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FREESKI ATHLETE Name: Daniel Hanka DOB: 1. 9. 1990 Adress: Vysoka nad Labem, Vysoka 246, 503 31, CZECH REPUBLIC Spoken languages: Czech, English, Russian Job: Student Ski since: skiing since i rember, started freeskiing 5 years ago Sponsors:  Faction skis YOUR park Destne – Eagle mountains Hobbies: rollerblading, video and photography, music Cell: +420 774 043 634 Email: You can also follow me on FB: danielhanka

Brief Presentation: I belong to the top 4 Czech freeskiers and also I am a member of Czech National Freeski Team. People know me as the most stylish skier in Czech Republic. I´m also rolleblading for about 12 years now, and my career and skills has a great influence on my skiing. You can imagine it as a balanced mixture of creativity, unique style, tricks, big pop and fun. During the winter, I travel and ski as much as I can. So i can push my skills further and make my thoughts about edits and tricks become a reality. I am cooperating with the only Czech professional freeski video production called Illegall production. Beside filming, training and having fun, I´m doin a competitions. At 13/14 season I will spend a month in USA – training and attending 2 worldcups, I will allso be at the last WC in Swiss, tryin to make it to the Olympics. The other competitions I am planning to be part of are: O´Neill Soldiers, AFO, PFO, Gloryfy Bastards, Kumi Yama etc. Between filming, competing and traveling I´m running a freeskicamp at my home resort and trying to spread the freeski spirit all around.

Shooting with

Rolling with

Lukas Lukyn Wagneter David Malacrida Harry Foskett Jan Joey Kasl

Illegal Productions – Separation films Lucas Herman Martin Bernard – Newschool republic EOS production – Jan Rajnoha

Results: 2007/2008 1st - Děštné v Orlických horách season opening 2008 2008/2009 2nd - Deštné v Orlických horách season opening 2009 2009/2010 2nd - Deštné v Orlických horách season opening 2010 5th - Pec pod Sněžkou nternational FREESKI OPEN 2009 6th - K2 international FREESKI OPEN Pec pod Sněžkou 2010 O´NEILL Soldiers 2010 International contest - from qualifications to final head-to-head Elimination group, where I got in final 8 skiers 2010/2011 K2 FREESKI PEC, Pec pod Sněžkou 2011 1st – Nugget Flow Freestyle Battle Snowpunx Číhalka 2010 Czech Freeski open 2009 / 2nd in amateur cathegory O´NEILL Soldiers 2011 International contest invited for the competition, pulled the first czech switch double 10,later injured, but already healed for shooting 1st Metall Attack Číhalka 2011 Competing at KUMI YAMA Europian contest – France – LES 2 ALPES, summer 2011

1 st EAST SIDE SESSION, Deštné – Eagle mountains, summer 2011-11-22

2011/2012 Subaru XV Snow Session - 2nd place Paprsek Jump & Grind Jam - 2nd place King of Freeski Vítkovice - Official Czech Championschip - 1st place and bestrick Gloryfy Bastards - only for invited riders, end before finals ivited riders: Maxi Noppeney, Markus Obwaller, Luggi Brucic, Toni Höllwarth, Simone Canal, Stefan Schenk, Mike Hauser, Matthias Egger, Lukáš Pospíchal, Daniel Hanka, Stefan Típotech, Tobi Gratz, Paddy Graham, Raphael Schweiger, Patrick Hollaus, Flo Geyer O´NEILL Soldiers 2012 - 5th place - end before the superfinals 2012/2013 KUMI YAMA – 1st place – Downdays team with Magnus Graner and Jules Bonnaire KING OF FREESKI – 2nd place – Official Czech Freeski Slopestyle Championschip Subaru XV Snow Session – 3rd place – big air Snow TV Rail Jam – 1st place BIG SHOCK Freestyle Weekend – 1st place – PRO category Krom Wars epizode II. – 2nd place – big air

