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Irvington Presbyterian Church

Fremont, CA

January, 2012

The Life You Have Always Wanted Sundays Worship 10:15 a.m. (Nursery and Children Sunday School During Service) J.O.Y. Bible Study: 9:00 a.m. Irvington Chinese Presbyterian Service: 10:15 a.m.

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If you have ever been frustrated with the state of your spiritual life; if you’ve ever wondered why spiritual growth seems to go so slowly; if you've ever wondered if real change is possible; if you've ever felt confused or stuck in your spiritual life – you’re my kind of person. We have plenty of head knowledge, but how do we get that to connect with our hearts? I have struggled and still do struggle with those same things. I wonder how I can get to know God any better. Why don’t I hear his voice more clearly? But I have also discovered that it is possible to live the life I’ve always wanted to live. The Good News of Jesus insists that human beings really can change. It is never easy. It is rarely quick. But it is possible, and it happens. I see it happening in people from time to time, and occasionally, in myself. This kind of positive change happens any time people become intensely serious about learning from Jesus how to arrange their lives.

Bible Studies

Inside this issue:

Through the centuries, wise people have given themselves to following Jesus in this way. This series of Sunday morning talks and small group meetings is an attempt to make some of that wisdom accessible to us folks who live in a world of freeways, X boxes and emails. When you are through, my hope is that you will accept Christ’s invitation to live life his way because it truly is the life you’ve always wanted.

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I hope you will find time to join with some friends, old or new, to explore the life you’ve always wanted.



Happy New Year for 2012.

From January 8th through February 12th I will be giving a series of Sunday morning talks on six aspects of the life you’ve always wanted, the heart at peace in a busy world. During each of those six weeks, small groups will meet to watch a video by John Ortberg on the subject and to talk it over.

Pastor Michael

Irvington Presbyterian Church

January, 2012

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- Mary Wolfe

Nine Deacons and Pastor Michael gathered at moderator June Dawson’s home on December 13, for the final meeting of the year. The meeting was opened with prayer by Pastor Michael and a devotional titled “It isn’t always easy” was given by Thea Pex. Minutes of the November meeting were approved as read. Session report was reviewed and the Treasurer’s Report was filed for audit. Communion and coffee assignments were reviewed. Pastor Michael continues to work with Dan Kingman's mother and an attorney to resolve the details of Dan’s estate. The church bell was installed above the choir room and was rung on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We are thankful for this restoration as part of our 125th Anniversary Celebration. Information for ordering a DVD of the October 8 program will be printed in the Sunday bulletin. The cost is $10 and may be ordered through Johnny Handono. Proceeds will go to the Deacons’ Fund. Deacons’ Donations: Two families were given clothing and food in approximate amounts of $250 each. The amounts were appropriated based on need. $2,000 was given to the League of Volunteers for the purchase of bicycles. Jeanette Ollison was the November “Acts of Kindness” recipient and was given a $25 gift card for Subway Sandwiches. At the end of December, June Dawson, Geraldine Hoyt and Mary Wolfe will end their tenure on the Board of Deacons. June thanked the Board for a job well done this year. In return, June was thanked for her outstanding leadership role. At the close of the meeting, refreshments were served in keeping with the holiday theme. New Parish assignments will be given at the January meeting when new Deacons begin their term.

Meal-A-Month Sunday - Bonnie Nichols, Teresa Oliver Meal-A-Month is a program developed by your Missions Team. On Mission Sunday each month, we encourage your donations for this program. You don’t have to wait until Mission Sunday! Select any Sunday and place your donation in the offering plate, marking your check “Meal A Month.” Donations are given to Tri-City Volunteers, a local agency serving the communities of Fremont, Newark & Union City. The $$$$ received are used to help provide needy families with food, clothing, household items, housing and shelter referrals. We want to thank everyone for their financial support of this program. Praise the Lord that we are willing and able to help those less fortunate than ourselves! If you would like more information about this local Mission or our other Mission efforts around the world and want to find out how you can help, please feel free to speak with any Mission Team member (Virginia Stull, Mary Ellen McKowen, Patti Boyland, Pastor Michael Boyland, Jenni Pellot, Bonnie Nichols, Teresa Oliver, Kamroon & Mustapha Baksh.) IPC Bell

