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7 Things Men Wish Women Would Do in Relationships

When it comes to getting along with each other, men and women can run into trouble because of all the differences between the sexes. To make any relationship run smoothly, each person should understand how their actions will affect their partner. (Check out for more insights into men and their secrets). Not that men are perfect and don’t have their fair share of mistakes, but on this matter, here are 7 things men wish women would do in a relationship with them.

What do you think of this dress? There comes a time in everyone’s relationship where the woman will ask her man what he thinks of a dress she just put on before going out. He will give her his advice, but ultimately she will disregard it and wear whatever she wants. Men want their woman to be more decisive. What she should do is to trust her initial judgement and not look for support from her man. After all, what does he know about fashion anyways? When it comes to the fashionable sex, women are hands down the winners. Go with your gut feeling and don’t rely on his input.

Women worry too much Among every woman, what men notice most in the differences between them is that women will worry too much. Whether it’s about work, relationships, their appearance, or the little things, women will always have something on their minds that they are worrying about. Good habits need to be practiced in order to become natural. In order to be less worried and more positive, practice thinking and saying more optimistic outcomes to yourself about the many problems that run around in your head.

Not tell her girlfriends everything Women may find comfort in expressing themselves to their girlfriends and even more comfortable in the details they share with them. Men in a relationship with them will be more open to her if he knows he has a safety net to fall back on. Meaning that if he knows and can trust that his partner won’t share the little details of the things he’s shared with her, he will more frequently open up to her. There should be a safety zone of things a couple never speaks about to anyone else, only through this kind of trust will a man open up to her fully.

Trust him with the parenting Women can sometimes be overprotective when it comes to children and how they are brought up. Often they can be critical and over protective when parenting isn’t done their way. Where this kind of motherly instinct is good for her children, it can be damaging to a man involved in the relationship. He wants to be trusted when it comes to matters of parenting, and his style of parenting should be compromised with rather than ignored or neglected.

Overworking him Often women have the ability to do many things and multitask. Men aren’t so great at multitasking but are more focus orientated. In a relationship women can commonly bring on many issues that they may be able to manage, but their man may find overbearing. A good example of this is in; having too many plans for the week, caring about too many small details, or expecting too much to get done. In a relationship, couples need to be sensitive of how each of their individual lives will affect the needs and emotions of their partners.

Nagging him over chores

Nagging can be one of the most damaging things from a man’s perspective in a relationship. Nagging to him is when he has already been told about the issue, but is reminded again over and over. When it comes to chores that he doesn’t do, it may seem fair that he deserves a good yelling at, but this may only result in damaging the relationship. A chore list should be put on the fridge. This way responsibilities are made clear and as they are made clear, men will hopefully live up to the responsibilities they are given.

Planning his schedule In a relationship women can often commit to spending time with other people as a couple without talking with him. This may be because they are better at maintaining relationships with other people than men are, are more social, or are more active in doing things. Regardless, this can be a pet peeve that men find bothering in a relationship. Some communication and consulting with each other is needed to counter this problem.

These are the things men wish women would do in a relationship. Using them, along with some effort and understand from their behalf, the

bumps and troubles that a relationship goes through can be made smooth.

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7 things men wish women would do in relationships  

When it comes to what men want, here is a universal list that all men wish women would do in relationships with them. Be sure to check out...