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Vol L, Issue 17 Vol.Vol LI, Issue 21 LII, Issue 16

Student earns !"#$%&%'$"((%)*'+,$ Ireland comes to cabrini national award %--%.$"/%,&'$)+,$By Laura Hancq Asst. Sports Editor





ERG722@CABRINI.EDU awarded Shannon Fandler, an

English major and December Hundreds of  thousands  of  people  rallied  at  the  National  Mall  in  2010 graduate, second place Washington  D.C.  on  Sunday,  March  21  in  support  of  comprehensive  for a short work of fiction. immigration reform. Her story, “The Indian,” will !"#$%&'()'$(&*$+*),,*%)'-$%),-'-"&*()-&".*'/"*0*)1&*$+*'/"-(*2$3%'(-"&*$+* be published in a national 4-('/*),$%1&-."*'/"*5#"(-2)%*0*)1*-%*)*2($6.*'/)'*&'("'2/".*+$(*4,$27&8*9/"* bi-annual journal that has a :;)(2/*<$(*5#"(-2)=*(),,>*6)&*'/"*,)(1"&'*&-%2"*?@@A*)+'"(*-##-1()'-$%* circulation of about 20,000 ("+$(#*,"1-&,)'-$%*6)&*&/$'*.$6%*-%*?@@B8 people between colleges and <$3('""%* C)4(-%-* &'3."%'&* )%.* +)23,'>* #"#4"(&* 6"("* )#$%1* '/$&"* individuals. '/$3&)%.&8* D'3."%'&* +($#* E(>%* ;)6(* C$,,"1"F* G)&'"(%* H%-I"(&-'>* )%.* This is actually the second J-,,)%$I)*H%-I"(&-'>*)&*6",,*)&*$'/"(*$(1)%-K)'-$%&*+($#*'/"*)(")*6"("* year that Fandler has placed also present. in this particular publicaL)'>* <(-11,"MN$('$%* O("O)(".* '6$* 43&"&* '$* '()%&O$('* '/"&"* 1($3O&* tion. According to Dr. Seth !"##$%&'#"()*'+,-.."/%012.2 +($#* J-,,)%$I)* H%-I"(&-'>8* * N$('$%* -&* )%* )2'-I"* 2$%1("1)%'* )'* C"%'(),* Frechie, chair of the English Baptist Church in Wayne. department and mentor to :9/-&* -&* '/"* 4-11"&'* (),,>* $%* '/"* #),,* &-%2"* P4)#)* /)&* 4"2$#"* Fandler, it is not uncommon president,” Norton said to the group. for Cabrini students to be DO")7"(&* )'* '/"* (),,>* -%2,3.".* C)(.-%),* Q$1"(* ;)/$%>* +($#* R$&* acknowledged on a national 5%1","&*)%.*S"&&"*S)27&$%8*T("&-."%'*P4)#)*),&$*#)."*("#)(7&*'/($31/* scale. )*O("("2$(.".*I-."$')O".*#"&&)1"*I$-2-%1*/-&*&3OO$('*'$*'/"*2($6.8 “The department is very D'3."%'&*6"("*#$'-I)'".*'$*)''"%.*'/"*(),,>*+$(*)*%3#4"(*$+*.-++"("%'* proud of Shannon’s accom(")&$%&8*;$%-2)*E3(7"F*&"%-$(*G%1,-&/*)%.*2$##3%-2)'-$%*)%.*4-$,$1>* plishment,” Frechie said. “I #)U$(F* 4",-"I"&* '/"* 23(("%'* &>&'"#* -&* 4($7"%* )%.* 6)%'".