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th e bran d nam e:

NO/KAG E what is no/kage? NO/KAGE is a Facebook page that aims to protect women online and make social media a safe place for them.


NO + HOKAGE = NO/KAGE, meaning, “No to Pastor Hokage culture. It needs to be stopped before it becomes a norm.”

Since the issue started on social media, the initial action should be awareness on social media also, because the harassers, perverts and the victims are there. Social media is where most people are nowadays so there’s a higher probability that the advocacy will get more attention there.

the process

why on social media? pu rpose To raise awareness for online sexual harassment Share useful tips and information to women and teenage girls To report content that violates women’s rights online

th e name

Give news updates on online sexual harassment

Derived from the term “hokage,” a word used in the Naruto animated series that means “highest and strongest ninja.”

To empower women positively despite the alarming rise of online sexual harassment cases

In Filipino internet slang, it refers to a perverted man who gets or makes a move on a girl easily. [Other slang terms for this are ‘chansing’, ‘ninja moves’ and ‘galawang breezy.’]


NO/KAGE: A Thesis on Online Sexual Harrassment  


NO/KAGE: A Thesis on Online Sexual Harrassment