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ISM •630-008 C.P.M. Module 4: Management

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Question: 1 When critical materials are available only from limited off-shore suppliers, purchasing's overall objective should be which of the following? A. Maintaining good relations with the off-shore suppliers B. Achieving uninterrupted support of production C. Minimizing the cost of incoming supplies D. Achieving economies in storage and distribution

Answer: B Question: 2 As a general rule, the higher a manager's position in the organizational structure, the greater the demands on the manager's time for A. supervisory tasks B. administrative tasks C. functional tasks D. detail-related tasks

Answer: B Question: 3 The step in the budgeting process involving the tracking of expenditures against budget estimates is known as A. budget analysis B. value analysis C. variance analysis D. cost analysis

Answer: C

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Question: 4 Which of the following types of budgets is MOST often used by not-for-profit organizations? A. Zero-based B. Capital C. Flexible D. Program

Answer: D Question: 5 Functional reviews of a purchasing department generally begin with which of the following? A. Job analysis B. Situational analysis C. Budgetary review D. Self-assessment

Answer: B Question: 6 When hiring new buyers, many organizations prefer to employ persons who A. have experience in multiple commodities B. have completed formal training programs C. possess substantial technical and operating competence D. plan to begin postgraduate work within three years after hiring

Answer: C Question: 7 In general, the orientation of new employees does NOT include

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A. introducing the new person to the job and the organization B. easing feelings of insecurity in the new employee C. discussing characteristics of fellow employees D. describing the organization's history, products, and operations

Answer: C Question: 8 In 1972, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act expanded the coverage of Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include A. coverage to firms with 15 or more employees B. organizations employing disabled workers C. suppliers bidding on state and local government contracts D. the prohibition of age-based discrimination

Answer: A Question: 9 Using peer appraisals for employee evaluations is LEAST likely to be effective under which of the following circumstances? A. In a competitive environment B. When there are frequent reviews C. When evaluating team performance D. When the department deals with many suppliers

Answer: A Question: 10 Which of the following would be MOST helpful in promoting purchasing personnel efficiency?

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A. Setting performance standards for departmental staff B. Setting performance standards for suppliers C. Determining the percentage of overdue orders D. Benchmarking the number of change orders issued

Answer: A

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ISM •630-008 C.P.M. Module 4: Management

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Questions & Answers: 10 C.P.M. Module 4: Management Click the link below to buy full version as...