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SKIN. Winter 2012

ello Ladies,

As the rise of cosmetic surgery captures modern women across the world, here at Skin. we’re committed to finding natural alternatives to enhance your beauty. We beleive in natural therapies, eco-friendly products and non invasive procedures to get you feeling great from the inside - out. With Winter closing in, we’ve selected some tips on how to keep protected from the cold chill. So prepare to pamper and just remember, natural beauty is real beauty. Enjoy! The Skin. Team

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NOURISH IT FROM THE INSIDE Get a healthy and glowy skin by eating JUST 6 simple, magic foods

Bright fruits (berries, kiwis, grapefruit) Full of antioxidants vitamins like C, and E. They protect the skin from the damage of the sun and also help to stay younger. It is highly recommended to take at least 2 pieces a day. Nuts and fats (walnuts, olive oil) Rich in vitamin E that

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Alejandra Hijano The skin is the biggest organ in our body and we just take care of a small portion of it, and mainly from the outside. We put on lotions and we cover from the sun but the deeper layers, were all the action occurs, remain the same. If you use the best wax for your car but instead of the purest petrol you feed it with dirty oil, the car won’t work. The skin has the same functioning. In order to improve the skin tone, make it glow and feel it tighter, there are a few steps that should be followed daily like a proper nutrition. As a start to boost up your natural beauty there are a few simple but effective foods that not only will nourish your skin but your entire body.

makes the skin elastic and omega-3 fatty acids which hydrate the skin and also makes the cells work properly. Good fatties are essential to absorb certain vitamins like A (carrots) or D (dairy products). A small handful of nuts or two table spoons of olive oil per day will be enough to keep nourished.

Green vegetables (broccoli, kale, spinach) Natural skin protectors are full of vitamins like K which prevent skin

aging and also fiber which keeps the body clean and makes the skin brighter. Taking 2 or 3 pieces a day is the ideal.

Colorful vegetables (tomato, sweet potato) Tomatoes are the biggest sources of lycopene which are the best protectors against cancer; they also protect from the sunburn and acne. Lycopene works better if cooked. One cup a week is a great choice and if taken with a good fat, like olive oil, is better absorbed.

Fish (salmon) Great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They reduce inflammation in the body which can cause acne and also prevent from premature wrinkles. Taking it twice a week would be satisfactory. Protein (chicken, beef, oysters) Protein is essential to grow a strong body and therefore to have a nice and tight skin. Red meat and oysters are full in zinc which is essential to create collagen that makes the skin firm and young. At least one portion of lean protein should be taken daily.

Water is the key to essential hydration and skin moisturizing. It is highly recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.














Grapefruit + wholegrain toast and honey

Boiled egg + Green tea

Orange juice + english muffin

Wholegrain toast + sugarfree jam

Yoghurt + walnuts

Nut milk + oatmeal

Tomato juice + scrumbled eggs

Black chocolate + strawberries

Nuts + cottage cheese


Salad fruit

Cucumber and turkey sandwich

Carrot salad + turkey breast

Steamed brocoli + grilled steak

Yoghurt + Berries

Roasted chicken + sweet potatoes

Salmon + green beans

Vongole pasta

Courgette and light cheese soup

Wok noodles

Spinach + haddock

Pasta salad

1tsp natural peanut butter Tuna in olive + oil apple

Capresse salad with olive oil and herbs

Oysters and clams + vegetable soup

Ratatouille + roastbeef

Caesar salad + low fat dressing


An Interview With Emily By Danielle Theakston

Emily Mounsor is a 23 year old beauty therapist from Beverley, she specialises in skin care.


rowing up I’d always wanted to be a beauty therapist. My mum used to tell me that I’d been stealing her skin creams for as long as she could remember, so taking care of my skin has always been high on my agenda. Although I do offer other treatments such as massage, eyelash extensions, and eyebrow and eyelash tinting, facials are what I specialise in.

worked a treat, so I offered the same treatment to my clients daughter, and it worked so well that she now buys a bottle every few weeks.

This made me think that I could maybe bring out a small range of essential oil mixes, luckily my friends were willing to be my guinea pigs so we found which products best suited which problems. Although eventually I would like to start selling these products, perhaps online, at the moment they’re usually offered I have regular clients now, it took to clients, and friends and family me a while to build up a good members. Hopefully word of mouth reputation but it was worth it. I will spread and I’ll be able to offer cater to each clients specific needs treatments to women across the so I need to use a range of different UK, that’s definitely a goal I’d like to skin products, some of which achieve. I actually make. Sometimes I wonder how I have the time to do It’s a demanding job, but I wouldn’t everything I do, but I love my job! change it for the world, once I had I meet so many different people, my level 3 NVQ I had such a choice and it makes me feel good, that I of jobs, I worked at a few local spa’s can make them feel good about the way that they look. I treat women with a variety of problems. One of my clients recently asked me if I would be able to help her teenage daughter who suffered from acne. I wouldn’t say that I ever suffered from acne, but I went through the bad skin phase like a lot of teenagers do, and I made up a blend of essential oils which I would just dab onto the affected areas twice a day. It


but once I’d built up a few clients I decided to become a mobile therapist. It’s really hard work travelling from client to client, and especially when I have so much equipment to haul around, but it’s a lot more personal and clients like that, they feel more comfortable in their own home, women get really self conscious about skin problems, and it’s really sad to see how much it effects some people. Honestly, I sometimes feel like a fraud, offering skin treatments at times when my skin isn’t exactly looking at its best. But it happens to everyone at some stage and it’s our job to find out how to best treat the problem. That’s the most fun, blending up concoctions and testing them out on myself or friends. I know that women can’t always afford to visit a beauty therapist every time they have a skin problem, so if I could offer any advice it would be to read the back of products carefully, that will explain what problems the product can treat. And try out several products to find the right one for your skin, there are many different skin types so we can’t all rely on the same products. For example those with oily skin should not use an oil based product, that would be preferable for this with dry skin.