Irvington Presbyterian Church

January, 2012

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MissionS Update Thank you, Thank you, Thank you -

Mary Ellen McKowen

Mission Team extends heartfelt thanks to all who contributed gifts and to all who helped make a very successful Birthday Party for Jesus. Fifty bags of gifts were delivered to Tri-City Volunteers, and, indeed, there was a very happy, grateful response from the worker in charge. She asked for details about where the gifts came from and made sure she had the name and address of the giving organization in order to send an official thank you letter. The gifts were to be distributed the following Saturday at a special party they were planning. Almost all bags donated had multiple gifts. It is estimated that there were at least 150 gifts. The following Sunday an additional large bag labeled “Party for Jesus” was discovered in the Narthex of the church with at least another 15 gifts in it. These were delivered the next day, and although it was after their party distribution date, the Tri-City Volunteers were very happy to have them for any last-minute distribution.

News From the Front Lines

- Pastor Michael

Richard and Wendy Yancey live and work in a West African nation among a Muslim people six million strong. They have three children, Nathan, Rachel and Anastasia. This year your Mission Team was privileged to add Richard and Wendy’s work to our portfolio of mission workers. Richard and Wendy and the children recently returned to their adoptive homeland after a spell in the USA. When they got there, a religious leader, a friend of theirs, led them back into his compound in the village. He came out of his house with an armload of books, including Bibles in Arabic, French and the local language. He was eager to talk about God’s word, and it was clear that he had been waiting for the opportunity. While Richard and Wendy were in the US they had been praying for him and wondering how the scriptures would be at work in his life. Now they found him to be an enthusiastic seeker, and they pray that he will bring others who are open. This leader is an example of a person of peace. When Jesus sent out the twelve and then the seventy-two he told them, “Whatever town or village you enter, search for some worthy person there and stay at that house until you leave. As you enter the home, give it your greeting. If the home is deserving, let your peace rest on it; if it is not let your peace return to you.” (Matthew 10:11-12) Jesus told his followers to find a person who is both influential and receptive to the good news, and then to spend time with that “person of peace.” Please pray for this leader to be both receptive to the good news and influential among his people.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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January, 2012

- Ron Fong Session News & Notes Finance Finance advises general giving in 2011 continued lower than 2010, but rental income is higher than 2010. November giving was lower than the previous year. A draft budget for 2012 was reviewed by Session at the December meeting. It tentatively shows a deficit budget for 2012. A special Session meeting will be held January 19, 2012, to further pray and resolve the budget. Pray for Session to have wisdom in the proper balancing and financing of the long-term vision and mission of IPC to bring people to Christ.

Nominating Committee At the Congregational Meeting on December 18, Nom Comm recommended 13 candidates for church officer positions . They were all elected.

Deacons Class of 2012: Class of 2014:

Class of 2013: Class of 2014:

The Bell The Bell was installed on the roof above the choir room. Session is working on a system to ring the bell with an electro-mechanical clapper.

Stewardship Offering Envelopes for 2012 are ready for pickup in the church narthex. To facilitate the counters, we request you mark the outside of the envelope with either CHECK or CASH and add your envelope number on any check. Don’t forget to turn in your Pledge Cards.

Deloris Anderson Bonnie Berger, Gill Carson, Kathy Fletcher, Jean Landrum, Lisa Young and Emmy Yourish

Clerk Actions

Joe DiMaggio, Don Carson and David Wegener Russ Pennelly Mustapha & Kamroon Baksh

Reported Joan Fong is a nominee for “delegate to the PCUSA 220th General Assembly” in 2012. This will be voted on at the San Francisco Presbytery meeting in Walnut Creek on January 31.

