y. " Plan regular mixers between Y committees. " Seek input via a Google Form from committee co-chairs when planning membership events. " Seek external collaboration where possible e.g. Greek or cultural organisations. ! Ensure that all members feel like they have a stake in the Y as a whole. " Encourage Executive board members to attend committee meetings and provide updates on the larger Y. " Expand use of social media “contests” (e.g. photo contests, Twitter, etc.) to spark involvement and discussion among Y members. " Condense Y weekly email update. ! Increase the number of officially registered Y members. " Hold “membership challenges” once per semester, where committees receive 50% of dues raised.



Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 6. Finance The Director of Finance leads the Campus Y in an effort to promote fiscal responsibility. We seek to invest our money efficiently and effectively to maximize social impact and minimize unnecessary expenditures. The Director of Finance will develop an annual budget for the Campus Y and lead the Executive Board in achieving Y-wide goals under the constraint of finite financial resources. The Director of Finance will continually evaluate outgoing transactions, refine budget projections, and aid committees in overcoming their own financial challenges. ! Succinctly explain cheque requests, deposit slips and Y financing. " Discuss during Fall Retreat “Scavenger Hunt” and information sessions. " Develop and distribute a concise 1-page “how-to” worksheet for submitting cheque requests and deposit slips. " Publish and advertise the Y’s projected budget for the year (including outgoing transactions) on the Y website. ! Promote fiscal responsibility amongst committees and programs. " Ensure that the Executive Board understands the Y’s financial protocols, resources and limitations. " Email monthly budget reports to each committee. " Require committees to submit budgets at the beginning of each semester. ! Develop a Y budget for 2014-2015. " Evaluate current levels of spending and refine our budget to achieve maximum social impact. 7. Communications The Communications team plays an integral role in broadcasting the mission, vision, and values of the Campus Y to the university community. The Directors of Communications lead the Communications team in conveying information about the Y electronically (via email updates, the Y website, etc.) and in print (i.e., through flyers). In 2014-2015 the Communications team will expand and refine Y engagement with social media and current events. The Directors of Communications will ensure that Y messaging and publicity campaigns are both engaging and uniform. The Communications team will market the Y in a manner that simplifies its structure and sparks interest among prospective members. ! Enhance social media outreach via blog, news banner, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. " More frequent posts on each medium. " Host social media “contests” in preparation for each major event " Bi-weekly blog posts about current events and social justice. " Routine video profiles of select committees featured on the Y Facebook page. ! Explore other hosting options for the Y website to facilitate an enhanced online presence. ! Stay up to date on current events relating to social justice for the purposes of blog updates and the maintenance of a Y “news banner.” !


Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 ! Heavily publicise and market the Communications Team as a resource for committees to use. " Advertise completed flyers on the Y Facebook page to encourage other committees to utilize the Communications Team. " Create and distribute summary worksheets detailing what the Communications Team can do for committees. ! Work with the Outreach Team to enhance the Y’s presence on campus. " Distribute flyers for individual committees around campus, building on the “Did You Know” campaign. " Maintain lines of communication with the DTH regarding major events and updates in the Y. " Work with a photographer to better document Y-wide and committee events for marketing purposes; develop a photo campaign for the Y. ! Promptly update physical space in the Y and the Y website to reflect changes in the Y. " Update Cabinet retreat photographs in a timely manner. " Redesign the first floor space to include a weekly bulletin board, whilst establishing an inviting environment for new members. ! Train each member of the Communications team using the Campus Y Style Guide to ensure a unified communications presence for the Y. ! Create a large-scale, interactive timeline to showcase Y history. 8. Administration The Director of Administration is tasked with ensuring that the Y operates in an organised and fluid manner, maximising efficiency wherever possible. The Director of Administration is in charge of recording and distributing minutes and action items from meetings, as well as actively making sure that committees have access to the physical Y resources that they need to achieve their goals. ! Update supplies in the Y workroom to respond to the needs of Cabinet members. " Conduct a survey during a Cabinet meeting early in the Fall Semester. ! Better publicise the technological resources available in the Y and streamline checkout (cameras, speakers, projectors etc.) ! Effectively monitor attendance at Cabinet meetings and follow-up with absent committees. " Send absent emails within twenty-four hours. ! Take minutes at each Executive Board and Cabinet meeting; make these minutes public within twenty-four hours. ! Continue to maximize sustainability across all facets of the Campus Y. " Develop a one-page sheet containing sustainability tips for committee events. 9. Evaluations The Director of Evaluations plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between Y committees and the Executive Board. Evaluations creates a regular line of communication that ensures !


Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 that committees are getting the most out of the Y and that the Y is helping them overcome individual and collective challenges. When obstacles arise, the Director of Evaluations should work to devise solutions in consultation with the relevant stakeholders. By fulfilling the roles specified above, Evaluations helps maximise the ability of the Y to provide the right resources and for committees to achieve their goals. ! Be responsive to challenges within committees and tailor support and solutions to each individual committee. " Make use of Google forms and surveys ! Direct committees to other components of the Executive Board as necessary to address challenges. ! Lead and monitor the point person system. " Compile data from monthly questionnaires to address needs within committees. ! Verify that Executive Board members are meeting regularly with their point committees. ! Release a report each semester detailing the Y’s biggest successes and challenges. " Make this report public via the Y Website/Facebook page. ! Assist committees in leadership development " Host a leadership and leadership transition workshop during the Spring Semester. " Institutionalize a system for mid-year or unexpected co-chair transition. 10. FMALs The two First-Year Members at Large (FMALs) each offer a unique viewpoint on the Executive Board, given they bring with them “fresh eyes” and a fresh perspective when it comes to working inside the Y. The FMALs will play an important role in organising Y events targeted primarily at first-years, and will work closely with the Directors of Membership. A major responsibility of the FMALs is planning a sponsored Martin Luther King Jr. Week, which is an opportunity for them to get creative and take on a key leadership role within the Y. ! Publicize the FMAL position to diverse audiences across campus. " Make the FMAL application form available to students at CTOPS, Carolina Kickoff, FallFest, and our Fall Open House. ! Provide a bridge for first-year students to join the social justice movement. " Build relationships with first-year students in other student organizations. " Pitch the Y to large lecture hall classes that first-years typically take. " Develop a blog specifically for FMALS to chronicle the FMAL experience. ! Plan and fundraise for an FMAL MLK week event. ! Take a lead role in planning other Campus Y events including Open Houses and speaker events. ! Work to integrate interested Global Gap Year Fellows into Campus Y committees.



Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 " "

Attend Global Gap Year Fellows meetings and use working knowledge of Campus Y committees to serve as ambassadors for the Y. Invite Fellows to Cabinet meetings to share their global experiences.