Teens-20’s Skin Care


By Danielle Theakston

he teenage years, and even the few years following, are arguably the worst for our skin, we feel like we’re the only one who has to deal with skin issues, but the truth is, it happens to the most of us We really need to take care of our skin to ensure that we look our best in later life. First of all, it’s essential to know your skin type before you choose a product to treat your particular skin needs. “As a dermatologist, I understand how frustrating and embarrassing certain teen skin problems are,” says Dr Joel Schlessinger. “But it’s important to remember that you’re not alone and that there is always a way to make it better - you just have to find the right treatment path.”

“It’s important to remember that you’re not alone and that there is always a way to make it better”

For people with normal and dry skin, skin care should focus on prevention. Protect your skin from sun damage whilst you can, choose a healthy diet, cleanse and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Here are some good products: • L’Oréal Paris Triple Active Nourish Intense Hydrating Moisturiser For Dry To Very Dry Skin 50ml £4.08 • Or as a treat, Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer Dry Combination Skin Types 50ml £37

For people with oily skin, skin care should focus on a responsible skin care regimen, here are some great products for oily skin: • Clean and Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Moisturiser, hydrates and refreshes tired, dull skin while providing long lasting shine control. Containing an invigorating fragrance, it will enliven your senses, a save at £4.05 • Elemis Daily Shine Control Moisturiser, Rich, yet quick and easy to apply, Elemis’ moisturiser uses a combination of natural ingredients - from watercress and burdock - to key shine-control elements, like anti-seborrheic bio complex, to combat excess oil production. A bit of a splurge at £38

your Respect SKIN. 6


By Laura Brothers

f you are tired of spending money on miracle creams that don’t always give you the outcome you were expecting, maybe it’s time you looked closer to home – In fact – Just take a look in your kitchen. There’s an endless list of fruit and veg that can be applied to your face, containing all the vitamins your skin needs. After all, if it’s good enough to eat, why not apply it to your face? Whilst regular cleansing removes dirt from your face, using a face mask is what will draw out impurities from beneath the top layer of skin. Face masks have deep cleansing and conditioning benefits, which will also refresh tired looking skin, or soothe troubled skin.

Pineapples Pineapples have numerous benefits for your skin. They are known to soften your skin and fight damage caused by the sun. They are also rich in alpha- hydroxyl acids which slow down the aging process, which helps keep wrinkles under control. Pineapples also contain a powerful anti- inflammatory that can help relieve swelling. Ingredients: Fresh pineapple 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon honey Method: Mash the pineapple with olive oil and honey until you have enough to make a smooth paste. Apply to your skin and leave for 15 minutes, then wash off.


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Face Food

Pumpkins If you are wondering what to do with your left over pumpkin from Halloween, look no further. Pumpkins offer over 100 beneficial ingredients for your skin. They help prevent aging and contain vitamins C, E and A that all help cleanse and hydrate the skin.

Advocados contain an effective combination of vitamin C and vitamin E, which helps keep your skin looking youthful and is a great alternative as an antiaging product. The sterolin found in the oil increases the collagen in the skin. Collagen is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and will help make your skin look plumper and lessen those wrinkles. Ingredients: Avocado pulp Cucumber slices Method: Cut an avocado in two and scoop out the pulp from one half. Use a spoon to mash it into a smooth paste. Massage into the skin and leave for 10-15 minutes, applying two slices of cucumber to the eyes. Then rinse off with warm water.

Cat litter (try if you dare) Yes you read it right. Cat litter is simply made from bentonite clay. It may surprise you but this is the same ingredient that high priced spas use to make face and body masks. Therefore you can enjoy a satisfying spa experience right there in your own home, at a fraction of the cost. Ingredients: 4 tablespoons of unscented cat litter Lemon Water Method: Take 4 tablespoons of cat litter and add the juice from one lemon. Add water until it turns into a paste. Apply evenly to the face and wash off after 15 minutes.

Ingredients: Pumpkin 2 tablespoons of plain yoghurt 1 tablespoon of honey Method: Mix the ingredients found inside a pumpkin with the yoghurt. Add honey and stir well until blended. Smooth the mixture onto your face, leave for 15 minutes, and then rinse off.

Papaya This is the perfect remedy for glowing skin. It can be brought at most supermarkets and makes a great alternative as an exfoliator. It contains an enzyme called papain, which benefits the skin by exfoliating it, attacking dead skin cells and softening the skin. This is perfect for women (and men) with a dry complexion. It can also be used to remove any unwanted fake tan mishaps. Ingredients: Papaya 4 tablespoons of oatmeal 1 tablespoon of honey Method: Peel the skin and mash the fruit up using a blender. Mix in the oatmeal and honey, apply to the face and leave for 10 minutes, before washing off. 8


It’s amazing what laser can do for you. There is a wide range of treatments now available in the market going from acne therapies to rejuvenating or hair removal therapies depending on your needs.


time boosts the conduction of the light emphasizing its effectiveness. It’s a totally personalized system as the doctor sets the computer establishing the intensity of the light based on the indi-

the more profound imperfections as scars are eliminated.

vidual characteristics of each patient depending on the size, the location of the spots and the general state of the skin.

