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High Strung Daniella Woolf, solo exhibition at Conrad Wilde Gallery

High Strung Daniella Woolf, solo exhibition at Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson April 4-26, 2015

How it all began Last summer, Miles Conrad visited my studio and saw this piece, OCD But not Perfect. He said he liked this work, and wanted to show more of it. He said I would probably need help. I accepted, and knowing he was right, I went on a quest to find help. I got in touch with local artist and art teacher, Kathleen Crochetti (who knows about OCD) at the middle school in our neighborhood to see if she would recommend some students who could help me out. Three wonderful teen agers in the ‘hood became my partners in crime in the stringing of thousands of 1/4 inch squares onto linen thread. Then their boyfriends, moms and friends got involved. Truly this show has had community involvement, and I couldn’t have done it without the help from the ‘hood, my wife Kim, friends and my hand therapist. It takes a village to make art.

OCD But not Perfect, 18” x 18” left, repurposed from Forest of Words Installation on right

Study in Blue 18” x 18” strung paper 2015

Study in Blue Collage (left)

This page:Elements of shred paper used in Study in Blue Collage

Study in Green 18” x18” strung paper 2015

Study in Green Collage

Study in Yellow 18” x 18” strung paper 2015

Study in Red Study in Red Collage, left 8” x 10” 2015

Study in Red 18” x 12” strung paper 2015

Netflix 12” x 14” strung paper 2015

Scale of Netflix

Netflix Collage, 8” x 10”, 2015

10,000 Muu Muus 10,000 Muu Muus was born at a dinner in LA with 3 of my friends from Jr. High. One friend said, “You know my father has 10,000 Muu Muus in his garage in Las Vegas.” Immediately I saw an installation in a museum, which morphed into a performance piece with 1,000 women dressed in Muu Muus, sunglasses and Hawaiian straw hats, strolling through the casinos. A few months later, the four of us were on a road trip to Las Vegas, to check out the inventory in her dad’s garage. Not only were there Muu Muus, maybe 500, but paper dressmakers patterns, thread fabric and her father’s corn flake boxes turned into file folders. In honor of our shared life-long friendship, and her dad, I made these pieces. The elements in 10,000 Muu Muus are composed, alternatively, of her dad’s dressmaking pattern paper (yellow strips) and his corn flake box containers (grey). 10,000 Muu Muus 12” x 12”strung paper 2015

Collage of Dressmakers Pattern Paper and Corn Flake Boxes, 8”x 10”, 2015

Dress maker pattern paper and file folder notes

Collage of Corn Flake Boxes, 6” x 6”, 2015

Corn Flake Boxes in situ

Las Vegas Road Trip to recover 10,000 Muu Muus.

Our shadows in the late afternoon sun

Bamboo Fashion Shop Hang Tags, Lower left, her dad in his Army Uniform, Muu Muu discovery in garage

Shred corn flake boxes and dressmaker pattern material.

1/4 inch squares for 10,000 Muu Muus , piercing mat, Corn Flake Box shreds in place for shredding to squares.

Mizono 12” 12” Strung paper 2015

Mzono collage, 8” x 10”, 2015

Solitaire, 12� x 12�, strung playing cards, 2015

Solitaire Collage, detail, 12� x 12�, playing cards, 2015

Thai Date, strung Thai calendar, 12” x 12”, 2015

Thai Date Collage, 8” x 8”, 2015

Landscape, 12” x 12”, strung paper, 2015

Landscape Collage, 3.5” x 4/5”. 2015

Landscape Collage, 6.5” x 9.5”, 2015

Photos, 12” x 12”. strung photos, 2015

Photos, 12” x 12”. strung photos, 2015

Communitea, 20” x 26”, strung tea bag tabs, 2015

Totems Totems have been used by many cultures to signify a kinship group, feature designs that function as supernatural beings, as family crests or to honor chiefs. These Totems function as story tellers that commemorate a person, a place, a special occasion, a memory or simply transfigure a work of art into a vertical structure.Â

Yellow Totem 38� strung paper 2015

Manila Totem 54�. strung paper, 2015

Ortiz Totem strung paper 56� 2015

Collection Ortiz family

Brown Totem, strung paper, 38�

Collection Lisa Ford

Ecru Totem, strung paper, 54�, 2015

Black and White Totem, strung paper, 72�, 2015

Red Totem, strung paper, 52�, 2015

3 Multicolor Totems and Three Neutral Totems, strung paper, dimensioins variable, 2015

Thank you to rr jones for photography, Kim and the other kids in the ‘hood who helped string, and to Johna, Kitch, Camille, Sue, Alex, Deb, Margie and my Kimmie for all the help love and support!

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