* '$* &/$6* /"(* believe it speaks directly to support for an overhaul of immigration legislation. the kind of achievement the :V-'/$3'* W*X-%1* '/"* ,)6&* '/)'* )("* -%"++"2'-I"F* -##-1()'-$%* O($4,"#&* creative writing students at 2)%Y'*4"*&$,I".F=*E3(7"*&)-.8*:9/"*23(("%'*,)6&*#)7"*-'*-#O$&&-4,"*+$(*'/"* Cabrini are having in our re%3#4"(*$+*O"$O,"*6/$*6)%'*'$*2$#"*'$*5#"(-2)*'$*.$*&$*,"1),,>8= vised curriculum. This award 9/$&"*'/)'*#)(2/".*/",.*4>*&-1%&*'/)'*(").F*:GZ3),*'(")'#"%'*+$(*),,=* for Shannon is very imporand “No human can be illegal” at the rally. tant because it helps spread <()%2"&*[)(("'F*&$O/$#$("*&$2-),*6$(7*)%.*DO)%-&/*#)U$(*)'*G)&'"(%* the word that English stuH%-I"(&-'>F*6)&*3O,-+'".*4>*'/"*&/""(*%3#4"(*$+*O"$O,"*)'*'/"*(),,>8 dents accomplish extraordi:\'*6)&*("),,>*O$6"(+3,*'$*4"*-%*'/"*#-.&'*$+*&$*#)%>*O"$O,"*'/)'*6)%'* nary things.” change and have traveled so far to stand up for their rights,” Garrett said. Frechie, as well as Dr. 9/"* R)'-%$* 2$##3%-'>* +($#* V"&'* C/"&'"(* 6)&* ),&$* -%* )''"%.)%2"* Belfast, Ireland native and a current junior arms by students in what McColgan Michelle Filling, assistant By Sarah Luckert ),$%1&-."* C)4(-%-* &'3."%'&8* D(8* ;-#-* !"T)3,F* 2$$(.-%)'$(* $+* ]-&O)%-2* at Cabrini, can relate to this experience as describes as an “approachable and professor of English, both Photo Editor #-%-&'(>* $+* D'8* 51%"&* C/3(2/F* 6)%'".* '$* ()-&"* /"(* I$-2"* +$(* '/"* he transitions to the American liftersyle. friendly” manner. agree that while the departundocumented. “Cabrini College is a small school, it’s McColgan lives in the suburbs of ment is full of hard working Anyone could imagine how hard a good school,” McColgan said. “I enjoy Ireland with :9/"("Y&*4""%*)*,)(1"*]-&O)%-2*O("&"%2"*^-%*'/"*2$%1("1)'-$%_*&-%2"* his large family of seven students, Shannon is truly a it would be to leave a familiar and `aAbF=* !"T)3,* :b@*one O"(2"%'* )("* ;"X-2)%F* `@* O"(2"%'* )("* T3"('$* the classes that I take.” including his parents, three &)-.8* brothers, standout. This award comes comfortable area to explore something McColgan, like the previous students completely different. Matt McColgan, a STUDENT, page 5 from Ireland, was accepted with open !$##%&'()*+', ,3..%,45'#-,36)012.25#301$%*.377 AWARD, page 5