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Dermoactive Fix is a rejuvenating treatment suitable for the skin on the face, neck and hands using a CO2 laser. The combination of this new technology with the skin preparation before the application of the laser and the coming monitoring process subsequent to the treatment will guarantee the best results. Its positive effects can be visible up to 5 months after the therapy. Dermoactive Fx is based on the use of CO2 (carbon dioxide), a substance fundamental in the vital processes in plants and animals. The energy used during this process provides the skin with effective and visible results that can be so fast that, in many of the times, just only one session is needed. The duration is between 30-45 minutes. Before the execution of the therapy the doctor applies an anesthetic cream. Right after, the Active FX is applied on

the desired area. A sensation of tolerable heat will be perceived by the subject. Firstly, a more superficial treatment will take place in order to eliminate the solar marks. Afterwards,

Facial Photorejuvenation (IPL)

Facial Photorejuvenation (IPL) is one of the most innovative treatments in the aesthetic field at the moment. The treatment consists in the direct application of the Pulsed Light Technology over the affected area that will be previously protected by gel that at the same

This technique allows the heat generated by the light destroy the skin problem, which will heal as the days pass. The collagen stimulation is also achieved without any side effect allowing a more healthy and glowy skin to flourish.

Five short sessions are needed for this therapy, each every 45 or 60 days. No anaesthesia is neeed during this process. Antiacne photherapy The Antiacne phototherapy is a system based in a highly innovative technology that analyses the acne damage, correcting and destroying the reproduction of the bacteria causing the acne. It is a technique controlled by computer based on the oxygenation of the sebaceous glandules that are producing the spot. This therapy is based on the application of a high frequency purple light that eliminates the bacteria causing the acne faster than its own reproduction. Its appliance is simple: once the patient is lying down, the specific area is disinfected followed by the use of the purple light. The doctor sets the computer programme according to the characteristics of each patient. In the cases of severe acne the treatment will combine the phototherapy process and a peeling. The anti-aesthetic skin blemishes are a frequent problem, skin ageing,

Depilation The legs are one of the most common areas where women have their depilation done, followed by the armpits, inner thigh, cheecks , cleavage, arms and fingers. In cases, the existence of hair in some ĂĄreas is due to hormonal dissorder suffered by

10% of women. The succesful of the use of lasers for hair removal depends on the pigment of the hair and the skin. Pigments that lighter are often easy to treat with IPL, while patients that are darker-skinned will benefit most from the use of diode lasers and Nd:YAG laser therapy. Depending on the area that is being treated, the process may take from minutes to hours to be completed. The lasers that are more used are low energy lasers. The laser passes through the patient’s skin and is attracted to the pigment of the hair. The energy passes throug the hair and is absorbed by hair follicles that are in their active growing phase, disabling the hair follicle. The hair follicles that are in not in the active growing phase are not affected by the treatment. No anesthesia is required. Every day, more and more men decide to undergo through a depilation treatment. It is not only about aesthetics, it is also about hygiene and feeling comfortable. The hair in men is much more thick than in women, so the methods used in the case of men

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hormonal disorders, the intake of some medicines but overall taking the sun without protection, are the most common causes that provoke their appearance. The most common areas to develop these type of blemish are those which are most exposed to the effects of the sun like: face, hands, cleavage and neck. The treatment combines two methods: pulsed light technology system (IPL) and an antipigment peeling. The first step is to prepare for the therapy thanks to the IPL system, in which the collagen layers are restructured. Further after, the peeling will be applied allowing the skin to peel bit by bit in a progressive way; renovating and regenerating the skin while eliminating the blemish.

can provoke folliculitis. This problem consists in the inflammation and infection of the hair with the consequent appearance of spots and irritation of the skin. With the depilation the patient will be able to get rid of most of the unwanted hair while the remaining hair will grow weaker. The most frequent skin areas where men get the depilation done are back and shoulders followed by the chest and abdomen.

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YAG laser therapy This method is done under local anaesthesia and works liberating energy pulses over the affected area in a short period of time, vaporising the superficial layer of the skin. This way, we get rid of the thinner wrinkles proper of an ageing skin. In a few days the skin regenerates allowing a totally new and young skin to come out instead. The postoperative period is similar to intense sunburn. The skin will turn reddish and a possible

but very light inflammation can be suffered by the patients. This condition can last for a few weeks depending on the characteristics of each patient. It is a simple process that is normally achieved in a single session. Skin Tightening Due to the way lasers work, most provide at least some degree of superficial skin tightening. However, the most positive results will come from CO2 lasers. Successful has been also the use of light-based therapies like Thermage and Titan treatment systems. Varicose Veins There are many laser therapies that are effective for these skin problems, being IPL a common choice because of its low rate of invasiveness. Diode lasers, Nd:YAG, and pulsed skin laser therapy are also popular for treating these issues.


