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Automated Controls, Inc.

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Since our beginning in 1994, Automated Controls, Inc. has been committed to providing quality automation systems including HVAC, lighting, and access control, designed to maximize comfort, value, and ease-of-use with Customer Satisfaction as our main focus. Thomas "T.J." LaFlam, founder of Automated Controls, Inc. brings with him over 22 years of expertise and education in the control industry. He has prided himself on bringing leadership, innovation, and order to the complexities of Building Automation Controls. Since it was founded, Automated Controls, Inc. has grown from a one-man installation and service operation to a fully integrated team of industry specialists. Automated Controls, Inc. has also joined in partnership with Delta Controls, Inc., a worldwide leader in Building Management and Control. Today, Automated Controls, Inc. offers user-friendly control solutions, service, and products to customers throughout Southern California. We supply building control systems, service, and integrated facility management to commercial office buildings, prisons, critical data facilities, healthcare, medical centers, education, government complexes, hospitality/entertainment, and retail sectors. Our clients include both small, privately owned offices, and large property manager/owner operations, such as Cushman & Wakefield., Brandywine Realty Trust, Unire Real Estate Group, Transwestern, Reit Property Management, Arden Realty, Meissner Jacquet, Equity Office and Sunroad Enterprises. In addition, government facilities such as Dept. of Fish & Game, Child Protective Services, Fort Irwin Army Base, Twenty-nine Palms Marine Corps Base, and San Miguel Fire Department. The client list also includes corporations such as Anacomp, Hitachi, and Town & Country Hotel. Educational Institutions include California State University System, The Institute for Effective Education, Helix Academy, Coronado Unified School District, High Tech High, SDSU Foundation and Kaplan College. Fundamental to the success of our company is our commitment to the customer. Our combined ability to exceed customer expectations and to provide quality product and service at competitive rates will insure Automated Controls, Inc. will continue to excel in the Automation Industry.

Automated Controls, Inc. offers complete Facilities Automation Solutions that span from HVAC to Closed-circuit Television Systems (CCTV), along with 24hr emergency servicing and/or troubleshooting of HVAC equipment, as presented in more detail below! Our company carries the knowledge and expertise to implement the entire project from installation of the DDC devices and low voltage wiring to programming, start-up and commissioning in house. This allows for quality control, faster implementation and delivery of the project to meet the customer's expectations and requirements! Automated Controls maintains a Certified Energy Manager within its staff that allows for in-house facilities retro-commissioning, and energy audits; this will provide the facility owner/engineer energy efficiency related solutions/upgrades which in turn will increase occupant comfort and reduce facilities operating costs via incentive and rebate programs, along with demand response programs supported by the different electrical energy providers such as SDG&E, South California Edison, PG&E, etc. Solutions HVAC • • • • • • • •

Chiller Plants Cooling Towers Air Handler Units VAV/VVT & Fan-powered Terminals Water Source Heat Pumps Stand Alone A/C Units, typical in data/server rooms Split Systems/Fan-coil Units Rooftop Packaged Units

ACCESS CONTROL • Door & Elevator Access • Biometric access of highly secure areas PHONE ENTRY SYSTEMS • For Door & Elevator Access LIGHTING CONTROL • Control of Indoor & Outdoor Lighting • Ability to utilize controller calculated sunset/sunrise functionality, eliminating the need for manual control or constant adjustment of time scheduling for outdoor lighting circuits CCTV • Network Digital Video Recording (NVDR) • IP-based Security Cameras and NDVR Live video/playback accessible over the Web • High-level camera resolution (megapixels) for high demand secure areas, etc SYSTEMS INTEGRATION & REMOTE ACCESS • Native support for BACnet & Modbus Networks • Integration with 3 rd party vendors supporting the BACnet and/or Modbus protocols, such as Trane, Carrier, McQuay, & Emerson/Liebert equipment, along with power metering products from Veris Industries, GE, Power Generator systems and more • Support of open technologies such as Java & ODBC. • Remote facility access via Web User Interface, custom graphics, historical data archiving, alarming, and reporting to local or remote interfaces, such as email accounts, mobile phones, pagers, etc SMART ENERGY SOLUTIONS • Facility Energy Optimizations • Demand Response • Demand Limiting • Systems integration for energy efficiency (HVAC, Access and Lighting)

Why Delta Controls?