Elders Class of 2012:

is projected to reduce our natural gas use by 23%. Session authorized $482 for reupholstering two pews that have cuts in them. The rental lease with the Communidad Church is being negotiated by Don Carson. The new lease income is likely to be lower than current.

Bids were received for re-roofing the Social Hall that currently has 55-year-old asbestos tiles. The low bidders were within budget. A bid protest on the award has been filed and is being reviewed.

The Church Alive committee position is still open. Session is reviewing the responsibilities and scope of this committee.

Annual reports to the Clerk are due January 13.

Buildings & Grounds

Per Capita Tax for 2012 is $32 per member according to Presbytery. Your generous contribution to pay your share will be very welcomed.

Session authorized a $2500 emergency replacement furnace for the Social Hall. The old unit failed and was replaced by a new efficient model that will be eligible for a $250 PG&E rebate and

A church officers retreat is planned for Saturday February 11, 2012. Mark your calendars!

An annual congregational meeting is tentatively scheduled for February 12, 2012.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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January, 2012

Youth Ministry

- Anh Truong

12Stones Student Ministries News: 2011 Review: God has been amazing! In such a short time we have transformed our Student Ministry to mirror the values, goals, and vision of His word that our church follows. We have witnessed development in our students’ personal lives, cultures, and spirituality. At the same time our membership continues to grow. Friday Night Fellowship for High School students and Sunday Morning Youth Service for Jr. High and High School students has been rejuvenated. Our first College Fellowship and Sunday Evening Restoration Service were established this past summer. As our ministry grew, we witnessed also a growth in our youths’ commitment to the Lord. Three students, Mindy Chin, Nick Look, and Alex Chung were baptized. With the Lord’s help, we look forward to having another blessed year through prayer, faith and continuing support from everyone at IPC.

12Stones Sunday Service 12/18/2011: Brought back by popular demand, 12Stones Student Ministries joined our Music Director, Daniel Khuc, for worship in songs. We are always blessed to hear our gifted musicians lead us with familiar songs and lift up our spirits with new ones! Thanks to Paul Choi, Nicholas Fong, Nick Look, Diana Lam, & Mindy Chin who took time off from their holiday break to inspire us with their talents. We ask that you continue to pray for their success as they return to their respective campuses at Biola, UC Davis, UC Irvine, Cornell, Presbyterian College, UC Berkeley, Chico, Columbia, and West Point.

Holiday Happenings -


IPC Christmas Concert We were delighted to attend our first annual concert in the Sanctuary on December 17. This was a well-attended event that our congregation and visitors enjoyed. The program featured “Which Way to the Stable?” performed by our Ikidz Drama Troupe. Nancy Wenstrom and Brad Catania two wellknown singers and artists performed many songs from their recently released CD “Come In To Christmas.” Brad showed his skills on the Flugelhorn with a melodious rendition of “The Christmas Song.” In his message, Pastor Michael explained “What Christmas is About.” The IPC choir sang “It came Upon The Midnight Clear’’ and “The Little Drummer Boy.” Pastor on the guitar and Patti on the flute serenaded us with “O Holy Night.” We found this program and the camaraderie of singing carols with our fellow worshippers, a delightful way to start the celebration of our Savior’s birth.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Worship The recently installed bell called us to worship on both days—what a treat! It was a blessing to see so many new faces at both services. Thanks to Shirley Vic for posting invitation flyers around town.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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January, 2012