The Dead Sea

By Danielle Theakston


he Dead Sea, or ‘The Salt Sea’ as some prefer, is known globally, and has salt contents of up to eight times more concentrated than other oceans, seas, and lakes. Fish or plants cannot survive in such harsh conditions, hence the name, however, harsh conditions for some living things mean healthy minerals and miracle (and completely natural) skin cures for others. Skin care has been an important part of our lives for many years, evolving over time.

nourished, and youthful. People have flocked to the Dead Sea for centuries to soak up the wonderful salts for treatment and healing, but for those who cannot afford a spontaneous trip to Israel’s border, it’s no longer a problem. Beauty shops such as Boots have caught on to the trend and now stock a range of products containing Dead Sea salt.

The salts rid the skin of toxins helping blood circulation as well firming up skin tissues and strengthening them against infections. Skin The minerals found in the infections are a woman’s worst nightmare, young Dead Sea are similar to those found in skin cells, women want radiant, fresh meaning that skin can be skin while older women kept looking healthy, well long for youthful, blemish 11

free skin. Dead Sea salt would help rid the skin of these problems due to the high amounts of magnesium, potassium, calcium and a wealth of other minerals. This can rid the skin of fine lines and wrinkles by up to 40%. But this isn’t the only benefit, it also rids the skin of dead cells, cleans pores and helps in skin

regeneration. Elizabeth Crowther, a mother from Beverley, has suffered from temperamental breakout skin in the past, she said “My skin used to be really good one week, and terrible the next. It used to get me down so much, I didn’t feel as

though I wanted to go out and socialise. I tried so many skin products but nothing worked until a shop assistant told me about the Black Soap products, made from Dead Sea salts. I thought I’d give it a go because I’d tried everything else and it worked! Almost instantly, I’ve never been as impressed with any other skin treatment”.

phenomenal product can help; it can even be beneficial for ailments such as eczema and psoriasis, helping to lessen the inflammation of dry skin. Researchers have found that by bathing for an hour a day in Dead Sea salts, patients suffering with psoriasis could have improved skin by up to 88%, a staggering amount for such a small price, so

bad skin as such, I just use Dead Sea products because it makes my skin feel amazing and look radiant. I feel that it’s now just an every day part of my beauty regime, and it’s more cost effective than buying a variety of products to do the same thing that just one simple product can do. I can’t understand why every woman isn’t already using

“It worked, almost instantly! I’ve never been so impressed” It has been said that Dead Sea products are the most effective in cleaning and exfoliating the skin, compared to other skin treatments, leaving a rejuvenated and healthy look, something more than a little desirable for all women. No one wants to wake up to find even the slightest skin imperfection, and although that can’t always be the case, there may now be a solution, perhaps even a preventative. And it isn’t just minor skin problems that this

good in fact, that it is the recommended treatment according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. Of course, you don’t need to suffer from any skin problems to use these products. It isn’t just a cure for any skin conditions, it’s basically just good for skin and health benefits in general. Hannah Richardson, 20, from Leeds said “I can’t say I’ve ever suffered from


Products can be found online, in shops such as Boots, and in the topof-the-range, high-end boutiques. So it’s simply up to you to choose your favourite scent, if it’s pay-day it might be nice to splurge the cash and treat yourself, otherwise you can pick up products from as little as £1.99, so there really are no excuses, get down to the shops right away because we here at SKIN. predict that these products will be sell outs in no time. Try to see their range of Dead Sea products. high-end boutiques. So it’s simply up to you to choose your favourite scent, if it’s pay-day it might be nice to splurge the cash and treat yourself, otherwise you can pick up products from as little as £1.99, so there really are no excuses, get down to the shops right away because we here at SKIN. predict that these products will be sell outs in no time.

With so many different Dead Sea products, it can be hard to choose which one is ‘the best’, but the truth of it is that they all do the same job, the only difference is the price tag. Try to Of course, some products see their range of Dead contain other ingredients, Sea products. such as a variety of essential oils and other salts such as Epsom, so it’s always worth trying Attribution non commercial a variety to ensure that No Derivative works some you find the best product rights reserved by TheBoth and Kudumomo. for your particular skin.



An Interview With

By Laura Brothers

rom the outside it may look like a food store, but what’s waiting upstairs is a beauty salon, full of organic cosmetics and treatments to try. Millie’s is an independent store based in Leeds, for all things fresh and organic. It caters for everything that will make you feel good from the inside, out, whether it be organic fruit and veg or an organic face scrub. There is a large range of beauty products and cosmetics available in store. You will find sample starter kits, shampoo, conditioner, creams and oils all with lovely natural fragrances. Natalie is part owner and therapist at the store. Here she talks about all the latest and exciting beauty treatments available in the salon.

Natalie (pictured left) with the Millies family “We are passionate about using organic products in our store and we believe using genuinely natural skincare can help improve the health of your skin, making it look fresher and younger. Organic ingredients are grown under tight regulations, which ban the use of harmful chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. These obviously can’t be great for your skin and that’s why we take pride in using organic product.”

