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10 Quick Tips for a Healthy and Beautiful Skin

By Daniel Harper

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it plays a major role in our health and appearance. Some take it for granted while some are very meticulous when it comes to skin care just because they want to look young and attractive. The ultimate goal of skin care is not just for aesthetic purposes but for you to have a healthier body. Your skin is an effective indicator if you are really taking good care of yourself. Here are ten quick tips for a healthy and beautiful skin.

1. Hydrate. It is common knowledge that everyone, no matter what skin type, should keep himself/herself hydrated to have a healthy skin. When the skin is properly hydrated, it is smooth, plump and firm. If it’s not, it is dry, flaky, and dull. So hydrate yourself by making sure you drink at least 10 glasses of water a day.

2. Use sun block. Although sunlight is good for your body, excessive doses of sun can cause severe damage to the skin and accelerates aging. Protect your skin when going out in the sun by wearing sunblock with at least SPF 15.

3. Avoid too much stress. Stress is good in small doses because it motivates you to get things done. However, if stress is too much, the skin becomes sensitive and reactive. This will cause acne breakouts, sores and other skin diseases. In addition, stress can also make it hard for the skin to heal itself. So if you’re undergoing a lot of stress, take steps to minimize it.

4. Moisturize and massage. Moisturizing is a way of hydrating the skin from the outside. Avoid dry, itchy and flaky skin by applying a moisturizer that contains the vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. Also make sure that you massage your skin while moisturizing to help in the absorption of these vitamins and improve circulation.

5. Exercise daily. Exercise is good for every organ in your body especially the skin. Exercising improves the body’s circulation which in turn improves the look of the skin. In addition, it also helps in lowering stress, boost detoxification and cell renewal.

6. Exfoliate. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells on the outermost surface of your skin. When done properly and regularly, it will leave your skin feeling and looking smooth and fresher. In addition, it makes it easier for moisturizing products to penetrate the skin. Make sure that you exfoliate once or twice a week.

7. Avoid alcohol and smoke. Alcohol is beneficial to your body in moderate amounts, but if taken excessively it can damage your organs especially your skin. Too much alcohol can cause the skin to dry out. Smoking can also do the same thing. Even if you’re not smoking make sure to avoid places with a lot of smoke.

8. Maintain a healthy diet. Maintaining a healthy diet is a good way of nourishing your skin from the inside. Make sure that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to get all the nutrients the skin needs to keep it alive and looking good.

9. Get enough sleep. Pulling out all-nighters then wondering why your skin looks terrible the next day? Not getting enough sleep causes stress which makes the skin dull. Also, sleep is your body’s chance to repair itself. Depriving your body the rest it needs can take a heavy and ugly toll. Especially to your skin.

10. Be positive. Not all skins are the same. It doesn’t matter what skin type you have, what’s important is how comfortable you are in your own skin. Be positive and feel good about yourself. Smile and laugh more and always maintain a positive outlook. If you feel good from the inside, you will certainly look good on the outside. “Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body.” ~Dr. Georgiana Donadio

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10 Quick Tips for a Healthy and Beautiful Skin  
10 Quick Tips for a Healthy and Beautiful Skin