!"#$%&%' */01)&/* *2)"3',0/ 7-89(6-.&+,))1&32+ 5::5;+,-526&+(32+:& 56&<,.=56;-26>&!?$?>& +,5.(&:26(1&32+ ',6'(+&+(.(,+'= ,-&@A(),1&B2+&C53(D

Irish student adjusts to life at Cabrini College

sarah luckert / photo editor

!"#$%&"'()*%+,-(./0(123%4 INSIDE !"#$"%&'()(*+,-(. Cabrini partners with local community

+$(* R-+"* -%2,3.-%1* C)4(-%-* C/""(,").-%1F* C5T* E$)(.F*!",')*T/-*e-F*[""7*DZ3).F*9")#*5OO),)2/-)* and Instruction Supervisor By Danielle Alio )%.*J),,">*<$(1"*9($U)%&8 Patricia Demnisky. Managing Editor :\'Y&* %-2"* +$(* C5T* '$* &/$6* &3OO$('* +$(* The E$)(.* college’s new Jus9/"* !-X$%* C"%'"(* /$3&".* ?B?* O)('-2-O)%'&* %)'-$%),*2)3&"&*,-7"*'/-&F=*G#-,>*<-$("F*&$O/$#$("* tice Matters curriculum mogul brings $+*Business '/"* Q",)>* <$(* R-+"* 2)%2"(* 6),7* '$* 4"%"W *'*9/"* Hope. That &"2$%.)(>*".32)'-$%*)%.*G%1,-&/*#)U$(F*&)-.8*<-$("* is the word consists of courses that experience to Cabrini American Cancer Society. Young and old, students  /)&* 6),7".* '$* students 4"%"W*'* 5\!D* )6)("%"&&* )%.* give the opportuthat describes the),&$* emoSee FEATURES, page 9 )%.*2$##3%-'>*#"#4"(&F*'/"*2$##$%*'/(").*6)&* 4(")&'*2)%2"(F*$+*6/-2/*/"(*)3%'*-&*-%*("#-&&-$%8 tion on the faces of some nity to work with commuthe force cancer had on their lives and the impact  Hispanic parents9)()*GI-&$%F*&"%-$(*O&>2/$,$1>*#)U$(F*'$,.*/"(* in the nity partners on common Winter trends during the winter '/"&"*6),7"(&*6)%'".*'$*/)I"*$%*2)%2"(8 #$'/"(F* 6/$* -&*projects. 23(("%',>*Spanish W*1/'-%1* majors 4(")&'* 2)%2"(F* Norristown Area School See A&E, )++"2'&* page 10 "I"(>$%"8* T"$O,"* 6)%'* '$* )4$3'*'/"*"I"%'8*:\*6)%'*/"(*'$*&""*'/"("*)("*O"$O,"* :C)%2"(* District as they celebrated and minors work with the &""* O($1("&&* #)."* '$6)(.&* ("&")(2/* )%.* 6/$*2)("F=*GI-&$%*&)-.8 their/)I"* high -'* school students’ Norristown Area School Cavs dominate eliminated  from  Eastern our  community,”  Katie  Keller,  :D$#"'-#"&*>$3*+"",*,-7"*>$3Y("*)%*$3'2)&'F*&$* new after-school program District and mentor young See SPORTS, page 16 major  and  co­chair  of  -'Y&* -#O$(')%'* sophomore  accounting  2$#"* '$* "I"%'&* ,-7"* '/-&* high school students of4"2)3&"* offered by an Engagement '$* C)4(-%-Y&*Q",)>*<$(*R-+"F*&)-.8 >$3*.$%Y'*+"",*,-7"*&32/*)%*$3'&-."(F=*C-%.>*GI-&$%F* with the Common Good Hispanic descent through a 9/"*6),7F*6/-2/*4"1)%*)'*c*O8#8*$%*D)'3(.)>F* 9)()Y&* #$'/"(F* &)-.8* GI-&$%* &'$OO".* &#$7-%1* '6$* program called “Our Interclass at Cabrini. ;)(2/*?@*)%.*6"%'*3%'-,*a*)8#8*$%*D3%.)>F*;)(2/* The successyears ago. “You almost have to change your life in  of the pro- connected Hemisphere.” ?`F* 6)&* )* /31"* &322"&&8* 9/"* 1$),* $+* +3%.&* $(."(*'$*Z3-'8*GI-&$%*-&*O($3.*'/)'*/"(*.)31/'"(*/)&* According to The gram '$* was4"*evident at the ()-&".* 6)&* d?@F@@@* )%.F* )'* A* O8#8F* '/"* "I"%'* /).*party Z3-'*&#$7-%1*'$*&/$6*/"(*&3OO$('8 Christmas that was Chronicle of Higher Edu),(").>*#"'*'/"*d`AF@@@*#)(78*5'*'/"*2$%2,3&-$%*$+* C$##3%-'-"&* )%.* 2$,,"1"&* Q",)>* <$(* cation, Hispanic /$&'* students held at the Norristown '/"*"I"%'F*'/"*'$'),*#$%">*()-&".*'$'),".*d?`Fb@@F* $I"(* a'/"* 2$3%'(>* 4"%"W*'* 9/"* very low '$* college Public LibraryR-+"* back6),7&* in De-),,*have surpassing the goal. C)%2"(* D$2-"'>8*rate Q"O("&"%')'-I"&* graduation in compari- +($#* cember. While5#"(-2)%* few were \%* )..-'-$%* '$* '/"* '6$* 2$M2/)-(&* $+*expected, '/"* "I"%'F* overthe Society are present during the event to oversee  30 people son to other students of a Danielle alio / managing editor !)%-",,"* !-E)('$,$* )%.* L)'-"* L",,"(F*were Q",)>* the happenings and further the Society’s mission. in /).* attendance includ- different ethnic `c*2$##-''""*#"#4"(&*'$*/",O*O,)%*'/"*+3%2'-$%8* Dr. Raquel Green interacts with a parent of a Norristown Area School District ing the Norristown Area 9/"("*6"("*),&$*?b*'")#&*'/)'*O)('-2-O)'".*-%*Q",)>* student. The program mentor Hispanic youth throughout their high school career. PROGRAM, page 3 School District Curriculum !"#$%&'()*+', NOELLE WESTFALL Teen Mom: entertainment or STAFF WRITER public service? NW66@CABRINI.EDU See PERSPECTIVES, page 6