“For our facial and body scrubs, we use something called Eminence organics. A lot of people haven’t heard of it as it is a totally organic and natural range, and a lot of salons tend to use the more popular brands. They only sell to some salons; they don’t sell to retail outlets, so you won’t be 13

able to pick it up in the shops. There’s no added water in them so they are really pure ingredients and they help protect and repair your skin without the use of chemicals or parabens. We offer something called a prescriptional facial, which is tailor made for your skin and allows us to target any problem

“The champagne and chocolate wrap is great for smoothing out lines and rehydrating the skin” areas such as acne or dehydration. There’s also a yam and pumpkin pro enzyme peel. This is a natural peel that gives an even complexion to tired or sun damaged skin. All of the

scrubs smell lovely too. At the minute we have coconut and blueberry scrubs but to be honest, we change them around as often as we can so people can try different ones.” “We use the Eminence organic range for our body wraps as well. It depends which wrap you choose to how it benefits your skin. We have just introduced three new wraps for people to try. There’s the toning pear and apple body wrap, which restores and stimulates the circulation, increasing elasticity and improving texture of the skin. We also have a new blueberry soy slimming wrap. We use blueberries because they are high in antioxidants that help reduce cellulite. The wrap breaks down fatty cells, stimulates collagen and improves the tone of the

Millies Spa skin. Similar to that is the herbal cellulite treatment. This is best for reducing cellulite on your legs and we use a cucumber, mint and sugar scrub after to leave your legs feeling smoother. There’s also an old favourite of ours called the champagne and chocolate wrap. It’s full of rich antioxidants that are designed for more mature skin, not to say it can’t be used for everyone though; I mean who doesn’t like champagne and chocolate? It’s just particularly good for smoothing out lines and rehydrating.” “Why have them? Well People tend to have them before they go on holiday because it will prep their skin to make their tan last longer. Others will just do it as a treat or for a present. It’s a great Spa Room gift to give someone for Christmas. As the treatments include a full body massage as well, it makes it a really relaxing experience.” “Spray tans are also available. We use a product called Sienna X, which contains only natural, active ingredients so it helps to moisturise the skin at the same time as tanning it. It’s good because it only works towards your natural skin tone so it doesn’t go too orange or too dark. Other treatments available are manicures, pedicures, waxing and threading.”

With so many salons using products containing synthetic chemicals and parabens, it’s important that people support more salons like Millies. It’s crucial to remember that whatever you apply to your skin ultimately gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Using natural and organic skincare products will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Avoid exposure to chemicals and opt for organic products wherever possible. Look out for organic and natural salons near you.

Nail Bar 14


By Danielle Theakston

ggnog, home made soup, sparkly lights, frosted leaves, log fires, it’s the Christmas season and whether it’s Christmas gifts you’re looking for or just a long, cosy, relaxing bath, we have just the answer… home made natural soap! Lush Spa has been selling it for years, but we can all feels our purse strings tightening by the day and what a fun way to save money. Not only does it save splashing the cash for luxury natural soaps, it’s also a great way to fill up those long winter days when it’s just far too cold to leave the house but you simply have nothing to do. The best part is, it’s much easier than you think and contains no chemicals, unlike most shop bought soaps. Get ready to see the benefits! Note: Always remember to wear protective clothing, i.e, apron and rubber gloves. Make sure the room is well ventilated. Basic equipment required: A large stainless steel pot (preferably with a lid), soap moulds (use your imagination! Scone cutters, jelly moulds, bread tins), and most importantly a clear soap base (£7.50 for 1kg from

Cinnamon and Orange Soap 4 ounces of soap base 10 drops cinnamon oil 1 drop red food colouring 10 drops of orange based oil 1 slice of dried orange In a heavy saucepan, melt the soap base over low heat until liquefied. Remove the pan from heat and stir in the cinnamon oil, orange based oil and colouring until well mixed. Pour the soap into a mould, but save a small amount of the mixture, and leave to set for 2 hours, the soap should not be fully set just yet, add the slice of orange and pour over the remaining soap mixture, leave for a further 3 hours. Lather up and enjoy! 15

Attribution non commercial No Derivative works some rights reserved by Necrocake.

Almond-Vanilla Soap 4 ounces of soap base 1/4 cup of distilled water 1/3 cup of whole almonds 1 tbs almond oil 2 drops of vanilla essential oil Grind the almonds to a fine powder in a food processor and set aside. Melt the soap base and set aside. In a heavy saucepan bring the water to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer; Remove the pan from the heat and add the almond powder, almond oil and vanilla fragrance oil, stirring until well blended. Spoon the soap into a mould and let set for five hours or until completely hardened. For a little more decoration, you could add some vanilla beans and flaked almonds into the mould before leaving to set. This will exfoliate the skin, as well as looking pretty, bonus! Or as it’s christmas and we all love sparkles, add some glitter to give your skin a dazzling look on Christmas day.

