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Sales Essentials of HP Workstations

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Questions & Answers: 10

Question: 1 Which workstation on performance characteristic makes it a good fit for financial analysts and for trading floors? A. tool-less chassis for easy serviceability B. multi-socket multi-processor capabilities C. small footprint to fit in confined spaces D. flexible configurations with easy upgrades

Answer: B Question: 2 During discovery you learn that your customer frequently runs multiple applications concurrently and they also run multi-threaded applications. The customer wants to ensure they are maximizing their performance. Which HP workstation feature should you present as a part of the solution for this customer? A. high speed and ECC Memory B. latest high performing single core processors C. multi-socket processor capabilities D. high speed hard disk drivers with RAID

Answer: A Question: 3 Your healthcare customer indicates they need PACS capability. What area they referring to? A. Patient Administrative and care system B. Personnel Accounting Control System C. Picture Archiving and Communication System

Answer: A

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Question: 4 Your DME customer requires a computing solution that provides multiple processor sockets and has ECC memory. The solution must be able to expend as the customer’s needs change. Which HP product (s) should you recommend this customer? A. HP Compaq 6000 Pro Series B. HP Compaq 8000 Elite Series C. HP Z220z420 Workstations D. HP Z620Z820 Workstation

Answer: C Question: 5 Your customer is a small engineering firm with 15 employees. They are currently running their CAD applications on a desktop PC that is three years old and they want to move to a more robust system. They also anticipate growth over the next 24 months and want the new solution to be able to support this growth. A. HP Z220 Workstation B. HP Compaq 8000 Elite Series C. HP Compaq 2000 Pro Series D. HP Compaq 6000 Pro series

Answer: D Question: 6 Which customer requirement might lead you to recommend an HP Z420 Workstation? A. HP Service Support B. single socket technology C. number of displays supported D. application ecosystem

Answer: B

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Question: 7 The healthcare market offers the opportunity to sell both PCs and workstations. Which applications in the Healthcare market are best served with an HP Workstation? A. medical imaging and review B. patient records library C. financial recordkeeping D. medical suites and doctor officers

Answer: B Question: 8 Your customer is purchasing desktop computers for a group of power users. They Work with large data sets and frequently need to have multiple applications running concurrently. It is important that you help this customer different between HP Desktop PCs and Workstations. A. support for multiple displays B. support for large ECC Memory configurations C. Intel vPro management technology D. choice of Microsoft or Linux Operating Systems and their or AMD processors

Answer: A Question: 9 A Customer is considering desktop PCs for their solution. You should recommend an HP Z420 Workstation if the customer has what requirement? A. multiple display support B. latest Intel architecture C. 3D graphics requirement D. form factor options

Answer: D

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Question: 10 Your customer is having difficulty deciding between an HP 8000 Elite Series and a Z220 Workstation solution for their design organization. They indicated that they do not see much deference between the two solutions. What could you tell this customer that might influence them to select the HP Z220 Workstation? A. The HP Z220 Workstation offers a broad selection of form factors that meet designer requirements. B. The HP Z220 Workstation has high performance Intel Processors RAID configurations that make a difference to designers. C. The rigorous 130,000 hours of testing assures the reliability demanded by designers. D. HP Z220 Workstation meets designer demands with a system designed to support the latest 2D/3D graphics.

Answer: C

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Sales Essentials of HP Workstations

Click the link below to buy full version as Low as $39

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