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American Torah Code Expert Finds Three Days in the Belly of the Beast In The Torah Code Since his retirement as a officer and military planner in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard


ny years ago, Barry S. Roffman has made the study of The Torah Code his life’s work.

Specifically Mr. Roffman, a devout Orthodox Jew, believed that this embedded code in the Torah (The first five books of the Bible) contain a hidden code that can only accurately be found now with the invention of computers. And more to the point, he believes that they accurately point to the location of none other than The Ark of the Covenant.

For a more detailed discussion on The Torah Code, Mr. Roffman’s website is, However, for the purposes of our discussion, we can simply say that Jewish tradition - The

Torah itself - says that the Torah was originally dictated by G-d and recorded by Moses, 3,3000 years ago. It is said to have been dictated as one long string of Hebrew letters, with no spaces between each word. In the simplest terms, Torah Codes are equally spaced letters forming meaningful words, phrases in the original Hebrew Bible, the Torah.

According to Mr. Roffman, “The Torah Codes Hypothesis states that historically related words can be found at Equidistant Letter Sequence (ELS) deliberately encoded together in Torah matrices that are smaller (more compact) than similar matrices found in non-religious texts. I have modified this hypothesis

somewhat to account for the fact that most names requiring more than eight Hebrew letters will not be found in the Torah Code.�

In addition, the Torah Code seems to accurate follow (notice I did not say predict) current events. On his site, Mr. Roffman routinely posts current events listed in the Torah! It was this practice that, after reading Three Days in the Belly of the Beast, that Mr. Roffman did a search for the fictional book and pertinent storylines along with the author’s name, Daniel Holdings. The results were stunning!

In a Matrix Search done by Mr. Roffman in July of 2012, the book clearly shows up in the Code on the next page. Taken directly from his website, Mr. Roffman states the following:

I was able to find the following matrix with terms related to Dan's novel.

I was given a list of terms to search for by Larry Taylor in conjunction with Dan Holdings’ book,

. On Figure 2 the axis

term (first term sought) was

. The nearest transliteration for the (Z), thus the axis term really reads

name was with a letter There is a match of


with THREE DAYS (in Genesis 42:17), but it

requires a matrix that is 1,764 letters in size. I don’t like to use a matrix that large because it means that most a-priori key words will have low statistical significance. The full matrix shown on Figure 2 is only 1,032 letters in size, which is still quite large. The calculation that I will discuss is limited to the area of Figure 2 that has a white background. That’s 840 letters, which is still large, but the figure loses too much if it is cut any further. (which is used to refer to the LHC) is on the smaller matrix. Other key words of interest are


. These were both used by every

High Priest in ancient Israel for communicating with God, and keys used in the novel by Dr. Cooper for an attempt to reach other dimensions that his theory point to. Levi was the tribe of Israel that carried the Ark. On the smaller matrix,

is at the same skip as

. Cooper

uses the Large Hadron Collider at CERN to discover the Higgs Boson. While the full matrix has


, and

; only

840-letter area. The book deals with a

is in the smaller . Both

words are on the full matrix, but not on the smaller matrix. It also discusses (the High Frequency Auroral Research Program) which is on the smaller matrix. The novel deals with who the Nephilim (mentioned in Geness 6:4) were. There was speculation that they were

in nature, and on

Figure 2 Right: One of several matrices that I found that seemed to predict Dan Holdings' novel about the LHC at CERN.

the matrix

shares a letter nun with

. This book is fiction.

is only on the larger

matrix. Overall, the matrix was rated as existing against odds of about 6,430 to 1. This may seem significant, but I suspect that (although the book is an excellent read) the significance might have been higher if the work were not fiction.

Mr. Roffman also did a synopsis and book review of Three Days and included his own thoughts on CERN and the LHC. The original write-up can be found at It is strongly encouraged that readers visit the site and see with their own eyes the amazing things that Mr. Roffman has found using the Torah Code. This author is grateful for his efforts.

These are interesting times that we live in. The truths of G-d’s Word are coming to light like never before. He is faithful. With the Torah Code, He’s made it even easier to find those thruths… if we have the courage to seek them out. But unlike the hero Bryce Cooper, you don’t have to spend -

Three Days in the Belly of the Beast Found in the Torah Code  

The fictional novel Three Days in the Belly of the Beast is found in the ancient Torah Code! See the matrix that found the title, the autho...

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