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Learning From The Guide Tim Harris was talented as a young child, did hands on healing and deep spiritual insight due in part to his connection to the Allness and being a tenth generation Apache Stoneman. Life pulled him away from that and after an experience with the military he became a corporate consultant and psychic for many years. Then he had a 40 day and 40 night experience in the middle of Maine that was so intense emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically that it caused him to turn away from his long corporate and financial pursuits."And then" being struck by lighting twice (not on the same day), encouraged him to take all that he had learned and present it through a life of service.... With his desire to be of service, from the words he received during his experience after the lightning strikes, and the mainstream experience to help you apply it. He frequently shares his insight over the phone with international and corporate clients around the globe and he shares this same insight with people who come into the Shaman's Dream healing center or call him from the local area. His writings, classes and workshops are experiential and give you tools to apply that day and every day thereafter with results, immediately.

The Courses you can experience with Tim are:

Stones... The Magic and the Mystery Throughout time our species has sought to place value on metals, minerals, crystals and gems. Science would have you believe that it's because we are attracted to “sparkly”. That may also be true. However almost none of this sparkle in it's natural form. So, why would we have found it useful to carry these around in our medicine pouch or wear them around our neck? For the last 10,000 years our race has sought to find a spiritual connection in things we can not touch, taste or feel (ie: God and Heaven). Yet science proved that our species has been around for at least 200,000 years. Maybe the ancients tapped the magic of the stones because they understood the mystery. Wouldn't you like the same understanding? (NEW!!!!)Come and see a new chart that shows how 50 common stones, minerals, gems and crystals can be used to improve you life, health and walk. In the inverse can tell you what the stones in you pocket or that you wear are providing to you. Class Will be held at:Blue Raven Bookstore, 2832 S. Cedar Lansing MI 48910... (517) 507-5051 8 / 19 / 2011 Friday night talk 6;30 – 9pm $20 Donation requested 8 / 20 - 21 / 2011 Saturday & Sunday noon to 6pm $120 Donation requested Any one who PRE-pays for the two day workshop can attend the Friday introduction for free. Signed & Printed materials will be provided to anyone who pays for the workshop. You can order your advanced singed copy of

“The Apache Stone Reading” First steps on the stone path

OR order your chapter by chapter release of

“Lapidology 101” the Foundations of Your Life

A reading with Tim... ...his specialty is "The Apache Stone Reading" Where I combine the concepts of tarot, Crystal readings, clairvoyance and ancestral readings to a whole new construct of specific and useful information.. He first uses the stones to form a bridge to you and your life with the initial 5 stones. Then he offers you the opportunity to ask any questions you are seeking information on. He will either draw a stone that will help to answer your question or let the stone in front of him give you the knowledge you need. He is excellent with answering question on the physical, spiritual, emotional or mental planes and can help you stay in the flow while addressing your mainstream issues. He can do Tarot, clairvoyance, palmistry, spirit mediumship, crystals for individuals, children, couples or even companies or corporations. Get the knowledge you seek or the answers you need to move your life forward in a productive and or prosperous way. Readings and Stone Healing available at store location. Thursday 8/18 or Monday 8/22 by advanced appointment only for $50. per ½ hour.

Crystal Workshop at Blue Raven  

This is a great course involving crystals and their benefits, all information is included in the file