Children’s Ministry iKidz studied and celebrated Jesus’ birth this Advent season through many fun and exciting experiences. On Tuesday nights, we continued to share in Jesus’ journey with his friends, discovering many of His “upside down” teachings that are different from the world. We celebrated Advent together as a family, with a special parent group dinner. The night ended with Pastor Michael leading our beautiful Advent wreath experience in the church. Meanwhile, back in the Sunday School Room our grade-school students tackled some challenging questions from the unit “When Jesus Came.” This unit answers the question “Why is Jesus’ birth important for us today?” And wrapping up (yes...pun intended!) the Advent season, our kids did an outstanding job at presenting the short play “Which Way to the Stable?” that shared the Christmas story from the shepherds perspective. They put in many hours memorizing their lines, learning acting skills and rehearsing over 7 times. Their hard work paid off with a wonderful performance that had the attendees raving about the talent of the kids and sharing how the experience touched their hearts. Every child who participated, came away either learning a life lesson, discovering a new skill, or growing friendships with the cast. iKidz would like to thank each and every member of IPC for their support of this ministry. What we do week in and week out is impacting the future of each and every child. ·

Valentine’s Day “Adopt a Soldier” Session approved a Valentine’s Day “Adopt a Solider” event for youth and missions to support the men and women currently serving in our armed forces. If you are interested or would like to help with this project, contact Children’s Ministries Director, Jeanette Beland.

Vacation Bible School Update IPC has agreed to partner with San Ramon Church to help run Vacation Bible School this year. This partnership, that is supported by Session, will allow for an increase in the number of volunteers to administer the program. This project has been increasing in popularity and we are expecting a large number of students to enroll. If you would like to volunteer your time to assist with Vacation Bible School in the summer, contact Children’s Ministries Director, Jeanette Beland.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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January, 2012

Activities Update Hirsch Homework Club and Kids Club - Jeanette Ollison During our church planning in 2006, God laid on my heart the idea for the Homework Club. What I had in mind was for students to come to IPC after school for help with their homework. A note in the Church Bulletin resulted in seven volunteers offering their help. After consulting with Hirsch Elementary School Principal, the consensus was to have the club there. At first we were challenged by negative behaviors of some students in the Homework Club. We worked with the teachers and principal and prayed for God to influence the children’s hearts. Our Lord Jesus Christ, had a transformational effect on Hirsch’s students. The Homework Club is now a friendly place. Students who were failing are excelling academically. Student behavior has improved significantly and rising test scores are garnering the attention of the School Board. This year, Kamroon Baksh and Barbara Walton joined last years volunteers, Jeanette Ollison, Carol Lynn, Jeane Garrett, Thea Pex, and Shirley Murray, to tutor students in the Homework Club. In the summer of 2008, by God’s providence, I met missionaries who promoted School Bible Clubs. Once again I felt God’s calling and IPC began praying for a Bible Club at Hirsch. There weren’t enough volunteers in our Church to start a Bible Club. Mrs. Casey, Hirsch’s Principal after viewing a promotional Kids Club video at Harbor Light Church, decided she wanted to have a Kids Club at her school. We modeled the Hirsch Kids Club after the Santa Clara County Kids Club, an after-school program designed to teach positive biblical life skills to children in public schools. This Club was organized by several churches in that area working together. We collaborated and partnered with Harbor Light

Church to establish a Hirsch Kids Club. In February 2009, Carol Lynn, I and 10 volunteers from Harbor Light started the first Kids Club in Alameda County! In three years of ministry, Hirsch’s Kids Club has grown from 40 to about 100 students. Carol Lynn shared that some students who were reluctant to memorize scripture verses in her Kids Club group now eagerly volunteer to recite them. In my group, I was thrilled to explain to a little boy whose father had passed away, that “God promises to be a father to the fatherless.” My children and I had experienced the same loss; and I felt blessed to be able to comfort this little boy by sharing with him our experience of God’s tender love and care. On Monday, December 12, 2011 the children celebrated Jesus’ birthday with a presentation for their parents. The 6th grade girls entertained us with a skit while the youngest students donned costumes to set the scene of Jesus’ birth. The middle grades recited poetry and sang carols led by Jackie Rockett. The oldest boys heralded us with scripture verses. What a joyous way to celebrate our Savior’s birth! Jackie Rockett is new this year at the Kids Club, joining Carol Lynn and Jeanette Ollison. Thank you to the volunteers who help make these two programs successful!