In the world of building controls, owners, operators, contractors and specifiers have a number of manufacturers from which to choose. As short lists of viable control companies are compiled, owners and operators rely on a set of criteria on which to base their decisions. Choices may be based on costs, existing systems, job requirements, ease of installation, integration, service, reputation and more.

For a company to be included in the consideration set, it must meet a basic level of expertise in the above key areas. For that firm to compete well against all others, it then must measure up in head-to-head competition on most any single criterion. Finally, for that organization to be ultimately chosen for a particular project, it must outshine any other when all factors are weighted and considered.

Fortunately, one company does all that—Delta Controls.

Delta Controls has emerged as the industry leader in automated building controls by doing five things exceptionally well:

• • • • •

Simplicity of product design, installation and operation. Robust BACnet systems. The ability to customize products and systems. The ability to integrate control systems with each other, as well as with those of other companies. Trust that comes from doing the job right.

BACnet Overview

BACnet affords facility owners and managers maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness by allowing control products made by different manufacturers to be integrated into a single, uniform system. BACnet is designed to allow HVAC/R, lighting, life safety, access, security, power, vertical transportation and other building system control devices to interoperate.

Brief History The motivation for the BACnet standard was the widespread desire of building owners and operators for “interoperability� in building systems. Interoperability is the ability to integrate equipment associated with different building systems and/or buildings into a coherent automation and control system, regardless of manufacturer. To accomplish this, the ASHRAE Standard Project Committee (SPC 135) solicited and received input from dozens of interested firms and individuals. The SPC reviewed all relevant national and international data communications standards and spent countless hours in debate and discussion on each element of the protocol. After 9 years of development, the ASHRAE Standards Committee released BACnet to the industry in 1995. BACnet became a national standard upon approval by the American Standards Institute in (ANSI) shortly thereafter in December 1995. Once the standard was published SPC 135 was disbanded and ASHRAE Standing Standards Project Committee (SSPC 135) was created in its place. SSPC 135 continues to update the BACnet standard, and its companion testing standard, to meet the evolving needs of the Building Automation industry. BACnet Today The BACnet protocol was developed to be a consensus standard, under full public scrutiny. Today, as a national standard, it cannot be significantly changed without public review and comment. BACnet has since also become firmly established on the international stage, where it is a European prestandard (CEN). It was recently announced at Ashrae 2003 that BACnet has become an ISO standard (ISO 16484-5).

Why BACnet?

BACnet is the only protocol recognized as an international standard. BACnet allows intelligent systems from various industries and manufacturers to exchange information, such as temperatures, setpoints, schedules, trend logs and alarms, and coordinate equipment operation to achieve optimum building performance. It saves facility owners/managers the costs of purchasing, engineering and maintaining custom interfaces for supervising packaged HVAC equipment (e.g. chillers), as well as integrating diverse building systems such as HVAC, lighting, fire, elevators, electrical services, etc. BACnet empowers facility owners/managers with the flexibility of expanding and adding systems without being locked into one manufacturer. Instead, they can select the most appealing technology and services available and gain investment protection because current systems can be expanded without replacing the entire system. The BACnet standard is independent of specific hardware platforms and supports multiple LAN technologies, including the Internet. This allows BACnet to evolve unencumbered as new technologies develop according to public demand, unlike open protocols where the underlying hardware and LAN technologies are controlled by one or few commercial enterprises. As an ANSI/ASHRAE standard controlled by an ASHRAE standards body, BACnet cannot be changed without public review. Users have a say in any changes that may affect the protocol. Conversely, proprietary or public (open) protocols can be changed at the discretion of the creator without the customer being made aware.

Earthright™ Temperatures are rising. Gas prices continue to climb. Utility companies need customers to conserve energy to prolong supply. Population growth taxes natural resources. Global warming has moved from science fiction nonsense to world-threatening reality.

Fortunately, in the midst of such events, one company has consistently strived to mitigate the impact of these energy and environmental demands. The company? Delta Controls.

