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Step into the now. Welcome to design, digital, marketing and media, now.

Well, welcome. We’re Now Creative Group. Thanks for picking up our book! Now Creative Group is a creative services studio based in Toronto. As you will see throughout the next few pages, we provide a range of services within the realm of Design, Digital, Marketing and Media. Our group is made up of talented creatives, business professionals, design-thinkers and problem-solvers. We’re fresh, current, and full of creative ideas to help you on your next project, business, or plan to change the world. Once you’ve had a look, please visit us at If you love social media like us, feel free to tweet us @nowcreates anytime. On behalf of our team, enjoy! Daniel Francavilla, Creative Director

Selected Clients Working with a broad range of trusted

Building Brands Our team also works to develop and launch new companies, organizations and online properties.

Kra Co. | Passionate small-business owners approached Now for design collateral, which lead to re-naming and re-branding the company and its offerings with a fresh approach.

Team Ignite | This diverse group of entrepreneurs needed a cohesive look to help others expand their impact, explore their creativity, become more connected and ultimately, to live a healthier lifestyle.

Optical Studio | When a suburban optician decided to split-off from an existing optical, Now created a bright, fresh new look with contemporary typography and icons.

Relationship Zen | From a blog to a brand. Now helped Relationship Zen transition onto a new web platform and social media, with a smooth logo and consistent, zen-like look.

Carpe Vitam | When an existing client decided to launch a new organization, Now stepped-in to create a fresh, vibrant brand about healthy living, yet keeping focused on aging and longevity.

Independent Living | Working on print collateral for a charity mainly known as CILT, Now positioned a shift from an acnronym to highlight what they do: Helping people to live independently.


These are some of our stories.


From startups to corporations and from schools to charities, our projects all experience the creative process.

Waterlution A fun Water Learning experience with a National non-profit organization. Waterlution’s Hub Manager, Dona Geagea shares her experience working with Now Creative Group. Early in the design process, the Waterlution team had requested a logo for their national event: the Water Innovation Lab 2013. This event hosted 150 up-andcoming leaders and social

“Professional results that really matched the spirit and personality of our organization.” entrepreneurs in southern Alberta. To go along with the logo, Now also designed banners as well for Waterlution’s social networks and website. Decisions were made by Waterlution, internally, and involved external partners as well. “Now Creative Group was incredibly helpful, very “creative” in that they offered us a Mascot

designed for the event (which we loved!) and were timely in responding to our urgent requests when banners needed information changed or when sizes did not fit existing parameters. By the end of it, all was sorted out and we were very pleased with the final product.” Ultimately, we were able to teach Waterlution a few things about standard (and not-so-standard) sizes for banners on social media and websites. “Now Creative Group is very easy to work with, attentive to detail, able to work within a budget and the final results are impressive.”





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C0 M 76 Y 86 K0 Giving a helpful health app a consistent visual identity design, used across multiple platforms. Looking for healthcare is not the simplest task, as information is not available in a centralized location, until now. A new online tool, called, has been created to address this, starting in Toronto. Early in the team’s journey, we began a logo development process. This is destined to be a popular tool – helping both the healthcare industry and everyday citizens.

imagery and even naming options. We designed the colour combination to be unique to the overall healthcare industry. Various colour options are displayed later. The logo was designed to be easily applicable to a future mobile phone App We created various iterations for the social networks along with header graphics and backgrounds.

“Now brought artistic insight to our design, taking into account our vision and requirements. They worked with us through many iterations to refine the logo into one that best represents our brand.” The Canadian healthcare system is overburdened with unnecessary Emergency Room visits; almost half of all ER visits are non-critical. Patients are inconvenienced by the ineffective use of consumer technology when it comes to healthcare in Canada. Web searches for nearby same-day healthcare options in Canada often deliver results that are incomplete, noisy or out-of-date, and information is dispersed across various websites. For ERs, urgent care centres and walk-in clinics, patients register in person and spend unproductive hours in a waiting room. The design process included the overall visual identity, including colours, typography, supplementary

“Ever visited another city, and needed healthcare services? There is a lack of awareness of healthcare options for travellers,” the creators of explain. “International students aren’t fully aware of all healthcare providers that accept UHIP health insurance plans, Canadians traveling out-ofprovince may be unaware of their healthcare options, and international visitors to Canada may have travel insurance but are unaware of their healthcare options. We are working towards providing users with all the information they need in a single place.”