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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January, 2012

Congregation News Life of the Body— Karen Jaycox "Life of the body" is a monthly report sharing how people serve in IPC. It is presented at worship on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Nancy Chase

In 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31, Paul compares the church body to the physical body. Just as each part of our physical body is important in order for it to function at it’s best, so too, it is in the church body. Paul weaves together a picture of cooperation and mutual June Dawson care for one another. He tells us we need to have concern for all Jonathan Fadner parts equally so that “background” gifts are also praised and not neglected. From the young person who is a Christian example to Ron Fong the elderly saint whose endurance is an inspiration, each member Kimberly Jeffries is vital, needed, and honorable. No member is unimportant.

Mindy Chin

Pat Jeffries

Alex Chung

Dianne McClure

Peter Cola

Melissa Tulley

Betty Blizel Patti Boyland Gill Carson

A friend who injured her “unimportant” little toe, began walking on the inside of her foot to keep pressure off the toe so it could heal. After a few weeks, her knee began to ache and then her hip joint and back. Her uneven gait caused problems throughout her body. If you feel like you are a “little toe” in the church, we need you! You are important! (And if you know of anyone who is a “little toe,” please let me know so we can honor them by sharing what they do in the church body.)

Annual Congregational Meeting This year’s meeting is tentatively scheduled on February 12, immediately following worship. Be there to elect members of the Nominating Committee and to learn more about our plans for 2012. Look for updates in the Church Bulletin and February Cornerstone. Doug and Betty Blizel

New Worship Director Welcome to Alishan Merjanian, our new Worship Director, who started on January 4. In addition to helping plan worship, Alishan will serve as Music Director. He has a BS in Music from San Jose State and is currently pursuing graduate work.

Clara Mae Ridley Bon Dawson

Our sincere thanks to Daniel Khuc for stepping into the role of Music Director for the past 4 months. It was a pleasure to see our choir and Praise Group flourish under his direction. We are blessed to have Alishan be a part of our church family and to have Daniel continue his musical contributions to worship.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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January, 2012

Weekdays at IPC Communion — Pastor Boyland Anyone who trusts in Jesus Christ and has been baptized is welcome to partake of the Lord’s Supper in our church. It is a gift from God for us who do not deserve it, but who gratefully receive his love and his cleansing power. We prepare to receive the bread and cup by confessing our sins and doing our utmost to patch up any differences with other people. At IPC we celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month, and on Thursday mornings at 7:30 am in the Sanctuary.

Church Directory Pastor:

Rev. Michael Boyland

Address: 4181 Irvington Avenue

Chinese Pastor:

Dick Hwang

P.O. Box 1336,

Youth Ministries Director :

Anh Truong

Fremont, CA 94538 Phone: (510) 657 3133

Children Ministries Director: Jeanette Beland Music Director: Organist: Office Manager;

Alishan Merjanian Daniel Khuc Frankie Cabral

Email: Office Hours: 8:00 am —12:00 pm, Monday – Friday

Bible Studies Men’s Bible Study — Men meet with Pastor Michael at Bay Street Coffee Roasting Friday mornings from 8 am to 9 am to discuss selected Bible sections. All men are welcomed.

“The Life You’ve Always Wanted”

— This is a six week program beginning January

15. We will be learning to live the life you have always wanted to live. Each week, Pastor Michael will preach a sermon on one aspect of life. Groups will meet weekly to watch a related video by Pastor John Ortberg and discuss questions on each aspect of life preached.

Women's Bible Study and Home Bible Study will participate in “The Life You’ve Always Wanted” for the next six weeks. These six sessions will replace the regularly scheduled Bible Studies. Details will be published in the Church Bulletin or participants will be contacted directly.