Long before creating Delta Controls, its co-founders realized the importance of saving energy. As consultants during the energy crisis of the 1970s, they conducted audits to help buildings save energy and money. Seeing a need for products to do that, they developed them, reducing energy costs up to 60% in buildings in which they were installed.

Since 1980, they have been doing much the same thing the world over under the banner of Delta Controls. As developers of automated building systems, Delta has delivered energy performance in hospitals and universities, airports and office towers.

Now the need to do so has never been more important. That's why Delta is developing even more products to make it easy to reduce energy consumption and costs, motivating Partners to align with green practices, and designing its new building to be as green as possible.

Simply put, Delta is developing people, products and Partners to create building environments that are healthy for occupants and good for the earth.

The world is changing. Delta Controls has a way of helping. It's all part of what we mean when we say Do it right. It's all part of making buildings Earthright™. Â

2009 North American Building Automation Systems Product Differentiation Innovation of the Year Award

Delta Controls, Inc. The 2009 Frost & Sullivan Product Differentiation Innovation of the Year Award in the North American Building Automation Systems (BAS) market is presented to Delta Controls, Inc. (Delta) for its integrated building automation solution encompassing HVAC, lighting, and access control. Delta has been at the forefront of universal BACnet platform to its customers with a unified infrastructure that improves building efficiency, maximizes cost savings, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the award recognizes Delta’s sound business strategies which include superior product development in controls and user interface, dedicated customer service and partnership programs, continued global expansion, and active involvement in major issues pertaining to intelligent and green buildings. Delta is a leading innovator and implementer of BACnet technology providing endusers the tools and options to better manage facilities. With over 25 years of industry expertise, Delta’s core principle is based on its founders’ conviction in usability technology, which is designed to empower end-users with higher control and flexibility. This principle has continued to drive the company to embrace open protocols. As a private company, Delta is the largest independent controls manufacturer in North America, and has experienced a commendable growth rate of over 20 percent in the last three years. Delivering Innovative & Evolutionary Technology Delta’s BACnet platform supports the movement towards intelligent buildings change that is envisioned to incorporate interconnected sub systems. This allows sharing of information within a building and streamlines it on to an enterprise system from where management can control and monitor the buildings’ operations. With one unified approach using native BACnet infrastructure that encompasses the same core technology and operating software in HVAC, lighting and access controllers, end-users can integrate and easily adapt to ever-changing operational scenarios and add to third-party vendor architectures. Delta’s revolutionary technology enables end-users to collect information from buildings and identify operational inefficiencies, and subsequently resolve them. From a green building perspective, end-users can capitalize on accurate and concise intelligence relating to

the energy performance of a building in order to achieve lower energy consumption and enhanced efficiencies. Delta’s integrated BACnet platform provides operational excellence and ease in maintaining the functionality of individual system by continuously monitoring, diagnosing, and taking preventive action with scheduled maintenance. Dealing with system and component failures is critical as conventional techniques fail to provide effective resolution and are incapable of problem isolation. This ideology has enabled Delta to provide a fully integrated native BACnet building automation solution encompassing HVAC, lighting, and access developed in-house. The creation of this unique value proposition has, to some degree, made competition irrelevant to Delta. Further, the packaged solution empowers the end user to create simple connections to real-time, Web-based data, and the network enterprise. The Detla platform enables building owners and managers to meet their business objective by controlling cost and energy consumption. This implies more sophisticated methods of control without compromise on the usability of the software. To meet these growing demands, Delta incorporates a built-in reporting “drag-and-link” technology, automatic device discovery, “save-as-Web page” drawing tool, tenant portal, virtual stat, derived network addressing (DNA), and other software features that empower end-users with more flexible control capabilities. The company is positioned for sustained growth with its high-quality, reliable automation products and services that emphasize ease of use, quick installation, BACnet standards, and interoperability. Propagating Interoperability with IT Standards Having anticipated the technical future of the building automation industry, Delta is focused on a promising roadmap with its product line woven around standard Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. The market for building automation control systems is going through a technological transition from being proprietary to offering a more open approach for control solutions. Delta continues to be a strong proponent of open and interoperable systems supporting IT-friendly solutions for managing building facilities. Delta was the first company in the late 90s to put ethernet on its building controllers, and has maintained that until today. While the industry is still struggling with protocol issues, Delta has realized that IT is going to lead the industry in the future, and based on this wisdom, the company is firmly focused on developing and managing a product line that conforms to IT standards. Currently, Delta is releasing a product platform placing Internet protocol (IP) controls at the unitary level - such as VAV, fan coils, heat pumps, and other smaller