OUTPUTS My main tool for reaching out people are my photo and video outputs. According to my possition of rebel opinion leader in Czech Republic and skills of my skiing and blading in professional-looking videos, these outputs are spontaneously shared by people on social networks and internet media and are reaching up to 20 000 views. I also had plenty of interviews on ski media and also on students websites and newspapers. Than I´m a member of team, with whom I was on a television broadcast and we have our own blog at In 2 months we are planning to have our own broadcast on the television – our own 15 minutes, where our video edits will be shown. Last summer I also did kind of a charity air-bag exhibitions with one of leading politician of Czech Republic for children and their parents.

Edits 11/12 French Baguette at Vars Park – 10 000 views

Behind the urban photoshoot scenes:

An hour with Daniel Hanka – 4 000 views

Youtube: 1100

Just Ride – Park Setup guide – 2 000 views SFSC outtakes - 1000 views

Soul Variations:

Blading edit – 2 000 views

youtube: 1600, newschoolers: 2000

Ultim8 Separation teaser – 15 000 views Ultim8 Separation movie – premiere at IF3 Annecy – 30 000 views

Kumi Yama 2013 – Highlights:

EDITS 12/13 My edits: Speedin:

Shared: all freeski media

VIMEO: 14300, newschoolers: 6600

Vimeo: 3000

SatisFACTION Ski Camp documentary:

Youtube: 1400 edits: The Normal Killed Sunday:


Shared: all freeski media

VIMEO: 2 500, Mpora: 5 100 Newschoolers: 1000, Zapiks: 5 500

Teaser: - vimeo 4000

Video: vimeo – 24500, - 2000


Youtube: 3 000 Mpora: 600 Newschoolers: 750 Zapiks: 600


Youtube: 3500 Newschoolers: 366

Blind 3swap pretz2out:

Teaser: vimeo - 3300

Video: vimeo - 5400

PF 2013 by extreme team

Video: vimeo - 2500

Newschoolers: 2100

Gravitypark setup guide:

Youtube: 3400

TOTAL – 100 000 CC

Facebook pages and followers: Daniel Hanka fanpage – 650 TV broadcast Mixxxer – 62 000 Downdays – 17500 Skipass – 63 000 Studentskaleta – 5800 Brobomb – 2400 SatisFACTION Ski Camp – 600 Faction czechoslovakia – 300 O´Neill Czech – 1300

Daniel Hanka personal – 2300 Zapiks – 145 000 – 26800 Mpora – 25 000 – 3100 YourGravitypark – 4000 Faction skis – 12 000 – 200 plus spontaneous sharing.

TOTAL – 500 000 CC

O´Neill Soldiers – documentary - 24.4.

20:30 / Prime Time

- 26.4.


- 27.4.


- 2.5.


Element – outdoors sports broadcast

Web sharing:, – 2 000 000 – 15 000 – 20 000


- 28.3. – 18:45 – 1 000 000 – 75 000 – hot page

- 29.3. – 10:45

TV Ocko – Mixxxer – guest Daniel Hanka – freeskier

TOTAL – 3 500 000 CC

Print: Czech Daily Newspapers – testing a huge O´Neill Soldiers kicker.

TV Ockor – Mixxxer - 1 hour broadcast for young people - team as guests

TOTAL – 2 000 000 CC

TOTAL – 100 000 CC

Interviews: Downdays interview with Nico Zacek: About winning the KUMI YAMA event: Littletalks at Just an interview: Interview about my Norwegian Mission to Bjerkan Invitational event and RedBull HomeRun: Oneshot – undershoot with Daniel Hanka:


