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Plastic doesn’t wear down in the ocean it usually gets thinner and then sinks to the bottom, but how does plastic get there it usually comes from sailer’s, and large cargo ships. Plastic is also bad for the health systems in humans.

Investigating Question

How does plastic in the ocean affect seaweed?


If plastic stays in the water height of the seaweed will increase.


Dependent Variable The weight Independent Variable Plastic Length Study 0 days Control Group 10 days Treatment group Plastic with water


Both Plants Were dark Both weighted the same

Post Data

Seaweed in control group faded Both got heavier




For our experiment we created two points which was the control and experimental group. The difference we found for the control group after the length of study was -7.6 and for the experimental group it was -8.2 this is our chart.


When the plastic was in the experimental group the weight increased and decreased but then increased again. In the control group the weight increased while the seaweed turned darker. We saw this because the plastic covered the seaweed in the treatment group and the sun didn’t fade it while the control group didn’t have anything to cover it so it faded.

Danny's project  
Danny's project