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12 Things men want women to know

When it comes to men and women getting along, there are something’s that men want women to know. Often they will go untold because of a fear that he may hurt her feelings but as a result may actually hurt a relationship in the long run. (Check out for more insights on men that will help your lovelife). Here are 12 things men want women to know.

Shopping is a chore When it comes to the time men spend with their partner in a relationship, they will definitely not enjoy shopping as much as women do. Men will tolerate it the first few times because he wants to impress her and do something that she likes to do, but deep down men hate shopping. Don’t expect him to keep it up.

You have a higher standard of beauty

Women will definitely hold themselves up to a higher standard of beauty than men do. When it comes to the categories of; weight, hair, makeup, style, and overall looks in general, it’s women who beat themselves up over not measuring up to their standards of beauty. Meanwhile the men find them beautiful and don’t understand what they are so upset about. Men also don’t notice the little details that they will obsess over such as; little wrinkles appearing over time, a bad haircut, gaining a couple of pounds, these details will usually go unnoticed. Stop obsessing over them.

Other beautiful women don’t matter Where some guys can look or stare at another beautiful woman who just walked into the room, it usually doesn’t mean too much. Men have been looking at beautiful women their whole lives, even before they met their partners. It doesn’t really mean too much when he glances, don’t freak out.

We don’t really like listening to you that much

As it will get tolerated in the beginning stages of a relationship, listening to her ten minute rant over how her day went can get tiring over the course of a relationship. Guys don’t really like listening for too long. Along with which, they don’t like all the small details that women will go into. Men like their conversations to get to the point.

You should ask us out Many times men can be preoccupied with matters of work or other distractions. So if you see a guy you like and you are waiting for him to make the first move on you, it may not happen. Men aren’t always on hunt mode, so when you see a guy you like, you need to make the first move or give him a definite and obvious sign you want him. A direct and assertive approach is actually very attractive.

Sex doesn’t mean love Sex to men will often mean less to them than women. So even if you have been out on a few dates with a guy, don’t expect sex to strengthen your relationship with him.

We don’t care what you eat on the date

Many times women will feel as if they will be judged by what they eat in front of other people. Men, don’t really care what you eat in front of them. In fact if you can eat like you would if you weren’t on a diet, it’s actually a lot sexier.

Don’t be so girly Being elegant and classy is a huge turn on for a man. But there are times where putting on jogging pants and acting sportier and less girly can be an even bigger turn-on. Particularly if a date calls for it, women should wear the right shoes and clothes. Along with, act less lady like and not care about the way they act.

Men don’t understand listening As old as time, men aren’t going to understand it when a woman wants him to just listen. Men will assume that if she starts talking to him about his problems, she’s going to want his input and answers to whatever she’s venting about. The way men show love, is in giving help through his input on the problems she’s experiencing.

We won’t get your hints when you think we should

Whatever hints she could be dropping, he’s not going to get them. Where women operate by subtlety and grace, men operated through direct communication. So because of these 2 different languages, he’s not going to get the clues she gives him. Particularly in the hints that she likes him, women may think he’s getting them but he may not actually.

We need space In relationships men can get sick of spending too much time with the woman he loves. Men need a more balanced lifestyle when it comes to spending time with her and time alone to himself. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her, it just means he needs time alone every now and then.

You can take things too personally at times There are many times that a man can do something that means nothing at all to them that women can take too personally and get bent out of shape over. Other times, a man not calling her or not answering his phone can hurt a lot more from her point of view than what he ever meant it to.

These are the 12 things men want women to know. Many times women will go about a relationship believing that men think and behave just like women do, this is normal in any relationship. However these are the truths that men have wanted to express to women in many circumstances.

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12 things men want women to know  

There are things that all men wish women knew about men that they have a hard time telling women. Here are the twelve things all men wish wo...