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About AfroLinks Magazine Afrolinks is a bi-annual magazine which celebrates the diverse cultures across the areas of the African Diaspora. It will explores the cultures of countries where large proportions of Africans were displaced over the course of the transatlantic slave trade as well as the different countries across the continent of Africa. The magazine aims to present information of different cultures of people across the African diaspora in a way that is accessible, understandable and aesthetically pleasing to the target audience. In turn it aims to combat the lack of understanding ofthe different cultures and traditions between black people from different nationalities across the African diaspora.

BRAND VALUES Community - We value community cohesion at whether it be local or international. We strive to invest especially into the communities of African descent.


Culture - We value the variety of cultures developed as a result of the African diaspora and seek to showcase them in a way that demands respect. Lifestyle - We have an interest in the variety of different ways people choose to live their lives aiming to highlight the variety of attributes that contribute to lifestyle e.g fashion, entertainment, food and more. Unity - Imagery and content associated with the Afrolinks magazine identity always strives to promote unity as opposed to division. Heritage - We value our history and the acheivements of our ancestors

LOGO This logo is the main identity of Afrolinks magazine, its professional, clean cut yet youthful design communicates and connects with the target audience of young people and young adults between the ages of 18-35 The slogan ‘Linking the African diaspora’ is generally kept with the title, however where the logo is needed to be shrunk to a very small size it may be removed.




colour palettes Primary Colours





CMYK: 8 20 62 16 RGB: 201 172 104

CMYK: 20 40 90 70 RGB: 87 65 9

CMYK: 50 40 80 24 RGB: 115 113 68

CMYK: 75 68 67 90 RGB: 0 0 0

Mustard Brown

Dark Brown



Secondary Colours





CMYK: 1 8 32 5 RGB: 240 218 172

CMYK: 25 43 65 17 RGB: 167 128 90

CMYK: 67 42 54 5 RGB: 99 126 119

CMYK: 11 13 8 38 RGB: 152 148 152

Peachy Cream

Fudge Brown







CMYK: 33 31 46 11 RGB: 160 149 127

CMYK: 50 70 80 70 RGB: 60 36 21

CMYK: 24 0 0 43 RGB: 120 149 164

CMYK: 1 1 1 7 RGB: 233 233 234

Mahogany Brown


Light Grey


colour palettes Gradient Colours

These colours are to be used as a starting point whe it comes to the use of solid colour and spot colour in the magazine. Colours used in typography must always be chosen from these colour palettes. The gradient palette above is to inspire the designer to incorporate gradients.

typography Reprise Stamp

Reprise Stamp


This font is to be used generally for headings and features within the magazine.




This font is an alternative font to be used in headings and features in the magazine.

News Gothic MT

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

News Gothic This sans-serif font is for general text and subheadings within articles.

Cochin Cochin

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

This serif font is an alternative for general article text and subheadings. Target Audience and article content is to be considered at choice of font.

imagery Afrolinks magazine is driven by photography, this includes documentary photography, photo essays and fashion photography that document lifestyles across the diaspora. The photos must be of highest quality and aesthetic acheiving the three criteria listed below. 1.

Document or artistically represent lifestyles of people in different countries across the African Diaspora.


Associate with or portray at least one of the 5 values of Afrolinks Magazine.


Be Contemporary. All photography needs to have been taken recently as a relistic portrayal of current affairs within the different countries of the diaspora. Exceptions can however be made where reference is being made to the heritage of a subject matter. In this instance alone historical photography may be employed.



“Afrolinks magazine is all about the people�



A Set of Brand Guidelines I designed to style the Afrolinks Magazine

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