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9 Things Men Are Afraid of While in a Relationship

There are many obstacles when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. They can vary from communication, conflict resolution, or even unchecked emotions. Sometimes the problems we go through in a relationship aren’t what they seem, and have to do with other baggage that we carry. Often they can be stemming from our fears. Many times problems can arise from the fears we face, as fears have a way of making us wrestle with the imaginary and bring out the worst in us. (Check out to learn more on the way men think). When it comes to understanding men, these are tips on the fears men face and can be useful in any relationship.

Male envy Most men suffer from male envy. They believe that sexual gratification for women depends entirely on their penile size. Stacked up along with their natural competitiveness, male envy is a fear that can hurt their relationships.

Sometimes their natural competitiveness and their masculine nature will compare other areas of life. Such as; financial gains, success in careers, and physical strength. As a result they will feel threatened by other men who are better than them in those areas. Where they don’t feel as threatened as an individual, they usually feel as if their partner will somehow value their competition over them.

The cute guy at the coffee shop Maybe he’s your lab partner, or the lifeguard at the beach with the great abs, or even the cute guy at the coffee shop you go to in the morning, but he’s someone men can be afraid of when in a relationship. Where he may just be a small crush or another good looking guy to you, he can be someone that your man feels his relationship with you is threatened by.

Men with more money, better looking, more successful If you haven’t figured it out by now, most men can be competitive. Even if they don’t express it on the surface, they can at least feel threatened by other guys. So naturally they can feel as if they aren’t as valuable compared to another man who is more successful financially, career wise, or any other area that men compete in. They believe that

you wish to be with them in a relationship instead. Competition plays a big role in the male psyche.

Not being able to provide financially Brought up throughout their lives, men have been taught that it’s his role to provide for the family financially. This can put a huge burden on their shoulders that is often overlooked. It also doesn’t help that men aren’t as expressive and don’t talk about it either. Not being able to provide financially is a fear that men face in any relationship. As a result, when money gets tight and financial pressures come, men can blow up and express their frustrations on everyone and everyway, without ever expressing verbally what their true fears are.

Disappointing Not only can men be threatened by competition, but they can also be threatened by their own failures. They view their worth in comparison to others, as well as the goals they are capable of achieving. Disappointing others is a fear that both sexes go through, but can sometimes be greater in men as men identify success and strength closer to their identity.

Intimacy and opening up Men can be afraid to open up or be intimate with others. Opening up and being vulnerable to anyone can be frightening for both men and women. The difference between men and women is that men have less experience with it, perhaps even no experience as some men may have never been vulnerable with anyone. As a result, men can be at a child’s level when it comes to exposing their vulnerabilities and true emotions.

Your ex It may not be so much your ex that he’s threatened by, but the memories and love you shared in your past. Men can act controlling when they feel threatened. Unfortunately, many of them don’t know how to deal with their partner’s exes or process their feelings about them.

That you’ll leave him for your best friend Men can be rather ignorant when it comes to love. They can have a hard time understanding the difference between platonic love and romantic love in their partner. As a result they may feel threatened that you will leave him for your best friend, or someone that you connect with.

Rejection Particularly by a pretty girl, men will be afraid of getting rejected. Where anyone would be afraid of rejection because acceptance is very core to the human nature, men are the ones who are expected to approach women. As a result, they are the ones who have to face down that fear of rejection.

These are just some of the fears men face in relationships. In a healthy partnership, people take care of each other’s thoughts, emotions, hopes and comfort each other’s fears. By understanding what men are afraid of, and reassuring him over them, you can avoid many arguments and issues before they come up and build your relationship to a beautiful unity.

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9 things men are afraid of while in a relationship  
9 things men are afraid of while in a relationship  

Dealing with our fears in relationship is important because often times many fights will stem from some deeper issues that all men face. Her...