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Irvington Presbyterian Church

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October, 2011

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Humans are, as it were, hard-wired to respond to good things with praise and admiration. We have a built-in need to tell other people about what we admire. “I found this great restaurant.” “Have you seen this movie?” “Have you met this wonderful person I know?” Since God is by far the best there is, we humans find our fulfillment in expressing our love, wonder and admiration for God.

him. As soon as the Israelites escaped from Egypt and became the people of God they sang together on the shores of the Red Sea, “I will sing

As a vital part of our thriving in God‟s grace, we meet regularly to offer ourselves anew to God and to receive blessings from him. In particular we meet on Sunday morning to worship to the Lord, for He is highly exalted. God. He is the audience; we all are … The LORD is my strength and my the ones who offer our hearts to him. song. He has become my salvation. There is a horizontal element to wor- He is my God and I will praise ship. We belong together, and each him.” (Exodus 15:1-2) one of us has gifts that are a blessing Paul tells us to „be filled with the Spirto all. Our worship is a sign of our oneness in Christ. Worship is vertical it. Speak to one another with psalms, too, as we join our voices and hearts hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and to tell God how we love him and offer make music in your heart to the Lord.‟ (Ephesians 5:18-19) ourselves anew to him. We receive from Him in the message, in the pray- As we at IPC search for a new music ers, in our monthly Holy Communion. director, now that Jonathan Fadner Just as the cross has a horizontal and has left us, please pray for God‟s wisa vertical beam, our worship ties us dom for the search team. Pray that together to one another and draws us God lead us to someone who can dicloser to God. Worship is also a way rect our hearts and minds to help us we welcome people into the family of find the freedom to express the love God. when they see how we admire we have for him. God, they appreciate him as well. Yours in the Love of Christ, Music has always been the way God‟s people tell God how they love Pastor Michael

Irvington Presbyterian Church

October, 2011

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- Mary Wolfe

DEACON’S REPORT Six of our Deacons were present at the Board of Deacons meeting held in the McKowen Room on Tuesday, September 20 at 7:00 pm. Several Deacons were ill and, therefore, unable to attend. Ron Fong, Clerk of Session, sat in for Pastor Michael who was on vacation. After opening with prayer and a devotional given by Geraldine Hoyt, the minutes of the August 16 Deacons‟ meeting and August 25 Board of Elders meeting were reviewed and approved. Communion and Coffee assignments were reviewed and assigned. Especially noteworthy in the several items of business that were addressed, was the assignment of new members, Nick Look and Mindy Chin to Deacon Karen Jaycox‟s Parish #2. Joys and concerns were shared and the meeting was closed with prayer. For information about, or to identify your assigned Deacon, call the church office at 510-657-3133 or Moderator, June Dawson, at 510-656-2277. Please call your Deacon if you have a concern or need.

SPECIAL 125th ANNIVERSARY PROGRAM AND DINNER – Mary Wolfe Reserve October 8, 2011 on your calendars for a special tribute to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of IPC. Plans have been finalized for a very special program that will review our history and teach about “Things I Remember” from former and current members. Prepare yourself to be challenged with the message “Honor the Past, Embrace the Future.” There will also be special music and congregational singing. The event is set to begin at 3:30 p.m. in the IPC sanctuary. Following the program, a catered dinner will be served in the Social Hall. Reservations are required and limited. The deadline for reserving a dinner space is September 29. The $5 per dinner charge may be paid directly to Mary Wolfe after worship on Sunday, September 25. You may also pay at the church office. Please make your reservations early.

FUND DRIVE ESTABLISHED FOR INSTALLING OUR BELL– Mary Wolfe After some research, it was discovered that our church bell was installed in the bell tower of “The Little White Church” in 1896. This sets the age of the bell at 115 years. Efforts are underway to mount the bell (probably above the choir room) and have it operational this year. A special “Let the Bell Ring Again Offering” will be a part of our 125th anniversary program. The estimated cost to reactivate our beautiful, bronze, 500 lb. bell and have it installed is about $4,000. Your prayerful donations to help us cover this cost would be greatly appreciated. Please mark your donation, “Let the Bell Ring Again Program”.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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October, 2011

