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Color Poem

Blue looks like the floating sky. Blue sounds like beautiful ocean waves. Blue smells like jellybeans on a sunny day. Blue tastes like amazing summer blueberries. Blue feels like the bubbles popping.

Limerick There once was a man named Joe Who had lived in Mexico That had a fat cat Who played with a rat And had a very big limo

FCAT Great , Hard Learning, Reading, Writing Paper, pencil, multiplication, division Thinking, working, adding Helpful, fun Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test

Autobiographical Poem Lizbeth Learner, Responsible, Respectful Daughter of Ramon Cano and Alma Solorio Who loves Flowers, Cookies, Babies Who is Scared about FCAT Who needs Family, Mom, Dad Who gives Food, Book and crayons Who fears Big dogs, Snakes, and Spider Who dreams of being a teacher A student of Ms. Beauchamp Cano


Poems made my Lizbeth!

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