controllers. This revolutionary concept not only facilitates simplification of the process of connectivity and integration, but also makes building management easier for the end-users, creating powerful solutions and sound technology to build bridges between systems and devices to accomplish true building automation intelligence. Chart 1.1 exhibits key factors contributing to Delta’s Product Differentiation Innovation Award in the North American BAS market.

Perhaps no other technology has had as profound an impact on the Building Automation market as the Internet and Delta BACnet platform is well positioned to evolve with current and future IT requirements. For the company, this translates into a huge competitive advantage and an opportunity to consolidate its leadership position. Connecting electronic devices of the various subsystems in a building through an IP backbone lies at the heart of the intelligent building concept. Delta has only one agenda, which is to offer a native BACnet building automation system that addresses the needs of the system integrators and the IT industry, providing a gateway for converging data unto an IP platform for seamless information sharing. Expanding Through Strategic Alliances & Partnerships In order to become the preferred supplier of building automation control systems, the company has entered into technology alliances with network component suppliers. A more recent alliance includes the Constellation New Energy Alliance,

building on demand response solutions to reduce energy costs and realize energy savings. The technology alliances not only benefit end-users by offering standard networking devices consistent with the company's control panels, but also provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for the customers. Delta has a strong and organized distribution channel for sales and maintenance services through independent system integrators or partners. In addition, the company reaches out to clients through extensively networked company-owned sales and services offices. Setting a priority to help customers succeed in their business and provide a quick, on-time response to their demands has set the company apart from its competitors. Conclusion Delta’s growing accomplishments and strong revenue growth are a result of its sound vision and delivering on that vision. The company has made its mark in the BAS industry as a pioneer in the open BACnet framework. For all these reasons listed, Delta is the worthy recipient of the 2009 Frost & Sullivan Product Differentiation Innovation Award in the North American Building Automation Systems market.

Award Description The Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership of the Year is conferred upon the company that has demonstrated excellence in customer values through its products and services that offer superior value to customers and aid them with increased profitability, and reduced life cycle costs. The recipient company has continually focused on providing value added products and services, addressing the changing customer needs across the industry, thereby enabling them to expand their customer base across verticals and horizontals. In addition, the recipient company has shown unparallel commitment to lead on technological innovations pertaining to changing customer needs by offering products that are specific to both general and niche applications coupled with cost effectiveness.

Research Methodology To choose the recipient of this award, the analyst team tracks all the manufacturers in this domain, their products, their unique value-added services to customers, and

its ability to help customers overcome their challenges in new upcoming applications. The selection process includes rigorous discussions with market participants in this domain accompanied with extensive secondary research on market and technological trends. All the data collated from market participants is compared, analyzed, and ranked to comprehend the relative positions of these companies. Company that holds the first position is declared as the recipient.

Measurement Criteria In addition to the methodology described above, there are specific criteria used in determining the final ranking of competitors in this industry. The recipient of this Award has excelled based on one or more of the following criteria: x Responsiveness to customer needs x Expansion of customer base x Offer a “one-stop shop� in response to customer demands x Providing value added services ensuring better Return on Investment(ROI )and better product life cycle cost benefits for customers x Enhanced quality and reliability of products x Technological innovation and leadership to address critical customer needs x Strategic mergers and acquisitions or joint ventures to provide additional benefit to customers

About Best Practices Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices in the industry. About Frost & Sullivan Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, partners with clients to accelerate their growth. The company's TEAM Research, Growth Consulting and Growth Team Membership empower clients to create a growth-focused culture that generates, evaluates and implements effective growth strategies. Frost & Sullivan employs over 45 years of experience in partnering with Global 1000 companies, emerging businesses and the investment community from more than 30 offices on six continents. For more information about Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Partnerships, visit

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Automated Controls, Inc. Company Profile  

Automated Controls Company Profile

Automated Controls, Inc. Company Profile  

Automated Controls Company Profile