MISSIONS UPDATE OUR NEW MISSIONARIES—Patti Boyland David and Sara T. are a new addition to IPC‟s missionary family. On August 21, we were blessed by their visit to IPC. During the worship hour, they showed a film about their work among an unreached Muslim people in Asia. Sarah and David work with a group whose members are unable to freely practice their chosen faith or show their love for Jesus Christ. After worship, the IPC Missions Team hosted a luncheon for Sarah, David and their four young children. They, in turn, shared with the congregation, their activities in community development and teaching about the love of Jesus. Their ability to embrace a deep-rooted Muslim culture and present the gospel within the framework of this culture is remarkable. Excellent presentations by both Sara and David were well received with lots of good questions and positive feedback from the more than 50 people who were in attendance. David and Sara are in the States now on furlough and will return in November to the remote area in Asia where they have been living for about ten years. Even though their work is very challenging, it is evident that they really enjoy sharing the word of Christ. They are enjoying their stateside visit; and at the same time, are enthusiastically looking forward to getting back to their village to continue their ministry. It was a good opportunity to hear first hand of such frontier mission work. The IPC Missions Team is pleased that we are now helping support several missionaries involved in sharing the gospel among people who have never had a church in their culture. Note: We are unable to show pictures or specify the location of this ministry because of the sensitive nature of David and Sara T’s work. Please continue to pray for their continued success.

Caroline Kurtz to Visit IPC October 23—Tim Stachowiak (editorial update) Caroline Kurtz is an Associate Director of the Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship (PFF), a "Validated Mission Support Group" of PCUSA, dedicated to advancing faith in Jesus among the unreached or sparsely reached peoples of the world. Caroline will first preach during our Sunday Worship and then present her ministry‟s work during an Ethiopian-themed luncheon in the Social Hall following worship. Luncheon is $5 per person and you can sign up during social hour beginning October 9. Much of Caroline‟s efforts are focused on the growth in Christian spiritual development among the peoples of southwestern Ethiopia. Caroline and PFF also work with Light of Hope Ministries to deliver Christ's saving message among the Arssi Oromo people. Your generous donations have helped IPC fund Caroline as well as the Light of Hope Ministry that she supports. On September 25, IPC congregation enjoyed a video of Arssi Oromo Christians, singing worship songs written in their own language. IPC is excited to partner Caroline And Christian Friends with Caroline. We look forward to her visit and hearing about her work.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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Session News & Notes Buildings & Grounds A diseased Linden tree outside the Social Hall was removed. We are working on steam cleaning the nursery carpets and are in the process of obtaining quotes for repainting the Social Hall and replacing the carpet in the sanctuary. The City of Fremont has requested that the Community Development Block Grant for the Social hall roof be completed by June 30, 2012.

Personnel Session approved a paid staff position for a parttime Worship Leader who will also be the Music Director and work with the Pastor to coordinate Sunday Worship. We are in the process of advertising this position. In the meantime, Session has approved the appointment of Daniel Khuc, our organist, as the interim Music Director, pending recruitment of a Worship Leader. There is a planned Congregational Meeting on October 16 or 23 to elect Pat Jeffries as a Worship Elder.

New Book of Order Nomenclature The new Book of Orders has the following name changes that were adopted by Session. “Ordered Ministry” replaces “office” Deacons are still deacons, but they are now the “Ministry of Compassion and Service”. Elders are now “Ruling Elders with the Ministry of Discernment and Governance”. Pastors are now “Teaching Elders with the Ministry of the Word and the Sacrament”.

Installing The Bell Of the six possible locations to hang the 115 year old IPC bell, the most esthetically pleasing and appealing is to mount the bell on the roof of the choir room. A feasibility/design study with

October, 2011

- Ron Fong

quotations will be completed before a decision is made to permanently locate the bell.

Chinese Ministry Angelina Yu‟s brother was sick in Hong Kong. Amy Wu reached him and prayed the sinner‟s prayer with him. Amy is also arranging for people to take him to a local church. despite opposition from his Buddhist family.

Worship Task Force The 3 Groups that were formed from the Task Force to address the recommended issues to enhance the IPC worship are: MUSIC Action Group Kamroon Baksh (initial team leader) Justin Chaikin, Betty Blizel, Helen Jogensen, Peggy Handano, Mary Wolfe. WORSHIP Action Group Pat Jeffries (initial team leader) Joan Fong, Helen Jorgensen, Doug Blizel, Darleen Neesham, Mustapha Baksh, Betty Blizel, Mary Ellen McKowen PRESENTATION Action Group Ronnie Fong (initial team leader) Alexis DiMaggio, Cathy Jeffries, Mustapha Baksh, Jeanne Garrett (bulletin only)

Finance New worker‟s compensation insurance starts 10/1. Thanks to Don Carson for finding a new policy with a 44% reduction in premium. The summer dip was deeper than in years past. Finance is now projecting an end of year deficit instead of a minor surplus. Clearwire rental payments were increased per the lease.

