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Specific Product/Program Branding

General Trade Campaigns


» Position company as “#1 Resource” for a variety of product lines, directly inline with company vision statement of differentiation from competition.

» Craft unique messaging for a variety of products and programs, delivering sales objectives consistenly.



the shelf/online in exchange for mention in advertising.

» Work seen in the world’s top consumer music magazines, including Guitar World, Alternative Press, Music & Sound Retailer, Modern Drummer, Music Connection, LA Weekly, and many more.


Consumer Campaigns

» Initiate retailer support program, ensuring products are on

Email Marketing

Email/Web/Social Media

» Create ROI centric environment where results are constantly monitored and testing and optimizing is encouraged.

» Redesign email templates resulting in mobile optimization, increase in web traffic, and staff production time cut by 50%.


Email/Web/Social Media » Social Media evangelist for the company since 2005.

» Create dedicated social media marketing

» Partner with key NIL properties, creating increase in web traffic to Facebook jumps from #10 referring site to #3 in 2011. Twitter from #20 to #15.

» Move monthly “Ledger Lines” blog to wordpress, resulting in environment where interaction is fostered with key audiences.


Social Media

position resulting in 80% increase in Facebook “likes”, engagement 9 times higher since year prior, and industry recognition for being the best in social media.

Email/Web/Social Media Digital Catalogs

» Turn negative into positive. Reduction in marketing print budget creates opportunity to create digital catalogs.

» Dealer link-optimized version creates new audience and increased sales.


Email/Web/Social Media

in sales in 24 hours. Successfully averted web crisis by moving promotion from Alfred website to retailer partner in 2 hours.

» Create environment where marketing teams skills are put to best use, resulting in first ever “Live Coverage from NAMM”.

» Launch first ever “direct mail promotion” website, an online ordering system for direct mail catalog program. Resulting in 20% increase in sales and significant reduction in staff time involvement in order taking.


Landing Pages

» World of Warcraft promotion results in $10,000

B2C Yearly Product Release Brochures

B2B Monthly Product Release Brochures

Direct Mail » Produce monthly new product catalog to retail channel, including redesign that highlights key NIL properties.

» Main vehicle for all company releases and promotion to retail channel.

» Drive consumer demand through direct to consumer catalogs. Cut costs by $400,000 in 2011 with no change in market reach.

» Create first ROI model to measure success/shortcomings of piano direct mail.

» Attached unique “8 prizes, 8 weeks” promotion to measure readership.


Direct Mail

to drive retailer sales and adoptions of merchandising programs.

» Initiate “B level” promotion with special offer for 4th quarter. Results in 15% increase in sales and new retailer relationships.


B2B Direct Mail Campaigns

» Produce top-notch marketing pieces

NAMM & Summer NAMM


» Directly responsible for booth theme, merchandising, and show sales special.

» Booth sizes all the way up to 5,000 square feet. » Reduce Winter NAMM SKU count from 5,000 to 3,800, while increasing sales 10%.

– 10 –


presence at the music stage and broad national Television exposure

than just events, something memorable.

» Initiate QR inclusion on hotel room keys, results in 1,000 scans and wide spread brand recognition at the event.

– 11 –

Industry Events

» Out of the box ideas to make events more

2007 X Games

» Negotiate barter arrangement resulting in 3 day

Driving Retailer Store Traffic

Support of Company Green Initiatives

PR & Promotion » Play key role in branding company as green, including programs and promotions to reinforce messaging. Results in national trade magazine editorial.

» Identify retail channel struggles with driving store traffic and act. Create “Fund Raiser” program directly tied to retailer, results in sales increase and feature story in national trade magazine.

– 12 –

PR & Promotion » Craft creative, out-of-the-box,

» Evaluate retail channel business needs and create programs to support company sales objectives.

– 13 –

B2B Promotions

sales promotions for retail channel. Results in 20 new retailer “Alfred” websites in 2011.


Marketing Restructure

Old Marketing Structure CEO

SVP School

SVP Piano


SVP Sales

Marketing Director

Marketing Director

Marketing Director

Marketing Director

10 team members

6 team members

5 team members

3 team member

New Marketing Structure $600K in saving first year


Director Events

Director Marcom

Director Creative

5 team members

10 team members

5 team members

– 14 –

Daniel's Portfolio  

This is a general representation of my body of work.

Daniel's Portfolio  

This is a general representation of my body of work.