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“ACTive YOUth!!!” 16-23 of June 2013 Mavrovo, Macedonia

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS Deadline 12th of May

Dear partners and friends, Center for intercultural dialogue & Globallove Youth Trust are very happy to announce you that the project we applied on 1st of September 2012 deadline to the European Commission, Youth in Action Programme has been approved. The seminar ‘ACTive YOUth!!!’ will take place in Mavrovo, Macedonia 16th-23rd of June 2013. We hereby kindly ask you to recruit participants from your organizations that will be able to participate at the training course and give back their knowledge and skills in the topic of project management and inclusion.

About Globallove Youth Trust Globallove is a new organisation that has recently become a charity. UK Registered Charity no: 1150529. It has been set up to help young people between the ages of 11-25 see the world positively. Our aim is to help young people see different cultures and lives through music, informal and non-formal education, art and life experience. We hope to help alleviate ignorance that may lead to racism and misjudgement, as well as inspire young people through travel. We think that experience is gained in many different ways; one is to experience other cultures from around the world. We are going to be arranging residential experiences around the world that young people can afford and have fun on. These will include exchanges, expeditions, team building trips, plus many other travel opportunities that are available to us that young people want to take part in

About CID The Centre for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is a non-governmental, non-profit youth organization that works on regional level in Macedonia. It was formed in May 2006 by active youth leaders and youth workers from Kumanovo. CID works for society of intercultural dialogue, active citizenship and sustainable development where all people live together with mutual respect. CID works with young people and citizens from diverse religious, ethnic, national and other beliefs who are at the same time creators and beneficiaries of our activities. CID also works with public administration that works with as well as all stakeholders involved in inter-community dialogue and sustainable community development on local, national and international level. The Center for Intercultural Dialogue is member of 3 international networks and actively contributes on the dialogue and promoting citizenship on European and Global level. CID is member of Service Civil International (SCI), Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU), and UNITED against racism For more information please visit:

Vera Kotorka 39, MKD 1300 Kumanovo T:+389 31 421 330 M:+389 78 350 598

About the seminar The project ACTive YOUth!!! Is a 7 day Training Course that will gather 30 youth workers and youth leaders from 6 European Countries to develop their understanding and competencies in facilitating active youth participation especially with young people with fewer opportunities. The idea of the seminar, comes from the need to involve youngsters especially those from marginalized communities in participative projects and stimulate their active citizenship. The project will put special emphasis on understanding exactly what active youth participation actually is, and will aim to equip the participants with competences to facilitate such participation and create such opportunities. It will also emphasise on participation barriers for young people with disability (physical and sensory) and young people facing socio-economic obstacles. The project will be implemented with methodology of non formal education. Participants will work to develop guidelines for youth workers and youth organization how to facilitate active youth participation. The project is organized in partnership with organizations from the UK, Italy, Cyprus, Netherlands, Serbia and Macedonia. The objectives of the project are:    

Introduce principles of Active Youth Participation and focusing on participative social inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities To develop competences needed for developing and running youth led, participative projects that especially inclusion of young people with fewer opportiunities Develop participants understanding of participation projects, including needs analysis, aims, objectives, methodology, plan of activities, evaluation and follow-up Exchange experiences, good practices, opinions, educational tools and materials related facilitating ACTive YOUth Participation

Methodology: The programme of the training will be in the framework of non-formal education, using an interactive and participative approach. A team of experienced trainers will design and carry out the programme of the course. The course will give participants the opportunity to experience, and reflect upon activities and concepts crucial in understanding and facilitating active youth participation. The training is designed as a mutual learning situation in which participants can learn from each other and from the experiences they encounter during the training.

Profile of the Participants:  Youth workers or youth leaders active within their organizations  Be motivated to develop their competences and understanding in Active Youth Participation and to share their experiences with other participants  Already have experience in working with young people, organizing initiatives and projects  Be committed to attend for the full duration of the course and be supported by a youth organisation  Be aged over 18  Competently able to work in English language  Be resident in one of the following countries: UK, Italy, Cyprus, Netherlands, Serbia and Macedonia. Vera Kotorka 39, MKD 1300 Kumanovo T:+389 31 421 330 M:+389 78 350 598

Country UK Italy Cyprus Netherlands Macedonia Serbia

Number of participants

5 5 5 5 5 5

Working language The working language of the training will be English. Applicants must have sufficient understanding of the working language in order to comprehend and complete this application form without assistance from another person.

Accommodation Board and lodging are provided and paid for by the organizers;

Participation fee: NONE! Arrival date: 16th of June 2013 Departure date: 23rd of June 2013 Venue: Mavrovo

Travel cost and reimbursement: Please do not do any reservation of tickets before you get a confirmation of participation for the training course. 70% of travel costs will be reimbursed only for the cheapest way of transport. The travel cost will be reimbursed, after submitting all original tickets and invoices. Only participants who fully 100 % attend the training course will be reimbursed. All participants will be reimbursed after submitting all original tickets and receipts. The travel reimbursement will not be done on the spot, but after the return of the participants to their homes and after they send the original tickets to the hosting organization.(additional information about reimbursement within the info sheet) The participants should use the cheapest way of transport (Bus, Train, plane-economic class). Please note that there are cheaper flights to Sofia-Bulgaria, Belgrade-Serbia, Thessaloniki-Greece from where you can get a bus/train to Macedonia. The travel cost should not exceed amount per person mentioned in the table below: Country Macedonia Wales (UK) Serbia Italy Cyprus Netherlands

Travel Cost Limit 20 Euros 500 Euros 70 Euros 300 Euros 300 Euros 500 Euros Vera Kotorka 39, MKD 1300 Kumanovo T:+389 31 421 330 M:+389 78 350 598

Max 70% Reimbursement 14 Euros 350 Euros 49 Euros 210 Euros 210 Euros 350 Euros

How to apply? In order to apply candidates must complete application form that is available online: form

To participate fill in the online application form latest by the 12th of May 2013 Participants will be selected on the basis of their applications and ensuring a balance in terms of gender, organizational participation and cultural background. The selection of the participants will be done by the organizing team, respecting the priority and opinion of the partner organizations.

For any question or clarification do not hesitate to contact us: Center for Intercultural Dialogue & Globallove Youth Trust Milos Ristovski & Daniel John Carter E-mail: or or phone number +389 78 350 172

Vera Kotorka 39, MKD 1300 Kumanovo T:+389 31 421 330 M:+389 78 350 598

Info Pack & Application for ACTive YOUth!!! Seminar  

We still need Participants from Italy, UK, Cyprus & Netherlands! For the Seminar ACTive YOUth!!! in Mavrovo, Macedonia 16th June - 23rd June...