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October, 2011

Youth Ministry - Anh Truong 12 Stones Student Ministries: The goal of 12 Stones Ministry at IPC is to prepare students 7th grade through college to accept Christ. The investment, dedication and prayers of IPC 12 Stones Ministry is to help insure Christ is known, living and constantly influencing the lives of our youth.

ming a natural river and spending some time in the Yosemite National Park. The group basked in fellowship and camaraderie. During

12 SM:Youth Fellowship: Just as a stone is a piece of rock that has been refined through the course of its life, people also need to be refined by Christ to be part of His Kingdom. 12 Stones Youth Fellowship, therefore, set out to challenge students with life-changing decisions. The truth needs to be told, heard and lived. We don‟t want to change who you are and He does not want to either. Come as you are - Broken, Happy, Sad, Hardened, Failure, Powerful or anything else and join us this Fall on Fridays at 7:35 - 9:35 pm in room #3. For more information, please see our Facebook group page: “12Stones Fellowship.”

12 SM: Sunday Youth Service The point of Sunday morning service is more than just waking up early and learning about Christ. It‟s about being with the church body as one and worshiping. We use an array of teaching tools to get God‟s word known and understood. Join us Sunday morning at 10:15 - 11:25 am in the Sanctuary and in room #3 after worship.

12 Stones Student Ministries News: Yosemite Camping 9/9-9/11: A wonderful weekend was enjoyed by our group at Pastor Michael‟s house, “Cupcake”, located in Yosemite. The highlights of the trip were swim-

our stay at Yosemite, a student made a decision to accept the LORD! God truly knows the right time and place for his children to commit to him. College Move In: This fall, we were able to help some of our students move into UC Davis and UC Irvine. It‟s a blessing to see them begin a new phase of their lives. Please continue to pray for our new and current college students. Thank You Student Ministries Interns: We were blessed to have four interns, Thomas Choy, Stephanie Kwok, Jon Huang, and Kevin Sui serve in our Student Ministries this past summer. All four came with unique skills and passions; and with one common factor, to serve our community and church. May God bless our summer interns.

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October, 2011

Children’s Ministry Do you have 5 minutes to pray? We bet you do! Join us this year as a prayer partner. Each week your bulletin will have a prayer focus for the coming week. If you take 5 minutes a day praying for iKidz that will be 35 minutes of prayer a week. Sign up and receive your prayer reminder magnet beginning in October.

Parent Small Group Begins in October! If you are a parent, grandparent, or guardian of a child, you are invited to join us on the LAST TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH from 7-8 p.m. You will meet with other parents like yourself, chat and share your experiences in parenting. Topics throughout the year will focus on parenting, handling stress, creating family traditions, discipline and guest presenters. For more information contact the Church Office for a flyer.

We’re Looking for a Few GOOD HANDS! GLOW is coming to iKidz! This is a black light group made up of children, adults and seniors who create choreographed hand movements to praise/worship songs. We plan to present our first video during the Christmas holiday season and would like you to join us. This could become a regular experience if the response is enthusiastic. For more information contact MJ in the Children‟s Ministries Office (510) 657-3133

There’s Still Time to Sign up For BLAST! BLAST has already started and there is still room for your child, grandchild or neighbor. Registration forms are available in the Church Office. Children registering now will begin attending the LAST TUESDAY of the MONTH.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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October, 2011

Activities Update Goodbye to Jonathan Fadner Jonathan Fadner, our Music Director, left on September 25, after 3 years of service. We are deeply grateful for his leadership and dedication to our music programs and saddened by his departure. On the positive side we are delighted that Jonathan has accepted an expanded role in music at the Berkeley Playhouse that requires his full time commitment. We wish him well and pray for his continued success.