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Scarborough CAN Facilitating an engaging community identity process for Scarborough. Jessica Roher, Coordinator at SCAN during the logo design process, explained that “the logo developed by Now Creative Group reflects the positive impact we can have when we make a concerted effort to contribute to improving our communities”. The Scarborough Civic Action Network (part of Agincourt Community Services Association), which has been operating actively for over a decade, was looking to develop a logo and defined visual identity for the first time. The organization is a network of agencies, community groups, and individuals working to improve the quality of life of Scarborough’s diverse and growing population through civic action. They raise awareness and SCARBOROUGH speak out on issues that matter to civic action network Scarborough residents as citizens of Toronto, Ontario and Canada.

SCAN was looking for a logo that represented connecting people and ideas across Scarborough, and the positive growth and change that develops from these connections. They also wanted the logo to reflect that the civic engagement work undertaken in Scarborough has ripple effects throughout our communities, Scarborough and the City of Toronto. Their coordinator lead the process, scarboroughCAN civic action and theirnetwork Steering Committee

provided feedback and direction along the way.


scarboroughCAN civic action network

Despite the effectiveness of the Scarborough Civic Action Network (SCAN) in extending its reach scarboroughCAN throughout Scarborough and SCARBOROUGH civic action network facilitating civic engagement over SCAN SCARBOROUGH civic action the past tennetwork years, the organization .ca did not have a logo to identify their work, campaigns, or events.


on network

The Logo Design Process


Daniel Francavilla | April 2012



SCARBOROUGH .ca Daniel Francavilla | April 2012


To begin we conducted an Online Survey for the Steering Committee to provide their answers and direction efficiently. Part of the research also came from both

can be referred to as both: “SCAN” or “Scarborough CAN”, which each work verbally and visually, however the meanings of them as words differ. When thinking about domain

We are very pleased and excited about the new logo designed by Now Creative Group for the Scarborough Civic Action Network and extend them our gratitude and congratulations! The new logo gives SCAN a unique and fitting visual presence and is especially needed to make fuller use of social media to outreach and connect with the community on civic issues and civic involvement.” Colin Hughes, the Chair of SCAN’s Steering Committee

new and existing Key Informant Interviews. In terms of visual style, the SCAN team requested something graphic and not solely typographical. Having a symbol was preferred over a wordmarkonly solution. There was debate and uncertainty in regards to the text or name used in the logo. One example for naming was the logo for the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance, which is a very large “CivicAction” with their full name as a sub-caption below it. However, others within the organization preferred the name “Scarborough” as the larger focus instead of “Civic Action”. Currently the organization

names for their upcoming website, our suggestion of ScarboroughCan. ca was decided upon as part of the survey. Another suggestion was to create a tagline or phrase to use as the domain (example: “” or “”). For colour, there had not been anything specifically defined or existing. One key note is that they would like to avoid using any of the political party colours (red, royal blue, green, orange). One suggestion was teal, or earth tones, from the SCAN team. When it came to content and inspiration, a key note is that this

“ We are really excited about our new logo because we know it will help us extend our reach further and be more visible in the community.” Jessica Roher, Coordinator at SCAN

organization focuses on larger issues, not solely civic engagement. Some of the key words and terms to consider included: Questions, Education, Network, Thought, Conversation, Ripple Effect, Communities Rising, Change, and Bringing People Together. We reviewed and evaluated several other non-profit organizations, governments and civic actionrelated organizations logos. We developed a logo along with three alternative variations to be used in certain situations. The main logo has been applied to SCAN’s documents and marketing materials, beginning with the website Along with the logo, a typographic style and colour scheme were provided to the organization for implementation.

“While we wanted SCAN’s logo to be professional and clean, we also wanted to ensure that it reflects that we work with communities at the grassroots level to make civic engagement fun and accessible. Capitalizing the word ‘Scarborough’ while writing ‘civic action network’ in lower case, allowed us to balance the formal and informal engagement that we do.” As a final point on consistency, SCAN explained that they aimed to “make sure that our logo could be adjusted so that variations could be used for different events.” “Now Creative Group developed a logo that allows for this flexibility but is consistent,” Roher explained.



civic action network

civic action network

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civic action network

civic action network

civic action network

civic action network

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Daniel Francavilla | April 2012