11. Committees Committees are the life-blood of the Y, accounting for the majority of Y members as well as providing a crucial link between the Y and the world we seek to impact. Given the diversity of committees, it is important that each individual committee is given the resources and the attention they need to succeed. This can best be achieved if committees have a clear sense of where they want to go and what goals they want to accomplish. To supplement this, the Y needs to be accessible to all committees and their members. The Y should be viewed as a welcoming, community-building space that provides a launching platform for meaningful social activism and collaboration to take place. ! Strengthen connections between committees and the Y as a whole. " Encourage committees to use Y space and resources for meetings and events. " Encourage committees to use the Y logo during marketing campaigns. " Ensure Y events are well publicised amongst ALL committee members. ! Encourage committees to set goals for the year and establish strategies to achieve these goals. " Include a goal-setting session at fall retreat. " Refer back to these goals regularly throughout the year. ! Seek out other social justice groups on campus and encourage new organizations to apply to be part of the Y. " Create a rubric to use when voting on prospective committees. 12. Cabinet Cabinet is comprised of the leaders of the 30 committees that call the Y home. All of the most important decisions that the Y has to make are brought before Cabinet to be discussed. Ultimately, Cabinet has the final word. As co-presidents, we seek to make Cabinet meetings as efficient and focused as possible, honing in on important Y-wide goals as well as providing tangible lessons and insights (via workshops and guest speakers). Administrative business should be limited. Co-chairs represent their members, serving as a vital link between members and the Y. Furthermore, it is our belief that the better the cohesion and sense of community between co-chairs, the better the sense of community between all Y members. ! Design Cabinet meetings with the purpose of maximizing benefit to co-chairs. " Invite community leaders to speak at Cabinet meetings. " Host workshops intended to develop tangible skills for co-chairs. " Post agendas twenty-four hours in advance and publish minutes within twentyfour hours of the meeting. " Limit administrative business during Cabinet meetings. ! Identify and tackle Y wide goals established at Fall Retreat. !


Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 " Dedicate time for committees to share successes/failures. ! Increase the presence of Y programs at Cabinet meetings. 13. Campaigns Campaigns are a relatively new initiative and have further augmented the Y’s goal of achieving social justice through a pluralistic approach. Campaigns are larger initiatives that originate from a whole host of campus organisations. The past year of Campaigns has seen much success, largely as a result of the Outreach Team being given the autonomy to determine which Campaigns are brought before Cabinet. The Outreach team has the ability to build a closer working relationship with Campaign organisers, meaning a more effective allocation and mobilisation of Y resources. Raising awareness for campaigns amongst Y membership remains a challenge. To this end, we seek to enhance and streamline campaign publicity by stressing the key points of each campaign. ! Continue to provide the Outreach Team with the autonomy they need to manage and vet Campaigns. " Create a rubric for the Outreach team to use when vetting campaigns. " Allocate a portion of the Outreach annual budget specifically to support Campaigns. " Encourage campaign leaders to meet regularly with the Outreach team. ! Ensure that Cabinet members are well informed before voting on campaigns. " Allow campaign leaders to host a brief discussion/Q&A during a Cabinet meeting, followed by a Cabinet-wide vote at the following meeting. ! Have Campaign leaders give regular updates at Cabinet meetings on their progress. " Require campaign leaders to refer back to stated goals and track progress toward achieving these goals in collaboration with the Outreach Team. ! Mobilise support for Campaigns not just at the Executive and Cabinet level, but through the Y membership more generally. " Require campaign leaders to develop three substantive talking points to disseminate to Cabinet members and their committees. " Require campaign leaders to develop a concrete list of “next steps” for Y members who wish to become more involved. " Encourage campaign leaders to devise powerful, public campaign events to galvanize support for the campaign. ! Work with campaign leaders to identify areas of collaboration with external organizations. 14. Staff Our Staff are the backbone of the Campus Y. Given the wealth of experience of Y Staff, we want to increase their visibility, inviting them to speak at Cabinet and at other Y events. It is important for members to know that staff and students are working towards shared goals. The Campus Y Staff is comprised of a Director and Assistant Director, coordinators for each of the Y’s three programs, a communications consultant, and office staff. In 2014-2015



Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 Y Staff will continue to serve as an invaluable resource for the Y, offering counsel when needed as well as being a central component of Y decision-making. ! Ensure that the student-led and staff-led components of the Y complement one another in working toward the shared goals of the Campus Y. " Refer to larger Y goals during meetings between Staff and Co-Presidents. " Maintain communication channels between Y committees and staff. ! Increase the visibility of Y staff among Campus Y committees. " Invite Y staff to Campus Y events and to speak at Cabinet meetings. ! Consult and involve Y staff when making decisions that affect the future of the Campus Y. ! Serve as a bridge between Y committees and Y programs. " Identify areas of potential collaboration between programs and Y committees. " Effectively communicate current Y-wide initiatives and events to Campus Y programs. ! Offer counsel to students on possible careers in the field of social justice. " Resume and career development workshops with staff. 15. Advisory Board The Advisory Board serves as an important resource when devising new strategies and moving the Y forward. Comprised of Y alumni, staff, and the incumbent co-presidents, the Advisory Board is able to form a high-level vision for the Y and ensure that it continues to expand in the right directions. ! Ensure that the Advisory Board works closely with co-presidents, the Executive Board and staff in order to establish and execute a coherent vision for the Y. ! Host a networking event with the Advisory Board at the end of the fall semester. ! Work with the Development team to design workshops for Cabinet that utilize the skills of Advisory Board members.

Programs Bonner Leaders


Global Programming 20!


Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 16.


! CUBE # CUBE is the Campus Y’s incubator for social innovation, bringing to market exciting social justice initiatives that have been developed by students. CUBE has expanded tremendously since its inception, both in terms of financial backing but also in terms of the initiatives it has produced. We see this expansion continuing and most likely accelerating. As co-presidents, we would seek to better integrate CUBE with the Y, particularly with committees that have a shared goal or vision. The sharing of ideas is also paramount - this can come in the form of CUBE leaders attending Cabinet meetings or through designated “open houses� specifically for CUBE initiatives to be showcased. " Provide a platform for CUBE entrepreneurs to showcase their initiatives and companies to the Y and the university community. " Invite CUBE entrepreneurs and teams to share practical skills with the Y as a whole. " Connect CUBE initiatives to committees with shared needs or goals. " Continue to develop plans for a local, sustainable cafe and performance venue in the basement of the Campus Y (Y Local). ! Bonners # The Bonner Leaders program at the Campus Y has grown significantly in its first three years and currently supports students working with twelve organizations in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro community. There are numerous intersections between Bonner Leader partnerships and Campus Y committees, which we view as opportunities for Bonners and committee members to work together and learn from one another. Bonner Leaders develop long-term partnerships with local communities, gaining skills and insights that should inform much of the work that we do within the Y. " Continue to integrate Bonner Leaders into the Y. " Encourage Bonner Leaders to assume leadership positions in Cabinet. " Plan a forum for Bonners and committees to discuss and evaluate community engagement and impact with their community partners. " Make DevCo resources, such as workshops and the YFund, more accessible to Bonner Leaders. ! Gap Year Fellows and Global Programming # Over the past decade, the Campus Y has witnessed an exponential increase in its global programming. In a world in which geographic barriers are becoming less and less relevant, it is necessary that the Campus Y embrace the responsibilities associated with global citizenship. As Co-Presidents we recognize that globally-focused committees and programs face a unique set of challenges. To confront these challenges, we envision a comprehensive support system for internationally-minded Y members; one that facilitates horizontal partnerships, community empowerment, and reciprocal exchange.



Danielle and Jack Co-President Platform 2014 - 2015 " " " "


Explore the feasibility of creating a “Global Council� tasked with supporting Global Gap Years and international committees. Link Fellows to committees that have a global focus in order to create synergies and share resources. Provide a platform for Fellows to share their global experiences with the Y, either at a Cabinet meeting or an external event. Provide support, including a mini-workshop series, to global committees as they prepare to send students abroad.


Thank You Thank you for taking the time to read our platform. We hope you found it interesting and stimulating to read as well as useful when thinking about the future of this great institution. We recognize that our own understanding of the Campus Y is finite and, to this end, would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who have contributed insight to this endeavor. We are extremely open to further input, questions and concerns, so please do not hesitate to reach out to either one of us - Danielle can be reached via email at or via phone at (910)-580-2865. Jack may be reached via email at or via phone at (919)-699-9663.



Danielle and Jack's Co-President Platform  

Our vision of the Campus Y is one that is accessible to all and empowers all to act.

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