Ministry at Hirsch—Jeanette Ollison Mrs. Casey gave us the very encouraging news that students‟ test scores have improved from 780 to 910 in the Academic Performance Index during the past 7 years. She attributes the improvement in part to the institution of the Homework Club, which IPC has been leading on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for the past 6 Years and to Kids Club, run by IPC and Harbor Light for the past 3 years. The Fremont School District has noted this improvement and has given Kids Club free rental of the facility at the school. We give God glory for what He has done for these children now and for eternity!

Visit us on YouTube Were you unable to attend worship service? Would you like to replay the Pastor‟s message or listen to our wonderful praise team? Well, simply visit YouTube where you will find the hymns and Pastor‟s message posted, thanks to the Handono family. Johnny films and edits, while Peggy downloads the programs. IPC Collection YouTube or phandono YouTube

Hymn Fest One of the recommendations from the Music Committee of the Worship Task Force is to conduct a Hymn Fest. This would allow the congregation to recommend Hymns and Songs that they would like included in Sunday Worship. Forms will be distributed on Sunday October 16 and 23. The forms will be collected after worship and tabulated by October 30. The results will be given to the Music Director, Pastor Michael and the worship committee for inclusion in worship. This is your opportunity to recommend Hymns and Songs that you want to be part of your Sunday Worship experience at IPC.

Worship Task Force This Task Force had five meetings: August 17, 24, 31 and September 7 and 14. The goal of the task force was to recommend changes that will enhance our worship experience. The meetings were moderated by Rev. Doug Stevens. The many recommendations to enhance the worship experience were grouped into 3 categories: Worship, Music and Presentation, each having a committee of volunteers who will meet to refine and flush out targets and schedules. Each committee has a leader and will present its recommendations to session on 9/29 or the Worship Committee for action. The Music and Presentation Committees will then dissolve and the Worship Committee will continue to function as a major contributor in planning and enhancing our worship experience. Members of the Presentation and Music Committees as well as from the congregation should feel free to be part of this Worship Committee to help insure its success.

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October, 2011

Congregation News The Hirsch Homework Club - Jeanette Ollison The Homework Club is a ministry at Hirsch Elementary School that several members of IPC have been participating in for nearly 4 years. Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:35 to 3:45 pm, volunteers have been tutoring students who need extra help to succeed in school. There is also a group of students from Irvington High School who help tutor and receive community service hours. Jennifer Bond

Michael Flenniken

Stuart Brandon

Beverly Green

Holly Chaikin

Geraldine Hoyt

Renee Davis

Maisha Ollison

Frank DuClos

Stan Starkel

Mary Ellen McKowen

Don Jorgensen

Mrs. Casey, Hirsch‟s Principal, says that the students test scores have also improved. The volunteer tutors find the work rewarding as we see students gain understanding of something that was puzzling to them. It‟s wonderful to hear the students talk about their improved grades. Those who were failing in one or more subjects are proud to show us the great grades they now receive on tests or papers. We have heard from former students that they are now doing well with their schoolwork as a result This year the Homework Club has been especially helpful to the Hirsch teachers who have new responsibilities and fewer prep periods as a result of the state budget cuts. We now have 70 students from grades 1 through 6 attending the club. Thanks to the IPC tutors Jeane Garrett, Carol Lynn, Shirley Murray, and Thea Pex, who have given many hours of their time to this ministry. Your hard work is greatly appreciated by the students, teachers and principal. You have shared God‟s love in a wonderful way that will make a difference in the lives of these children and in our community.

Dan Nolan Kingman was called to the Kingdom of God on September 2, 2011. He was a valued member of IPC where he served as Elder, Deacon and Facilities Manager. Dan was preceded in death by his beloved wife Shuri Shen Kingman and son Dan Jr. Kingman. His service in the U.S. Air Force was recognized by an Honor Guard at a well-attended Memorial Service at IPC on September 10, 2011. Dan blessed many by using his beautiful voice to praise the Lord in song. He is remembered for his upbeat songs in the Praise Group. “It‟s Shouting Time in Heaven!”. Dan. We all miss you.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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October, 2011

Weekdays at IPC Communion — Pastor Boyland Anyone who trusts in Jesus Christ and has been baptized is welcome to partake of the Lord‟s Supper in our church. It is a gift from God for us who do not deserve it, but who gratefully receive his love and his cleansing power. We prepare to receive the bread and cup by confessing our sins and doing our utmost to patch up any differences with other people. At IPC we celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month, and on Thursday mornings at 7:30 am in the Sanctuary.