Daniel Francavilla | April 2012

Daniel Francavilla | April 2012

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board Showcasing the history of one of Ontario’s largest school boards. This project involved creating the Layout and Design Standards for a 250-page full-colour book, published on the history of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board to mark its 40th Anniversary. The book, which was commissioned by the Director of Education, is called Our Story. Our Tradition. Our Journey: Celebrating the ChurchSchool Connection in Dufferin-Peel. Consisting of hundreds of images both new and old, the book tells the story of how the school board came to be, including its many unique challenges and memorable triumphs, and featuring the stories individuals who fought for a better future in education. The cover photo is a representation of the board as a whole: “The glass is taken from our newest high school St. Michael’s in Bolton, while the image in the glass is of our oldest associated parish St. Patrick’s Church in Wildfield. The concept is that we strive to be current in all our education practices while our Catholic traditions and values are reflected in all we do. The more subtle representation of the cross illustrated in the lighting of the

glass speaks to the mystery of the Holy Trinity and the pervasiveness of God’s presence which may be beyond our awareness.” The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board is one of the largest, fastest-growing and most diverse school boards in Ontario. It serves approximately 87,000 students in 145 schools and it is one of the largest employers in the region, with over 10,000 employees. This book included all properties of the board, which extends throughout Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton, Caledon, Orangeville and Dufferin County.

The book, which has received excellent reviews and has gone into an additional print run, has been distributed among schools and churches within the board’s boundaries and is also available in various archives and libraries.

Team Ignite Building a brand for a group of passionate, health-councious entrepeneurs. Dave Anderson, Founder of Team Ignite, shares his experiences working with Now Creative Group on building and launching is brand. Team Ignite was looking for a website to direct potential partners to that would clearly outline the vision, mission, values and specifics offerings of the team. We were also looking for a logo that would serve to represent all that Team Ignite was about. One thing I didn’t realize I needed, were sharp-looking business cards to match the brand. I love the cards we ended up with. I love working with Now Creative Group. They listen to my ideas and needs, offer tremendous insight and think of things I don’t, and produce excellent work in a timely manner. Communication is fantastic, and I feel like my project is important to them, even though I know they’re working on a dozen or more different projects at once. I liked that I was able to make the final decisions about design and layout and I loved that was empowered to manage content once it was all completed. I was able to share the design ideas with my closest partners at Team Ignite and when I reported back to Now with feedback, it was received well and changes and improvements were quickly implemented.

I love the open-mindedness of Now Creative Group. They’re genuinely excited about my projects, and are always looking for ways to take my ideas one step further. This is so helpful. As a result of the work by Now, our team was able to confidently share our brand, our vision in a way that invited prospective partners into the team and culture. We have since learned that content management and updating to keep it fresh is the most challenging part of operating a website.

“Now understands how to shape a brand, tell a story and deliver a clear and concise message.” Dave Anderson, Team Ignite

Working with Now Creative Group is a wonderful experience. They are fantastic collaborators and talented designers. They think outside the box, and add value to the ideas presented by their clients. I highly recommend Now Creative Group to anyone looking to form a powerful brand, or take their existing brand to the next level.

Staying connected through the power of Social Media Establishing connections, producing relevant content, and reaching your key audiences where they interact

Creating a brand: the idea that the mission of your company is about more than just selling a product or service. Through the expansion and maintenance of your networks, you can turn your company, idea, or project into a brand that develops into a lifestyle. Now, you have the unique opportunity to tap into an entirely new demographic of social media users. Your potential clients and existing fans are now 140 characters and a “send� button away. Your voice is now able to shape how your clients view the lifestyle behind your brand that echoes throughout your social media networks. Good companies become successful through building their brand. Successful brands take to social media to create a real persona behind the computer.

The importance of brand consistency penetrates your logo, your promotional campaigns, and your product. Ready to take your company to the next = level? Give your brand an online identity: complete with opinions, interactions with fans, and a level of customer engagement that ceased to exist until now. Now Creative Group offers a variety of Social Media services and Content Marketing to both new and established businesses and organizations. Whether it be a Social Strategy, Bloggimg, Social Profile Design or Monthly Management, your needs are our priority and your brand gains positive presence and consistent online identity.

Social Media profile design and management

Why Video is so important to your Business The most effective way to promote and present your organization. Great products and services matter, but stories are what connect people with businesses and brands. Video is an engaging way to show off an organizations’s personality, people, culture, and customers. Video helps humanize a business and is one of the easiest ways to add interactivity to your website. Through our partners within the Now Creative Group, we are now able to offer a variety of video services.

Why is video so important to you or your organization? The statistics tell all.

• People remember 50% more

from a video compared to 22% with written content.

• Video in email marketing has

been shows to increase email click-through rates by over 96%.

• 52% of consumers feel

watching an online product video makes them more confident in their purchase

• Retail sites with video content increase conversion by 46%

• YouTube is used by 77% of

business for sharing content online

Now Creative Group provide the tools to communicate your company’s story, engage and educate customers, and drive sales on your website. Our video products include company profiles, customer testimonials, scripted ads, and professional news stories. All our videos are produced in 1080p HD and delivered in mobile and web-ready formats.

Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. WAYNE DYER like us follow us @nowcreates

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