TOTAL – 100 000 CC


Spreading the spirit: SATISFACTION SKI CAMP -, www. SatisFACTION Ski Camp is the first top class freeski camp composed of the best, what you can find in the Czech Republic. It takes place in Gravitypark Deštné – Eagle mountains. Why there? Because it´s my homeresort and second home. It´s the only place in the Czech Republic, where the riders will receive such a care like – everyday shaped snowpark by the crew, who takes care about O´Neill Soldiers fortress, creative obstacles, accomodation under the lift etc. About riders takes care 3 top coaches – Me, Ondra Beneš (experienced by many years of coaching) and Tomas Guzuir (legend - the first czech skier who reached top 10 Europian results). Media coverage? No better people could show up here. Videoreport is taken care of by Lucas Herman – cameraman of RedBull company, the responsible for all video outcome of the Czech biggest RedBull events. And he´s also founder of Illegall productions and author of

Separation films – His Ultim8 Separation was chosen to have a world premiere at International Freeski Film Festival in France (IF3). The photographer is Mr. Lukyn Wagneter. He´s the main photographer of the O´Neill Soldiers event and one of the most talented kids out here. Most of my portfolio pics had been taken by him. Simply, the goal of the camp is to push the campers limits somewhere further and also deepen their passion for freestyle and freeski as an overall lifestyle and ,,religion,,. And I´m very pleased that I can do this kind of thing for others and spread this new dynamic sport and the spirit that accompanies it. Satisfaction Ski Camp is just a concentration of people who know what they´re doing a how they want to do it, great collective of all participants – coaches, campers, shapers, just everyone involved, and last but not least – THE GOOD VIBE! Summer version of the camp called SPLASH SESSION is in progress and is going to happen this summer.

published at:,,, factionskis. com,,,, outputs: videoreport - by Illegal Productions - over 2 000 views fotoreport by Lukyn Wagneter satisfaction-ski-camp-fotogalerie--13879/

Off – season activites I love to rollerblade. I´ve rollerbladed since I remember,and I am competing in all Czech events. And on every comp, I´ve made it to the podium. I´ve also become multiple champion of Czech Republic in various disciplines. Besides competing, I rollerblade in team of the best Czech BMXers, who are doing exhibitions. For example a series of exhibitions supported by health insurance company called: NERISKUJ TO (www. It was about educating children, how to behave safety, when they are in the skate/snowpark or to wear protection gear while they are doing one of the extreme sports. Next we were at huge festivals like HIP HOP KEMP,ROCK FOR PEOPLE,TUNING PARTY,TRUCKFEST, big mall openings, etc..

Instructional video – why you should wear helmet – NERISKUJ TO: tch?v=3JAoopuTleU&feature= player_embedded#!

Some freestyle roller blading edits: Part in fulltime movie Mechanic Mickey 2008:


12/13 Schedule&Goals Right now, I´m concentrating on the last 3 worldcups as I want to take the opportunity and make it to Sochi. After the last worldcup in Gstaad, I want to concentrate more on filming at parks and urbans for my edits. I also want to participate in Level 1´s Superuknown, where I really want to make to the finals. Next I want to participate in as many europian competitions as I´ll be able to – AFO, PFO, Gloryfy Bastards, O´Neill Soldiers…. Tentative schedule for the first ½ of winter: September: Kromwars waterjump contest,, IF3 Hintertux Session October: 14 days on glacier – preseason training November: 14 days on glacier – preseason training December start of January: Usa – Keystone, Breckenridge, WorldCup – CopperMountain, California – Northstar – Worldcup Early Januarry Swiss – Last world cup Middle, late January Faction urban webisode shooting

Due to more opportunities of traveling, meeting new people, exploring new enviroments and mainly, spending more and more time on my skis..I want to target on spreading my name through the world freeski scene and audience, while doin competitions, filming edits, pushing my skiing skills further and organising the freeskicamps. On the other side…I still want to be reported a lot in my native country to support local freeski scene and the sport itself. Thanks to my partners, friends and my power of will, my dreams are slowly becoming a reality. I hope you like my style, visions, the way i see skiing. If you do…..Join my adventures!

Daniel Hanka - portfolio 2013/14  
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