Virgin Soap 6 ounces of soap base 1/4 cup of olive oil 1/4 cup of coconut oil 2 tbs sweet almond oil 2 tbs goats milk powder 6 drops of avocado oil 2 drops of castor oil Again, melt the soap base until liquefied. Remove the pan from heat and stir in all ingredients until thoroughly mixed. Pour into a large mould. Because the mixture will be very thick, push in some dried miniature roses across the middle of the soap for a vintage look. Leave to set for 6 hours. Once set, slice the soap so that each slice has a rose sitting on the top. Voila! A perfect, pretty soap that will leave your skin feeling, and smelling amazing. 16

GOODBYE CROW’S FEET ? AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works Some rights reserved by Vishal Kapoor

Alejandra Hijano

Enrique Moreneo has been a

Spanish leading figure in the field

of plastic surgery for over 30 years and still is. His client list is full of famous people, from celebrities to politicians, but the great majority is unknown people who seek for the anonymity and discretion he pursues and guarantees. Born in Madrid, he studied medicine in Spain and then completed his formation in California, New York and Rio de Janeiro were he had the opportunity to work with world known Brazilian surgeon Ivo Pitanguy. Enrique keeps continuously in touch with the studies and modern tactics that evolve constantly in order to give his patients the best treatment causing the least suffering possible. The interview takes place on a Friday in his office in Madrid just


between a visit from one of his patients and a nose job. I have an appointment with the doctor at 11am so I arrive to the clinic 10 minutes earlier, while I am waiting the secretary leads me to a room that looks more like a hotel leaving room than a waiting room. A big long sofa is placed in the center of the room flanked by two arm chairs with the same soft pattern that combines perfectly with the beige walls. On the other side of the room a dark wooden cupboard is decorated by a large japanese vase with pink and white roses and beside it there is a modern coffee machine and 4 white porcelain cups placed on a tray. Just by 11 I am taken into the doctor’s office which is also neat and perfectly decorated. Enrique is a tall handsome man, over 60 years old, finely dressed and with an american celebrity smile; he is at the

phone whispering but immediately hangs up, we seat down around a little table at the corner of the office and while the secretary brings some coffees the surgeon place his smartphone on the table to check it several times during the chat. After a couple of minutes saying hello he confesses he didn’t become a plastic surgeon at first, initially he specialized on burns but as many times those burns needed plastic surgery it led him into becoming a cosmetic surgeon.

“It´s all about preventing” The conversation is quick and fluid, after speaking a little about his busy schedule we reach an interesting point. “It’s true if a person takes care of itself eating a balanced diet, working out, and moisturizing it`s skin daily while protecting it from the sun will have a nourished and healthy skin that eventually will slow down the ageing process. But, in the end, ageing is inevitable and part of becoming older is getting wrinkles and a saggy skin, which can be improved by cosmetic surgery.” The doctor pointed out that preventing is the best way to avoid premature wrinkles but he emphasized that also has to do with genes. “Halle Berry is older than Javier Bardem and he looks like her father”. He says that some people simply age slower and sometimes it has nothing to do with a lifestyle. “The

human body is unpredictable”.

“Creams and surgery are complementary”

As the conversation goes on, he stops and confesses he has never had any plastic surgery done and in fact, uses some creams daily for his skin and also encourages all his patients to take care of their skin with some specific products even after the cosmetic procedures. “Creams and plastic surgery aren’t incompatible, in fact they are complementary. The lotions are the daily treatment but plastic surgery can fix problems that simple lotions can’t, like a big nose. Of course, neither of them (surgery and creams) is necessary but everybody wants to feel better with themselves.” Enrique

says that we live in a superficial world, and thanks to that increasing vanity is what makes him earn his salary, but sometimes he simply advice his patients to talk with a psychologist because there problem is internal, not physical. He also acknowledges that plastic surgery has become something natural in earlier ages and confesses it has to do with the education and being constantly bombed with ads, images and movies of perfect and unreal people that represent beauty and it´s understood as perfection. “We are obsessed with beauty the problem is that is not real beauty but specific beauty that changes within time. It depends on who is in vogue at the moment; in the 90`s what people demand most was big Pamela Anderson`s cleavage, today everybody wants to have big Angelina lips. That could be temporally

improved with a push-up bra or some lip plumper which just creates a chemical reaction of your body to it, but the thing is it´s not permanent as cosmetic surgery is.”

“Perfection is unreachable”

AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works Some rights reserved by Love Maegan

Before finishing our interview (we have to be quick because Enrique has to perform a rhinoplasty to a 19 year old girl who thinks she has a big bridge, in half an hour), he admits plastic surgery represents a true risk to everybody, even though he is a professional and never had a real problem in the operating room. Not only risking their lives but also what entails a cosmetic procedure, the secondary effects and the recovery time after the operation. But he also says that everything represents some kind of risk even when using a cream, because you never know what you are really putting on yourself, it’s a matter of trust. People trust in the brand as they trust in the surgeon. “We all want to improve and we do it depending on our budget, that’s why we get our teeth whitened, we use more or less expensive creams or go to the hairdresser; it`s just a matter of how much we want to improve it. The problem is people seek for perfection, but that perfection is unreachable because it is not real.” As the interview ends we shake our hands and before leaving the clinic his secretary hands me a brochure with what appears to be the newest and most demanded plastic procedures right now.