<=(+(&E5))&E(&*(&56&/0&1(,+.F& 7((G&!"#$%&"'()*#+"),


Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011

The Loquitur 3

Spanish ECG class offers high school students new program after school in Norristown PROGRAM, page 1 background. This fact also holds true on the high school level, which is where the Spanish ECG class is trying to make a difference. “We would like somehow to contribute to that and help in ways that we think we can to improve the futures of many Latino students by community organizing, advocating for them, working closely with them, believing in them and by ultimately helping them to secure funding sources for grants and scholarships,” Dr. Cynthia Halpern, chair of the romance languages and literatures department and the ECG 200 professor, said. The Cabrini students’ ultimate goal with the high school students is to see them graduate and receive scholarship money for college. In the fall of 2009, the students began with an ECG 100 class taught by Dr. Nicholas Uliano, associate professor of the romance languages, who introduced the students to many of the challenges faced by Latino immigrants. After ECG 100, the students continue with the program for four years, concluding with a senior-level course. Cabrini students who are participating in this program travel to the Norristown Area High School certain days during the week af-

danielle alio / managing editor

Cabrini students interact with the parents of students in the Norristown Area School District at the Christmas party. This celebration was held at the Norristown Public Library in December to recognize the success of the new program. ter school to meet with Spanishspeaking high school students. “Our ECG 200 class talks about Mexican immigration and their struggle when they come over to the United States,” Jess Merone, sophomore psychology and social work major and student mentor, said. Merone, along with her parents and siblings, are immigrants from Italy. According to Merone, the main issues facing immigrants are language barriers, feeling accepted in school and discrimination. These factors most likely contribute to the low graduation rates. “We’re helping them with schoolwork and providing opportunities for them to continue on with their schoolwork,” Merone said.

Dr. Raquel Green, assistant professor of romance languages and the ECG 300 professor, explained that some Hispanic students start falling behind academically during the third or fourth grade because of the language barrier. As the students move to the higher grades that gap widens. “That’s when they begin to feel ‘I am never going to catch up’ and that is when behavioral issues may emerge,” Green said. “They feel more isolated.” “I at least want to see one student graduate,” Lisa Gomez, junior exercise science major and ECG class student leader, said. Gomez was chosen to serve as the intern of the mentorship program because of her Puerto Rican family background. Gomez stated that her family is her biggest in-

spiration. “Where I live there’s not a lot of graduates. There are a lot of drop-outs and I know people personally that dropped out,” Gomez said. This program is new for the Norristown Area High School in that it is the first one geared toward working specifically with Spanish-speaking students. “As a district we are charged with ensuring that students are successful and when there are students who are speakers of other languages, I think we are responsible for doing whatever it takes to ensure that students feel supported and know they are supported,” Dr. Janet Samuels, superintendent of Norristown Area School District, said. Halpern explained that the