Irvington Presbyterian Church

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January, 2012

Knowing Your Congregation The Ariathurai family, Ken, Lynette, Alex, Natalie and Shivani have been IPC members for more than 10 years. Ken was born in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) to a Christian mother and a Hindu father, and is the youngest of seven. He is fluent in Tamil and Singhalese. At age 16, Ken, his mother and sister Kala, migrated to the U.S. He graduated from U.C Davis as a Mechanical Engineer and worked in Silicon Valley for 24 years before founding his Engineering Consulting Company, AES. Ken owns the UPS Store and Aria Printing on Mission Blvd. in Fremont. He has served as Elder and Worship Elder at IPC. Golfing helps him to relax. Lynnette was born in San Jose, and is proud to be a California native. At four years old she was placed in a foster home. A year later she was placed with another family where she lived until age 16. This is the family she considers to be her own. Lynnette became a Christian through her Youth Group at the United Methodist Church in San Jose. Upon graduating from high school, she began working as a clerk for a Silicon Valley high-tech company. Soon thereafter, she met Ken, who stopped by to meet “the new girl,” and the rest is history. Lynnette studied at night for her college degree, and at age 29 entered law school. She has been a Business and Corporate Attorney sole practitioner in Fremont for 17 years. Lynnette has been a very active member of IPC. Currently she is the Christian Equipping Elder. Other positions held include Deacon, Missions member, LOGOs director and VBS coordinator. She enjoys working with kids, and sharing Christ’s love. Her mission trips to Mexico and Brazil, allowed her to help others and witness the worship of God in other languages. Lynnette has also been involved with StarStruck Theatre, Music for Minors, Fine Arts and Music Education.

- Editors

Alex, age 21, is attending Ohlone College, and looking forward to attending a four-year college next year. Growing up, he played goalie in ice hockey, first base in baseball and defense in basketball. He enjoys touch football with friends and loves computer games. He works in his mom’s legal practice as needed. Natalie, age 19, a sophomore at Chico State, is an Economics major and a Math minor. She has performed with StarStruck Theatre and danced ballet, jazz and hip hop with Mission Dance. In high school she was involved in IPC’s Youth Group, and went on mission trips to Philadelphia, Mexico and Brazil. Natalie volunteers at the Tri-City Free Breakfast Program during summer breaks. Shivani, age 17, is a junior at Mission San Jose High School. She enjoys playing the piano, singing and the musical theatre. She performed with StarStruck Theatre, Show Choir and high school theater. Shivani also danced with Mission Dance. She is glued to her iPhone, hangs with her friends, and looks forward to being on stage. The Ariathurai’s were members of First United Methodist Church on Washington Blvd. They visited IPC during their search for a church that was more bible based. After visiting many churches, they decided to check out the church with the steeple that is visible from Washington Blvd. Here they found the strong bible-based sermons they were searching for, LOGOs for their kids, and an overwhelmingly warm feeling of welcome - they never left!

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January Calendar


Non-Profit Organization


4181 Irvington Avenue


P.O. Box 1366

Permit No. 52

Fremont, CA 94538-0133

Fremont, CA


Please Note: January 26 is the deadline for our February issue. All articles are to be delivered in writing to the church office or by email to:

Acknowledgements Thank you Deacon Mary Wolfe for consistently providing us with the material needed to keep the congregation informed about the activities of our beloved Deacons. We appreciate the time and dedication of all who submitted articles and provided information for January. You play a significant role as we work together in the name of Christ. Kamroon and Mustapha Your Editors

This month’s Cornerstone pictures were provided courtesy of Johnny

Handono, Peggy Handono, Jeanette Beland and Anh Truong. Color printing provided by Ken Ariathurai.

January 2012 Cornerstone  

The Cornerstone is IPC’s monthly newsletter; here you will find news of the church, its members and events past and present.

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