Church Directory Pastor:

Rev. Michael Boyland

Worship Assistant:

Ron Fong

Address: 4181 Irvington Avenue

Chinese Pastor:

Dick Hwang

P.O. Box 1336,

Youth Ministries Director :

Anh Truong

Fremont, CA 94538

Children Ministries Director: Jeanette Beland

Phone: (510) 657 3133

Music Director:



Daniel Khuc


Organist: Office Manager; Facilities Manager:

Frankie Cabral (open)

Office Hours: 8:00 am —12:00 pm, Monday – Friday

Bible Studies Men’s Bible Study — Men meet with Pastor Boyland at Bay Street Coffee Roasting Friday mornings from 8 am to 9 am to discuss selected Bible sections. All men are welcomed.

Women’s Bible Study— Meet in the McKowen Room every Monday at 9:30 am. New members are welcomed to join. Contact Eleanor Conwell at (510) 656 8208

J.O.Y Adult Bible School— Sunday mornings at 9:00 am in the McKowen Room. Pastor Michael will lead for the next 6 weeks. Contact Pastor Michael for more information.

Home Bible Study—Meet at Mary Ellen McKowen‟s home on alternate Mondays at 7:30 pm. Contact Mary Ellen McKowen for more information (510) 657 6360

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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October, 2011

knowing your Congregation

- Editors

Anh began his ministry as Director of IPC Youth Ministries in August 2010. He has been affiliated with IPC since youth, through membership in Home of Christ 3. He credits his IPC appointment to Elder Ron Fong who recognized the value of Anh‟s commitment and passion to serve in our Youth Ministry. Anh believes: “It was God‟s divine plan for me to be here.” This past June, he formally became a member of IPC; and concurrently, was ordained Elder At Large. Anh values the autonomy he has when working with the youths at IPC. His focus, with the Lord leading, is on giving his charges the same opportunity he had to be free of sin, guilt and shame; and to replace these with grace, blessings, acceptance and baptism. His plan for leading youth groups is based on his interpretation of 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ‟s power may rest on me. 10 That is why, for Christ‟s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. Anh credits his decision to form 12 Stones, the Youth Ministry group, to his beautiful wife, Eachan, whom he met and fell in love with while volunteering at a Youth Ministry. They both share the same love and joy for Christ and for ministering to youth. (12 Stones is so named for the 12 tribes of Israel that lay the foundations of the world today.) Anh states: “Eachan is an amazing person who hears God‟s calling and acts based on His teachings.” Anh and Eachan ministered 12 Stones on their own with 10 students and no church support for the first year. During the second year 12 Stones combined with IPC students to form the IPC Student Ministries. This combined group grew from a small fellowship and has now expanded “beyond expectations.” 12Stones Student Ministries now encompasses a With 12 SM Students Friday Night Fellowship, College Fellowship, and a Sunday Service. Three students from 12 Stones, Nick Look, Alex Chung and Mindy Lai committed to the Lord by Baptism. This past summer Anh led the Restoration Service program, an evening youth service. Anh‟s commitment and dedication are evident in the achievements of his 12 Stones Youth Group who conducted worship service on Sunday August 21. They led the congregation through a complete program of music and prayer, much to the delight of the congregation. He is looking forward to future opportunities to lead worship when his group returns from college during holidays. When asked how he came to be a Christian, Anh replied: “My story of how I came to Christ is a bit complex. I would love to tell you over a meal or cup of boba milk tea! I can tell you what Christ means to me now. He has made me happy with who and what I am because of His love for me and mine for Him. My focus is on Him. I do everything because of Him”. Anh discusses the love in his family: “My wife, Eachan, is my love. After 8 years of knowing my wife, the last 5 being married, our love for each other is stronger than ever. Our daughter, Charis Bella, is our life. God binds all three of us together. Being a witness to the birth of Charis was definitely a life changing experience. No words can ever describe the beauty and wonder God allows to be created between two people so much in love with Anh, Charis and Eachan Christ and each other”.

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October Calendar


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4181 Irvington Avenue


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Permit No. 52

Fremont, CA 94538-0133

Fremont, CA


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October 2011 Cornerstone  

The Cornerstone is IPC’s monthly newsletter; here you will find news of the church, its members and events past and present.

October 2011 Cornerstone  

The Cornerstone is IPC’s monthly newsletter; here you will find news of the church, its members and events past and present.