Desperate Measures


By Laura Brothers


he fills the syringe, taps the needle to release the bubbles, injects herself and watches the liquid disappear. You would be forgiven for thinking these are the actions of a drug user. However these actions don’t result in a high; they result in a tan. This is the length thousands of people are going to all over the UK to achieve a golden glow. Over the last few years there has been lots of research and media attention about the dangers of excessive sun exposure and sun beds. This has led to an increased awareness of skin cancer risks and a rise in the popularity of spray tans and fake tan. However the downside is that we are living in a time where there will always be new, experimental

products for people to try. Summer is well and truly over and with winter creeping in, more than ever, people are looking for a quick fix that promises to give you a healthy glow. Injecting yourself for vanity could be seen as a step too far for some though, especially when the product has been banned from sale in the UK. Alarmingly, the fact that it has been banned hasn’t stopped people from buying it online. The tanning injection melanotan is an artificial hormone that is injected under the skin to encourage it to darken. The drug increases the level of melanin in your skin. This pigment is part of the

“The product has been banned from sale in the UK”

body’s natural response to the sun, which tans the skin. Therefore increasing the level of melanin increases the darkness in the skin. Although the injections are banned in the UK after health professionals warned the drug is

untested and the sideeffects are unknown, companies are offering the drug online and by-passing the laws by saying that the kits are sold for research purposes only. Online prices range from £25 to £175 depending on the dose. Despite most suppliers of melanotan being based abroad, they frequently use British website addresses, so customers are not aware that they are beyond reach of a legal comeback should anything go wrong. If you search for tanning injections on the internet, at the top of the page you see a website selling “the best quality Melanotan, as well as a host of other tanning injections”. Look down at the next link and it reads “Woman dies after

tanning injection”. Surely that should set off alarm bells to anyone considering buying the product?

self-inject themselves. Health professionals have also voiced their concern on the matter. They have discovered that the main ingredient in the injection activates melanocytes in the skin. These are the cells that become cancerous and so their main concern is that users could get skin cancer in the long run. So it’s even more worrying that some are using sunbeds after injecting themselves with melanotan to maximise the colour. Sunbeds drastically increase the risk of developing skin cancer, with one in twenty of all skin cancers caused this way. By combing the two, people are putting themselves at a higher risk of the disease.

AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivativeWorksSomeRightsReservedBy Ein86,Cdedbdme

Reports of people who have tested the drug have experienced some worrying side effects. Reports of skin discolouration, nausea, hot flushes and headaches are to name a few. Some women have also found that after using the tanning injection, moles on their bodies had rapidly changed in size and darkened. These kinds of changes in normal circumstances can be an early sign of skin cancer. Therefore this could lead to people who use the injections being misdiagnosed. Not only this, there are also fears that users are putting themselves at risk of infections such as The Medicines and Healthhepatitis or HIV as they care products Regulatory

“There have been reports of worrying side effects”

products is unknown. If you have used either of these products do not use them again and if you have any concerns you should seek advice from your doctor.”

Kara, 26, used to work at a beauty salon. She says “I tried the injections about a year ago. They were really popular where I live, so was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about. I wish I had Agency (MHRA) is a researched more about it Government agency in the at the time though, as they UK responsible for caused havoc with my making sure that the immune system. I benefits of any medicines constantly felt tired and outweigh their risks. A ended up quite sick from representative from the them.” She then adds “If MHRA said “We are I had known all the bad warning people not to things about them back use this product. Don’t be then, I would never have fooled into thinking that touched them. Knowing Melanotan offers a shortcut that they could increase the to a safer and more even risk of skin cancer too is a tan. The safety of these really scary thought. For anyone considering using these injections, think again. Getting a tan from a bottle is just as effective, even more so when you think of the health complications that come with the injections.” With prices starting from as little as £5.99 for a fake tan in a bottle, it’s a small price to pay for something that could potentially save your life. There should be nothing worth sacrificing your personal health for. The drug may work as it claims to, but just remember that it’s illegal for a reason.


Alejandra Hijano

When women reach the age of 40, the body starts to change as a process of natural ageing and mainly because hormonal changes occur. This changes may cause some problems in the skin such as loss of elasticity, moisture and many other problems that create wrinkles, spots and other major complications such as skin illness that could derivate, if not treated in cancer. In order to avoid them and protect the skin there are a few steps that should be followed daily focusing on protecting the skin against the sun. Taking sun is important because it’s the fountain of vitamin D,

NEW 30s


which is needed to metabolise calcium and is very important for women who are around 40 years old and further as the loss of it increases with the menopause. So going into the sun is almost mandatory but always with sunblock. There are extraordinary treatments out in the market that not only moisturises, covers flaws and even give a touch of colour, but also protect against the sun. It is not necessary to go for the highest sunblock if not going to be exposed to it directly for a long time, as when at the beach, just have to make sure to use one that blocks UVA and UVB rays, so the skin will be protected from sun damaged

lotion as possible when applied. The cream should be different in the morning and in the night but both focused on the anti ageing process. It is highly recommended to start using products with ingredients that improve the elasticity of the skin like Q10 enzyme, and skin night eye cream is absolutely obligatory. By this time visiting a dermatologist at least once a year is suggested as the skin is changing like the rest of the body, so a professional should recommend how to take care of it after checking it’s condition, and may advice to change

some products as the skin can get used to them and therefore won’t work properly. One last but not least step is to take care of it from the inside, so a healthy and varied diet full of vegetables, fruits and good fatties like salmon; and lots of water will keep the skin young and flawless.

AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works Some rights reserved by Meye

AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works Some rights reserved by Fifth World Art


and also from cancer. A Day moisturiser with minimum SPF 15 or further will be fine, but their are extremely sensitive parts that can’t be forgotten, like the eyelids, which there skin is already thinner than the rest of the face and the lips that don’t have sebaceous glands - those glands moisturise the skin- and neither have melanin -that protects naturally the skin against sunso they have a higher risk to get burnt and develop spots or even skin cancer, therefore they have to be intensely protected with specific products both anti-ageing and sun blocking. As hormones are partying by this time the skin starts getting thinner and the wrinkles are getting noticeable because the body is incapable of producing the same amount of collagen as it used to do on its twenties, therefore the cleaning and moisturising routine has to get extremely severe twice a day, before going out and before going to bed. The skin must be deeply cleaned and toned so the pores wont get obstructed and will receive as much


AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works Some rights reserved by Tetra Pak

40s ‘r


50’s and Beyond

t this stage in your life, your body goes through many changes, especially when it comes to your skin. You experience signs such as aging, fine lines and wrinkles, but fortunately there are many ways to address these issues and obtain your best complexion possible. Cell turnover is slow and the biggest change you will notice in your complexion is dryness and loss of elasticity. Decreased oestrogen after the menopause mean that skin loses its plumpness and tone, which can leave it dry and sensitive. Also expression lines

By Laura Brothers

Pick Of The Best For 50+ Olay Proffesional Age Defying Moisturiser “There was a definate notceable difference to my wrinkles after 28 days, my skin seemed smoother”

Champneys Spa Skin Plus Collagen Day Cream (£20.00)

“Don’t retire from your skincare regime”

no longer disappear and pores become more visible. It’s important to remember that there are a number of things that determine how quickly our skin ages, such as your natural skin type, exposure to sunlight and factors such as whether or not you smoke. Whatever you do though, don’t think about retiring from your skincare regime. Stick to a gentle cleanser/toner to clean your skin, use a good moisturiser with a built-in SPF, and try to keep out of the sun. You may want to try a cream with an antiageing formula. But just remember, as skin ages, wrinkles are natural. A lived-in face has as much character as a youthful one.

“This deeply moisturised and left my skin looking plumper and fresher”

L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew (£9.98) “Such good value for money and great for my skin”

Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Day Cream (£9.96) “This left my skin silky soft and more plump and my fine lines were not so noticable” 22


By Paula Gordon


–“Well, I must recognize that we haven’t been very original with the decoration, it looks like any other, but it’s not. The water we work with is unique in the world and its properties, too. Probably on the way here you noticed that we’re situated in front of the Mar Menor salt lakes. It is an almost interior sea that takes its water from the Mediterranean and has got a high concentration of salt and trace elements which are very beneficial for one´s health. We take the water for our swim–“Very elegant” I ming pools directly comment. from the salt lakes.” –“Yes, yes he cannot help to show very sat- –“Could you be more isfied we have tried to specific about the transmit a classic at- properties of this wamosphere to the spa. ter?”– I ask We wanted our clients to be able to feel –“Of course –he the quality of treat- smiles – but I cannot ments they are going be exhaustive because to get from the first the answer would be moment they come too long as this water to the hotel, but do is beneficial for alnot be mistaken; the most every part of the quality-price relation human body. I could of our products is ex- mention the skin, the cellent. We charge for bones, the tendons, what we really give, the joints, arthrinot for the wrapping.” tis, ageing…And we Javier is a tall and courteous man of about 40 years old who receives me in his office with a handshake and a broad and open smile. I can feel that he is in a hurry to show me the spa, but he never loses his manners and offers me something to drink. I have a lot of curiosity as well to see their installations, therefore I refuse the refreshment and we move towards the ground floor through corridors and stairs decorated with marble.

must not forget the At last we arrive to the mud treatments.” spa zone. Everything looks very clean, very

–“Mud, what’s this about? –“It comes as well from the Mar Menor– he seems pensive while he answers me– it’s a mixture of very fine sand and sediments of vegetable and animal origin, and provides greats benefits to the body that absorbs them through the skin pores. We have clients from all over the world who when they arrive here for the first time they have great mobility problems and now you can see them walking around.” I have a look around me and realize I can hear people speaking different languages, amongst them, of course, English. I think that I would like to verify myself the benefits of these treatments and as if

Javier Fabra could read my thoughts he says: “the best thing is to try for yourself.” And without losing a moment I change my clothes and go into the swimming pool. I notice the water nice and warm, with an important concentration of salt and I forget about the time. After a while, a young woman comes and tells me to follow her to a cabin for a mud session. She spreads it all around my body; its temperature is slightly higher than my body. It is a very pleasant sensation. The young woman whom is attending me says that I will feel improvements in a few days and assures me that I will not have to suffer any cold or flu this winter. Could this be possible?

AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works Some rights reserved by Moyan Brenn

I have heard so much about the water and mud properties from the Mar Menor salt lakes in Murcia (Spain) that for a long time I have wanted to visit this warm place in the Spanish peninsula. When at last I landed at San Javier airport, the first thing that took my attention was the difference in temperature with the British winter. The captain on the plane had informed us that the temperature was 19 degrees centigrade, which means a big difference with the 2 degrees that the thermometers were showing in Leeds scarcely a few hours before, when I set out on the journey. I can see the palm trees around me and I can see that the bushes keep their flowers despite being in the middle of D e c e m b e r. T h a t makes me remember all those British pensioners whom have chosen Murcia as their place of residence and I start to understand their reasons. But I cannot lose time because, Javier Fabra, the spa manager of the Lodomar Hotel is waiting to

well maintained, with a certain oriental touch, but at the same time very alike to any other urban spa. show me its installa- He points out to me: tions and treatments.


Magazine Project by Laura Brothers, Danielle Theakston, Alejandra & Paula

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