program also benefits each Cabrini student enrolled in the ECG 200 class at an intermediate level in their Spanish language studies and they get to practice their language skills with the high school students. Halpern explained how she felt the parents of the high school children were nothing but grateful for the time, care and dedication of the Cabrini students. “There are no words. There are just no words to tell you how emotional I felt,” Halpern said. “To me, it was a precious moment in time. That will personally give me the energy to keep going because this is the beginning of something that’s going to be extraordinary.”

Volunteers needed to repeat success of Relay for Life By Natalie Crawford Asst. Copy Editor Relay For Life was started in 1985 by a man named Dr. Gordy Klatt. Klatt decided to walk around a track for 24-hours to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Just by this one man’s action, over 3.5 million people participate in this event all over the country. “This event is important to Cabrini because I think it really unites the campus. Everybody knows someone who survived cancer or passed away from cancer. Fighting to find a cure for cancer is something everyone can relate to,” Melissa Phillips, last years Relay For Life participant and organizer, said. Last year was Cabrini College’s first time joining in Relay For Life. With over 300 participants raising $27,000 and passing their goal of $23,000, the college wanted to advocate more by having another Relay For Life event. “The first year event won an award from ACS rookie of the year for how successful it was. The goal for this year is $30,000,” Allie Potter, Relay For Life co-chair and senior special education major, said. Several communities and colleges all over the United States participate in this event to raise money for the ACS. “The goal is to get teens to sign up and walk the whole night,” Potter said. This event is a walk that will begin at 3 p.m. on March 26 and will go until 7 a.m. on March 27. It will be held in the Dixon

Center. Individuals can either walk as a team, walk alone or donate money. However, someone from a team must be walking at all times. The point of that is to show that the walk has to last the whole night without stopping, because this disease doesn’t stop. “I stayed up all night last year and it was worth every minute,” Mary Stevens, junior elementary education major and Relay For Life member, said. “Every time I thought I wouldn’t make it without falling asleep.” If students do not wish to participate in walking, they have the opportunity to donate money for this cause. While the participants are on their break from walking, there are activities to participate in. This event is going to be a Hollywood theme. There will be food, fun, tug-of-war, bingo at 8 p.m., a ceremony at 9 p.m., zumba, a band and a t-shirt contest. “Through this event we take the time to celebrate those who fight it and for those who lost their lives. It’s a night of events and activities to raise money for a great cause,” Beth Gillespie, Relay For Life cochair, junior math major and secondary education major, said. “Cancer effects everyone and every student can take part of this great cause. It’s not a sports team where you have to try out to be a part of. This event is very unique,” Gillespie said. Relay For Life at Cabrini College is spreading the word more this year to encourage students to participate. “I hope this year we can get even more

noelle westfall / submitted photo

Junior political science major Nikki Mosco and 2010 alumni Joe Kimpflen hang a banner in the Dixon Center for last years Relay for Life event on March 20, 2010. students involved and raise even more money. I hope more people realize how great this event is and how much it can help people,” Stevens said. “Everyone has a story. It has been crazy trying to plan the event. Our motto is ‘anything for relay.’ Were not raising money for ourselves, it’s all for other people. There are not many things like this at Cabrini. It’s for a really good cause,” Gillespie said. She also noted the emotional impact. “I love the feeling of when we raise money and have advocacy events. It’s all

so worth it. After the event we all cried and we were so excited we met our goal. It’s so rewarding. We love it,” Gillespie said. It is recommended to pre-register online to make a team. As of now there are already 21 teams signed up. Just go to www. You also have the option of registering and making your payment the day of. It is $10 per person. You can pay online as well.

Cabrini partners with local community  

This is an article I wrote for issue 16 of the Loquitur. it is an article about a class at Cabrini that mentors Hispanic high school student...

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